Friday, October 9, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 10th

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Quaternate: JDT Photo

The magic of light is the blend of depth and shadow. Autumn naturally provides both with a touch of gold, only visible for a short period of time. The slight tilt in our orbiting planet is what sparks the change of each season and as the sun's position changes, so does the light. When it comes to documenting the seasons, and the changes in light, one of  the artists I love to turn to, is JDT Photo

Jesse is a master at capturing not just the light, but the look and feel of locations he shoots.  Jesse's visuals have you feeling the coolness in the air, hearing, the crunch of moving leaves, and feeling, the dampness of nature on the model's naked bodies.  A quick scroll over the post titles below, show Jesse's work has been a part of the changing seasons, and a part of FH, for the last six years. 

When I first contacted Jesse back in 2014, it was spring.  I was drawn to his shots of a model outside by the lake. I could instantly see the lake and surrounding woods were not just being used as a location or background.  The surroundings were as important as the model  in the expression of Jesse's vision. I followed Jesse's work throughout the summer, fall and winter and featured his work to celebrate the seasonal changes whenever the opportunity allowed.  Just as I look forward to the leaves changing each fall, the first snow each winter, and the first flowers to bloom each spring, I always look forward to seeing the magic Jesse captures with each change of season.




A Baker's Dozen: Hansel Wellington

Hansel by Lights On Studio

'Tom and I have worked together for several years now and a great rhythm has formed. I am always up for whatever challenges that Tom is excited to try in order to capture an amazing and creative photograph . I love being nude and he loves taking photos--- so its a good combination.' 

It's a good thing Hansel's always up for a challenge.  Over the last six years, Lights On Studio's  Tom Nakielski has certainly given him his fair share. From asking him to strip down in a field as cars sped by, wrapping him as a mummy, and placing a nibbling bunny on the most sensitive and carrot shaped part of Hansel's body...  Whenever they worked together, especially for a holiday themed shoot, the results were both creatively, and erotically festive.

Hansel by JGH Photography

Although 12 of the 14 times Hansel's appeared on FH were shoots with Lights On Studio, it wasn't Tom who first introduced me to the Michigan model's work.  It was John from JGH Photography who first suggested my featuring his work with Hansel on the site.  After that piece, I kept a close eye on Hansel's work and on-line portfolio.  When the following year, I saw an image of Hansel straddling a huge Christmas wreath, while chomping on a three foot candy cane, I had to write him about the holiday shoot.

As most FH readers know by now, the man behind the lens of that Christmas shoot was Tom, and the beginnings of an exciting creative alliance began.  Although I've featured dozens of Tom's shoots, it's his holiday ideas, many which include Hansel getting into character, have become a artistically anticipated tradition!

Remaining images by Lights On Studio

'Hansel has always been a joy to work with. Not only does he help in implementing my ideas, he takes them a step further and adds some embellishments and refinement to the outcome. It is refreshing to work with a model who is so involved with the session and contributes his creativity to the project.'

Since that first Christmas shoot, Hansel's been dressed, and of course undressed as a naughty Santa, an Easter Bunny wrangler, a Mummy, a Ghoul, and in the brightest of red, white and blue.  He's also straddled a massive pumpkin, and played with his horn of plenty for Thanksgiving, the holiday Canadians are celebrating this weekend.

It speaks to the breadth of work they've created, that whenever I seem to need a themed shoot for the site, Tom has the perfect one tucked away and waiting.  Although most of the holiday shoots, were planned in advance especially for FH,  it wasn't until last week that I remembered Canadian Thanksgiving, was just around the corner.  I remembered an image of Hansel that would be perfect for the day and before long, the and entire set of holiday and autumnal images popped up in my inbox.  Thank you Tom, and thank you Hansel!