Sunday, October 6, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 6th

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Happy Birthday today October 6th

Happy Birthday Ioan!
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Horatio Hornblower video via Scenes Of Male Skin

Careful The Spell You Cast

'Tamper with what is true
And children will turn...'

I understand the world of the movie musical is riddled with disappointed Broadway actors. It is understandable, it is usually the actor, and their stage version of an iconic Broadway character that usually helps to inspire a movie to begin with. You act and belt your way through hundreds of performances, only to find a less talented, but better known, movie actor gets to take on the role. Such is the case with 2014 release of Into The Woods.

The original Broadway cast (Bernadette Peters, Ben Wright, Joanna Gleason, Chip Zien et al) were each standouts in their respective roles. The release of new images from Rob Marshall's film had me a bit angry that another Broadway superstar is being left at the curb. The Witch became one of Bernadette Peters signature roles, a tour de force performance and perfect blending of actor with role. I love Meryl Streep and am sure between Rob Marshall's directing, Sondheim's music and Streep's own incredible talent she will pull it off. I am also sure there will be a fair amount of movie magic to ensure Streep can pull off the witches difficult song repertoire.

Streep has a nice voice, hits all the notes, but having seen her sing in movies and live, she also lacks the power and strength to really do justice to the songs Peter has made her own. Streep is an actress, and therefore will act he way to success as the witch, but most of the witches most powerful moments come through song and I am not convinced for a second Streep can pull them off without quite a bit of help. I know this is not new, happens almost every time a non-singer is cast in a movie musical, but in this case it seems even more unjust. Peters is only 1 year older than Streep and could have pulled off the role without any difficulty. I hate the fact the Witch will soon become a Streep role instead of belonging to the woman who gave such a heartbreaking performance singing Stay With Me. Thankfully, the original cast production was documented for all time on a great DVD production so unlike other past Broadway triumphs, this one will remain with us long after the movie version has come and gone.

Above Chris Pine.
Below: Pine with fellow prince Billy Magnussen

Favorite Clicks of the Week!

Favorite Clicks Of The Week:

Milyy might have been the host, but it was Taran Killam who stole the night on SNL last evening! Thanks to My New Plaid Pants for the image!


Who has the difficult job of capturing the Rugby players of Stade Francais this year? Photographer Fred Goudon landed the job of photographer and artistic director for the 2014 calendar and video. Fred has recently began releasing some of the images and you can see more on his blog HERE:

JR Williams from Island Male Graphics has done it again! While visiting Hawaii this summer. Argentinian surfer and underwear model Simón Vicente stopped by long enough for JR to capture these incredible shots!

Lights, Camera...Nick Pizzaro

Last week, New York photographer Hans Fahrmeyer put together an all new video for FH featuring some of his hottest shots of model Phil Fusco. This week, he does the same with the equally hot, and popular, Lynbrook, New York model Nick Pizzaro.

24 year old Nick was fairly new to modeling when he first stood before Hans camera a few short years ago. With his smoking hot body and sexy and intense come hither brown eyes, Nick quickly demonstrated he was up to the job and soon after was shooting with some of most successful photographers of the male form.

In or out of his clothes, Nick knows how important it is to maintain a focus on health and taking care of his incredible body. Nick also shares his modeling and bodybuilding advice via Skype and his images serve as the perfect motivation. Thanks to Hans Fahrmeyer for again assembling some of his best images of Nick in a new video show below!

Model Nick from Hans Fahrmeyer on Vimeo.