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Favorite Pic of the Day for November 23rd

Sean Jake by Sylvia Wells
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Happy Birthday today November 23rd

Happy 54th Maxwell Caulfield!
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Midnight Witness (1993)
Midnight Witness caps via Casperfan


I remember vividly sitting in a dentists office at 8 or 9 (which eventually led to my getting braces)flipping through an issue of People Magazine. There was an article, small black and white images include, about a New York stage play featuring the very naked Maxwell Caulfield. I don't think I even knew who Maxwell was at the time, but the article peaked my interest in both him and eventually making to New York (which I now have done several times). Below is an excerpt from the magazine piece that you can read in it's entirely HERE:

By Deirdre Donahue

'They arch from the sand, and these mounds of perfection are what the audience sees first when the lights go up. Soon an elderly lady enters, and even she cannot resist caressing that smooth flesh. In short, Maxwell Caulfield owns what Jessica Tandy, 75, terms "a real baby's bottom."

'Tandy, who is one of America's theatrical treasures, enjoys the privilege of touching this centerfold body as the star of Salonika, an off-Broadway hit at the Public Theater. Salonika concerns an 84-year-old British widow (Tandy) who visits Greece with her sour 63-year-old spinster daughter (Elizabeth Wilson) and stumbles upon a nude beach bum asleep in the sand. Although Caulfield has a pivotal role, his main contribution before intermission is to rise once from his pillow of sand. He stretches his six-foot, 175-pound body, displays a perfect V-shaped torso, and, well, shows off the rest of his attributes—all in the name of art, since the beachboy symbolizes the sexuality absent from the daughter's life. Says a bemused Caulfield, 25, "Somebody told me the other day that I was a metaphor."

'All this exposure hasn't made him self-conscious. Onstage "I just totally relax, which isn't something I do very easily. The audience is so close, you really have to put them out of your mind." Even when Wilson sponges his body, "I'm not thinking about the fact that people are being given a total bird's eye view of the works," insists Caulfield. Says director John Madden: "Maxwell is a gifted actor, and that is why he was cast. The nudity was a matter of course for him. What's he got to worry about? He's got a body that won't quit." As Tandy told Caulfield, "It's what will sell tickets."

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Sean Jake: From The Deep

'The attention I've gotten has been pretty amazing. The funny thing is I did it as a whim when I was home one Saturday night with nothing to do. I thought that I would check out my old profile which basically didn't really exist anymore so...I had to do it over. The next morning my email box had close to 50 messages in it. Crazy!'

3 images above from Sylvia Wells

Those fifty messages aren't really a surprise to me, as when I first saw an image of Sean, I quickly messaged him myself. The image, from Jeff Beasley from flashframe was Sean sitting, leaning back with his jeans pulled partially down. I was struck by how the image combined the strength of Sean's amazing physique, his strong face and an erotic vulnerability that weaved both a depth as well as personality within the image.

The was something extra ordinary about Sean, his six foot frame, incredible body and chiselled facial features are reminiscent of one of the many superheroes I grew up looking up to and admiring. Sean however, did not bring on the thought of the usual suspects, Superman or Batman. It was not just the blonde hair, when I saw the image below, which has the effect of a incredible body ascending from the ocean depths, it was clear that Sean is exactly what I would picture a more mature Aquaman to look like.

Below: Next three images by flashframe

Sean grew up on the east end of Long Island and eventually moved into New York to attend NYU. While at NYU, Sean fell in love with the city and ended up staying for the next twenty years. Although he modeled a bit in New York, it wasn't until moving to LA when modeling began to take on a life of it's own. Sean's full time career is that of a fitness trainer, something he worked hard to build and really enjoys. He didn't really expect the kind of response he has gotten on Model Mayhem as it began as something for fun, a hobby and because he enjoys the artistic value of it.

At 44, Sean says his age has both helped and hindered at the same time. While the industry continues to want to book teenagers, still hopelessly trying to cover their acne, Sean has managed to carve out a niche for himself, working with some of the most celebrated photographers of the male form. Sean just got hired for a coffee table book featuring male physiques outdoors entitled 'Man, Naturally' from Dallas photographer Al George. Sean is also set to step in front of the lens of Robert W. Mercer. Robert is the photographer for Ripped Genes Calendars and Sean was one of the top picks to take part in their first over 40 calendar.

Diving back into the ocean for a moment, there was yet another reason Sean reminded me of King Of The 7 Seas. One can't spend time admiring Sean's incredible body without spending more than a few moments focused on the beast which seems to be swimming up and out of Sean's Hanes boxer briefs. Sean says the sharks origin began when he was unable to join his two best friends who were traveling to Greece. While there they both got shark tattoo's and when they returned, their gift to Sean was take him to get one as well.

'I was in Ibiza and there was a man doing henna tattoos on the beach so I got him to copy the shark onto me to try it out. I really liked it and I liked the connection I felt it brought the three of us. So... when I got back to the states I had it done. What I hadn't realized however was I had the tattoo artist do it much larger than my friends tattoos so when I showed them my new shark he looked at me and said "Oh my God. It's so big!" He pulled up his shirt and after looking at his, which was a third of the size of mine I told him that wasn't a shark it was a minnow and we were both hysterical over the whole thing.'

Next three images from HNS Imagery

'I think it fits me well. I also use it to judge my weight. When I put too much fat on it turns from a shark into a Killer Whale.'

Six For Sean:

What has been your favorite experience modeling thus far?

'I did this one photo shoot where it was as if I was doing a 5 hour yoga class on a table. It was physically challenging and all I could think about was holding the different positions. I was exhausted afterwards.'

Strangest modeling job offer so far?

'I've had requests to shoot different parts of my anatomy from all different angles and close-ups and the requests were very descriptive...'

What part of your body are you most happy with? What part gets the most attention from others?

'I guess my shoulders and chest. I get a lot of comments and compliments on my chest.'

What factors did you weigh before deciding to take it all off?

'I'm just getting, or trying to, used to being ok with full frontal nudity pics of myself. I thought of my family and friends, who is going to see the pics? Finally, I just thought "what do I care." I'm too old to worry about it. I set some boundaries and I am not doing anything I'm uncomfortable with. As long they don't stare too long.....'

Sean by John M Clum

What was your first time shooting nude like?

'It was good. I was a little nervous. But Matson Jones was really good at making me feel comfortable as if it was no big deal. He's pretty funny and high energy so it kept me distracted.'

And your reaction to first seeing the shot?

'I was shocked a little when I first saw it. I wasn't expecting to like it as much as I did. I'm a pretty harsh critic on myself.'

Sean by Robert King

Sean by Matson Jones

My Junk As Big As A Car!

This week was the first week in almost a year I actually watched Glee on the night it aired. I have struggled to maintain my interest the last two seasons so usually DVR and either watch later fast forwarding through most.

This weeks edition grabbed my attention for two reasons. First off Chord Overstreet in grey boxer briefs! As my love the show wanes, my lust for Chord only continues to increase. The second reason, maybe even the bigger one was the show was focused on the music of Billy Joel. When I was growing up Billy Joel was a staple in my home. My dad loved him, my older brother really loved him and consequently so did I. Joel's Honesty was one of my staple audition songs back when I pursing theatre.

Although the Glee kids sort of 'lightened' the power, not to mention meaning, of Honesty and Innocent Man, it was still great to see the show honoring Joel's songbook. Given how much attention they bestow upon Britney and GaGa, I am glad they gave some attention to one of the most successful artists of all time.