Saturday, September 4, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 4th

Great shot of Tommy Herd by Gregory Vaughan.
See Tommy Get 'Fearless' Below!

Happy Birthday today September 4th to:

Happy Birthday today September 4th to:

Actor Wes Bentley turns 32 today. (See previous post on Wes).

Wes in 'American Beauty'

Also Celebrating today September 4th:

Actor Andrew Levitas turns 33 today.

Torchwoods Kai Owen turns 35 today.

Actor Andersen Gabrych known to many of you from his role in 'Age Of 17', but who is also an accomplished comic book writer turns 37 today.

Just Because: Stats

Blogger has this GREAT new feature showing stats of which posts are most popular and which google searches lead most readers to your blog. I was a bit surprised to see some the top posts from FH (I will share more as time goes on). The top google search (besides searching FH) which led readers to FH was searches for Brazilian soccer player and G Magazine model Lucas Pugliessa. I did a short post on the adorable Lucas (HERE:)back in 2008. The post showed only 3 of his tamer shots from his G Magazine shoot with virtually no text. Go Figure! Do a simple google search and you will quickly find more of the shoot and the video!

BTW: Thanks to those who have sent some Favorite shots! If you have not already, please check out this post and join in! I will begin posting in the near future.

'Fearless' Updates!

Have you been stopping by The Fearless Project lately? If you have not you have been missing out on Tommy Herd, Johnny Fresh and so much more!!!!

If you ask your model to hold a riding crop are you copying Rick Day? If you shoot a polaroid are you trying to be Jeremy Kost?

Imitation may be the sincerest of flattery, it might be to honor an artist whose work you love or admire. It also might not be imitation at all. Fearless creator Justin Violini is not a fan of one sided comparisons. When he recently met up with supermodel Tommy Herd he decided to take a frequent comparison (one in which his work is compared to Kost's) and throw it on it's ear.

"Basically it's pretty easy for people who want to dismiss
something to just do a comparison. Kost shoots Polaroids and so do
I...but so does Araki, Mikael Kennedy, Chris Makos and more.
So I was like okay here. Kost just shot Tommy so I will bring him over
for a shoot. But instead of shooting him I shot all his clothes on my

Tommy never looked so hot!

Below: LOVE love these shots of Johnny Fresh!

The Fearless Project:
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Lucas Castillo by Boxer Imaging

Back in June I introduced FH readers to the talented photographer Don from Boxer Imaging.

I love visiting Don's site and another one of his shoots, this one with the beautiful Lucas Castillo caught my eye. Lucas has a great look, beautiful body, incredible face and of course that great head of curly dark hair! Don loves his shoots to focus on his models, using simple sets and relying on lighting and the model to create beautiful images. This set with Lucas is simply amazing!

Drop by Don's site to more of Don's models and over 300 shots of Lucas!

"Lucas is TALL. That’s one of the first things I noticed about him. Followed almost instantly by HOT. I just couldn't’t stop looking at him – and his clothes were still on! I knew this set was going to be a good one."
Don From Boxer Imaging.