Tuesday, September 10, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 11th

Jacob by Studio1x
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Happy Birthday today September 11th

Happy 32nd to actor Tyler Hoechlin!

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Whisked Away

FH readers who saw my previous post on Masterchef's Nick DiGiovanni,  (Apron's Off) know I have a wee crush on the cutie in the kitchen. Although with his success on thes how, Nick's Instagram has turned a wee bit commercial, as long as he'a 'influencing' products shirtless, I'm ok with it.

DrDerrol: State of Maine

'I would rather feel bad in Maine, than feel good anywhere else.'
E.B. White

Growing up in the 80's, predigital, vacation images were usually only seen after the return home.  Now I know most families took their film to the one hour photo, but our family waited weeks or months as to save a little money, my mom send them away in the mail to be developed.  Back then, people even had vacation picture parties, with slide shows or albums for guests to enjoy.

Usually I avoid others vacation images, but I make exception with DrDerrol, especially with his yearly trips to visit family in Maine.  I love Maine, and have visited many times myself, but I also love Derrol's naked Maine adventures, from his naked nature walks, to last years trip with the ultra hot shots of Derrol grabbing his ax for some naked wood cutting. (The Maine Event)

You can almost smell the woods, the pine and the Maine air in Derrol' s images as he uses his camera, to take us along for his naked hike.  I liked a few of Derrol's Instagram friendly images and he graciously sent on a few images, more FH friendly,, for me to share.  Today, we're able to enjoy vacation images in real time, and Derrol's still enjoying his time with family, and his time away from family... in the beautiful State of Maine.

'Finally had some time away from family and got into the woods where I love to be. Next best thing to being in the woods is being NUDE in the woods! Never really feel like I can hike and be naked in the woods in California because there are people literally everywhere whereas in Maine you can go a whole day or two without seeing another person if you want...and that’s exactly what I want!'

'There’s also something about ‘private time’ with myself  (if you know what I mean) out in nature that feels better than at home...those pictures may be too naughty for this page haha!!  Definitely gonna try for one or two more nude hikes before I head back to the west coast and city life!'

Instagram Friendly:

'Relaxing in my little cabin in the woods, thinking about how I never want this vacation to end ❤️ The woods bring out the kid in me!'

FH Friendly 

Open Field: Jacob by Studio1x

'I asked Jacob to now run through the field naked. Oh the look he gave me, it was you are one crazy son of a bitch aren't you... But he did it and laughed the whole way.'

Living in the country, I've spent countless hours walking through open fields.  By myself, with friends, and usually with a dog or two.  In the summer, you have to watch out for cow shit, in the winter, it's also the shit, but frozen, like a hockey puck.  In the spring and fall it's moisture, and the hidden puddles you try to avoid.

One of the most interesting things about fields, is what surprises the tall grass and plants might be hiding.  Anyone who's walked through a field knows at any moment, you might surprise a hidden rabbit, turtle or even a fox, and the many pheasants that swoop into the air, when you step too close.  I always keep my eye out for what might be hidden in the field, but can only dream that instead of a lumbering turtle, I would stumble upon a naked Jacob running through the open field.

Well, thanks to Jim from Studio1x, we not only dream, but see, the beautiful Jacob, rising like a wild flower from the meadow.   This particular field is located on an abandoned dairy farm that Jim's been hoping to shoot in for awhile.  It's a couple of hours from his home, so it took a little planning.  Jim knew he'd have to make a day of it, to make it worth the four hour return trip and need a model up for the day long adventure.

Jim posed looking for models interested in the shoot.  Although Jacob didn't initially see the posting, one of his friends tagged him in the post and Jacob reached out to find out the details of the shoot.  Jim shares that that Jacob was excited about the idea as he hadn't done a shoot of this type before.  They quickly nailed down a date and time for their drive to the old dairy farm.

The met up early in the morning and along with another model, car pooled to the location.  The drive gave model and photographer plenty of time to get to know each other and discuss what they wanted to capture during the shoot.  In addition to wanting to shoot two different models at the farm, bringing along a second model had another purpose.  The diary farm has been turned into a park, so the second model was able to stand watch for anyone who might come by during the shoot.

'There were so many places to shoot at this location, many different buildings and looks were to be had. We ended the day in the open field. By that time everyone was relaxed and enjoying themselves.  Jacob got used to putting his clothes on and taking them off as he did so many times throughout the day. As you can see he has a fantastic body and knows how to move very well. We captured so many pieces of art that day.'

'It felt so natural shooting in the field and the photos come out beautiful. We did the typical dress to undress, then once he was undressed, I asked Jacob to now run through the field naked. Oh the look he gave me, it was you are one crazy son of a bitch aren't you. But he did it and laughed the whole way. The grass was tall and he was laughing cause the tall grass was tickling his balls. That is something I hadn't thought of.'

Jim loved shooting in the open field, and resulting images he was able to capture.  Even though they were in a park, there not many people around and when someone did stroll by, they simply took a short break, until they moved onto a different location.  One of the most rewarding aspects of the trip for Jim was the drive home.  After eight hours of the models ripping off and on their clothes, and a successful shoot behind them, the models were relaxed and open due to the trust and friendship built up over a day of working together.  Over the long drive, and a stop for dinner and drinks, both models were sharing stories with Jim on subjects ranging from their past modeling experiences stories more personal in nature...

'Jacob did a fantastic job, gave me many looks during the day.  He has the exotic look and is very masculine. I absolutely love working with models like him that are so open to different ideas, a bit daring and just out to have a great time. I can't thank his friend enough for tagging him in my original post looking for a model.'