Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 25th

Favorite Birthday Boy for June 25th Jason Lewis

I find something pretty special about Jason Lewis. His bod, even his voice get to me. In most of the articles I have read about him he seems very open to many things. Great transition from modeling to acting as well, with interesting parts while not shying away from being the hot guy. Jason turns 37 today.

Is there scene like the pic above in the new SATC movie? Reading posts on the movie, there does not seem to be any JL skin, but I have yet to see the movie.

Also celebrating today June 25th

Happy Birthday also to:

Actress Busy Phillips turns 29 today.

English footballer Jamie Redknapp turns 35 today.

Hot as hell carpenter Andrew Dan Jumbo turns 43 today.

George Michael turns 45 today.

One of my favorite 80's ladies, Erica Gimpel, Coco from Fame turns 45 today.

The wonderful Carly Simon turns 63 today.

Favorite Sports Guys of the Day: The Hamm Twins

With the Olympics just around the corner thought it was time to post on two of my favorite gymnasts, Paul and Morgan Hamm. I so want to make the Hamm sandwich crack, but I am sure that has been used at nauseum about these two brothers. Paul is the reigning Olympic champion but almost missed his chance to go to Beijing due to a hand injury. But both brothers will part of the 6 man Olympic team.