Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 17th

Beautiful shot of model Trey Kyler by Son Appareil.

Favorite Birthday Boys for February 17th

Happy Birthday today, February 17th to:

Joseph Gordon-Levitt turns 28 today.

Although anyone with a connection to that Hilton chick loses points with me, I still like model Derrick Hayes who turns 29 today.

Something so appealing about Jerry O'Connell who turns 35 today.

Dominic Purcell turns 39 today.

Also celebrating today February 17th

Also celebrating today February 17th

Rugby's Romain Collinet turns 27 today.

Billie Joe Armstrong turns 37 today.

Philippe Candeloro turns 37 today.

Jeremy Edwards turns 38 today.

Lou Diamond Phillips turns 46 today.

Most Successful Terra Guy: Miro Moreira

One of my all time favorite Terra's 'the boy' was Miro Moreira who we were lucky to get to meet in the fall of 2006. Miro has such a great look with the dark hair, amazing facial features, eyes and that killer bod. One could argue there were other Terra guys who also went on to do other things, and certainly many have. In the world of modeling however, I have not seen any of the other men to have made quite the splash Miro has. Miro continues to provide us amazing images of beauty and has worked consistently since his days as 'the boy' in 2006. There are so many great shots of Miro it was quite the task to narrow to the ones posted. Check out more of Miro at Place Models HERE:

Some of Miro's non Terra modeling work.