Sunday, October 2, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 3rd

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Happy Birthday today October 3rd

Happy 40th to actor Seann William Scott!

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Below: Seann with Brando Eaton in 'Balls Out, Gary The Tennis Couch' (2009)


Favorite Import of the Day: Alberto Ferreiro

I caught a bit of 2004's Bad Education on television the other night but it wasn't Gael GarcĂ­a Bernal that I was concentrating on this time. Yes, Gael is brilliant in the film, and his skinning dip scene is still as beautiful as ever. It was an early scene with Gael and the character of Enrique that had me googling the actor portraying Enrique.

The relationship and history between the characters is complicated, but the scene in the hotel room is very erotic. Alberto Ferreiro looks so incredibly beautiful lying there with his dark wavy hair and beautiful body. I had not heard of the Spanish actor before this film, nor have I seen in him anything since.

Not that Alberto hasn't been busy, he has a long resume of film and television roles. I am going to have to hunt down more of his work. I found the 2003 short Nito, (see below) and Alberto again dives into a risky and complicated role.

Los Hombres de Paco (2005-2006)

Nito, (short 2003)
Nito on Vimeo

Bad Education 2004

Joshua David: Open Season

Dead branches. White snow
Blue sky. The sun’s glow
Red leaves. The wind’s blow
Green Grass. The river’s flow
This is what makes the year beautiful
The four season’s slow pace


Winter is coming, and it was winter that had me reaching out to 24 year old Seattle model Joshua David. It was just last week, when writing a post for Ten, that mentioned my passion for posing images that match the time of year of the post. Seasonal changes are often more colorful, artistic and dramatic than the seasons that precede or come come after them.

The winter image that had me contacting Joshua is the last image in this piece. It was entered, and deservedly won, the pic of the day contest on ModelMayhem. The image was majestic, panoramic, incredibly sexy and both distant and personal at the same time. The shot was taken when Joshua was visiting Mount Rainier and I can' think of a more beautiful image to have people wanting to visit.


Joshua has a great look, great facial structure, expressive eyes and a tight and toned body that he moves elegantly in front of the camera. When I dove further into Joshua's portfolio, there were a variety of images from fashion to fitness, not to mention his many shots in the bathtub! As I was choosing images for this piece however, I was stuck by how beautifully the exterior locations were shot that surrounded Joshua in so many of the images.

I'm sure you also noticed, as I did, how alluringly central Josha's butt is in so many of the shots. Joshua's backside also inspired the name of his Instagram, bun_adventure. Joshua also shares, that both his right and left butt cheeks are gluten free, making them safe for all to devour and enjoy.

Below: Joshua by cityboy


Joshua's Autumn by MR Photo

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A Weekend on Mount Rainier