Thursday, August 11, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 12th

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Happy Birthday today August 12th

Happy 28th to actor and model Juston Gaston!

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A Vintage Vantage


Tom Daley: FaVorite FiVe (no Six, nah Sexen, ok Ten...)

I was going to skip Tom Daley in my Road to Rio series, I have featured Tom and so many images on more than a few occasions. He is however, just too freakin hot. While celebrating with Daniel Goodfellow, after their synchronized 10m platform win, there was just one adorable moment after another.

I decided I would do a quick FaVorite Five piece with some of my favorite shots of Tom, I mean don't most of us have a 'Daley' folder on our computer? My folder had way more than five images, but I managed to narrow it down to ten.

A Rousing Return: Saul by msbimages

It was three years ago in 2013 that I last featured model SaulH in a hat trick of stories featuring his work with TR Pics. (Meaty) As delectable and welcome Saul is on FH, it is not his return I am celebrating today. 2013 was also the last time I had the pleasure of featuring the imagery of Michal Boothe from msbimages.

'Michal's images beautifully celebrate more than just the shallow and stereotypical parts we are supposed to salivate over, but everything we actually love and lust about the male body. Distinctive facial features, the penetrating gaze and color of an eye, slightly too large, yet wildly sexy ears, the texture and smoothness of a head of hair, lips, and the jaw line, the smoothness and tone of skin, nipples, freckles and every other line, bump, muscle and nuance which makes up not just a body, but the person within.'

I have so missed being able to share Michal's work and so glad to have him back on FH with his images of Saul. Michal's ability to create brilliantly clean and breathtaking visuals always beautifully exposes his models in unique and subtle ways.

One of the topics Saul and Michal discussed while working was perfectly distributed tan.  Saul earns his tan, and his tan lines honestly due to his job that has him working most days, outside in the sun. Nothing beats the look of a natural tan like Saul's, so much more beautiful, and visually photogenic, than a fake bake.

I have seen tons of shots of Saul, from the incredibly sexy and personality driven shots from TR Pics through his images with many other photographers, including his work in a variety of mediums, sites and in Playgirl Magazine.  Most of these shots focus on Saul's physical strength and masculinity.

Through Michal's lens, Saul is certainly masculine, but Michal captured a more quiet strength, an elegant strength and beauty shaped by more than just hours upon hours in the gym.  Michal welcomes the eye to linger.  Into Saul's friendly brown eyes, over every inch of beautiful body, down his sexy line of chest hair to the rousing, and rising, penis that body hair leads to.

Michal gives us the gift of time.  Time to enjoy and pause as we enjoy Saul, and Michal's images of him.  Not all artists allow the viewer the time to really inspect, and enjoy their work.