Monday, January 5, 2015

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 6th

On The Job by Richard Rothstein
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Happy Birthday today January 6th

Happy 46th to actor Norman Reedus!

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Auto Body

With the temperatures dipping it is good to give your ride a bit of extra attention.

Chris McKenna Days & Nights

I tried over the holidays to work my way through the hours of recordings on my DVR. State Of Affairs has been a hard one, there are things about it I like (Alfre Woodard) and others I don't. The episode I watched last night though, gave me the hook I needed. At the end of the episode Bang Bang, coitus interruptus stops Charleston, (Katherine Heigl with a character name FAIL) from sealing the deal when Nick is pulled violently from the car.

At that point, I realized it was Nick that was holding my interest in the show. Incredibly hot and hunky, I recogonized the actor, but had to IMDB to confirm it was indeed actor Chris McKenna. In addition to getting Heigl hot and bothered in the evenings, McKenna is also getting many hot and bothered during the day with his role on The Young & The Restless.

One Life To Live

It is about time McKenna is getting the attention he so deserves. Since hitting the stage as a child as dopey, in his schools production of Snow White, McKenna has been on screen in movies and on television since the early 90's. Many might remember McKenna as one of the Buchanan's on the ABC soap One Life To Live, where is character was involved in one of daytimes first gay story lines along side a young Ryan Phillippe. McKenna has been a slew of TV series since then, but with his current roles on both day time and night time series, I think his time as a leading man has more than arrived.

Young & The Restless

Being eyed up by those Baldwin brothers.

With Katherine Heigl in State Of Affairs

Having a sleepless night in King Of The Ants (2003)

As lightened a bit by Vchip

The lighting director and cinematographer certainly knew how best to light this scene.

Richard Rothstein: The Application Process

'Strip the human race, absolutely naked, and it would be a real democracy. But the introduction of even a rag of tiger skin, or a cowtail, could make a badge of distinction and be the beginning of a monarchy.'
Mark Twain

There aren't many jobs that require you to come in, smile, then remove every stitch of your clothing. If there were, human resources would be a much more popular avenue to pursue.

For some rare jobs though, stripping off one's clothes might be an important part of the application process. Stripper I guess, maybe certain jobs in the entertainment business like dancing in a club or select acting gigs. Then of course there is nude modeling. The job was at a New York warehouse, but Ryan headed to his interview, he wasn't looking to model, nor was photographer Richard Rothstein looking to hire one.

Yes... these images were the taken as part of the job, the beginning of the process. Each one taken just mere seconds apart, yet each one a piece of the story. With my focus for 2015 being, behind the scenes, Ryan's new job was a perfect place to begin. The job Ryan was actually hired for, I will share with you in a couple of days, but for now, just enjoy the application process.