Sunday, November 13, 2011

Photographers Who Inspire:

An Assumed Alias


Once in awhile someone I am profiling asks about the list of photographers on the right hand side of the page. That list is a bone of contention for me as to who I choose to put on that list. I finally decided that list should be artists who have contributed mulitple time withFH. I change the list often to reflect photographers and what is currently on the blog. But... there are SO many artists I love who have shared their work and their stories for features. I had a list at the bottom of the page, but every time I edited it screwed up spacing on other parts of the blog.

The problem with a long list is that I worry it diminishes the unique talents of each individual artist who has worked with FH. But... at the same time I want to ensure I properly thank all those who have helped me. As FH slid into it's fifth year last month I really wanted to ensure everyone who has helped was credited. Who are my favorites, truth is I don't really have them. Each and every photographer below has an image or more that has at one time effected me in away, some brought joy, some made me think, some brought arousal, excitement, some sadness and a few hit nerves or brought a bit of pain. All of their work I was inspired to share. I could not possibly list every photographer that has been on FH but the list below are the artists who have shared work with me for features. I know I have forgotten some but the list is NOT complete!!! I only went back a year or so and will be adding to it on a regular basis. Thank you to all who have shared their images and especially their stories as it is the stories that I believe makes FH what it is.


AJL Photo***Alan Armijo***Allan Spiers***Alex Photopaint***Angus Malcolm***Arrow Studio***Ashland Thomas***Bill Donlon***Bill McClaren***Bogdan Stanga***Boxer Imaging***Brenton Parry***Bruce Denny***Byron Motley***Carl Proctor***Chris Teel***Christopher Singleton***Dan Skinner***Daniel Marcus***Dave Koster***Dave Ouano***David Arnot***David Vance***David Wagner***Digital Pixel Studios***Baker & Adams***Dylan Rosser***Eddie Christie***Emerging Talent Images***Ev Dylan***Fabien Lemaire***FlyFoto***GLiMPSe visual***Gordon Nebeker***Hans Fahrmeyer***haringmanPLUS***Ian Robert Knight***James R Cunningham***James Spada***Jay Rickard***Jim Wilkinson***John Fallon***John M Clum***Jon Eland***Jon Seneca***Josh Camero***jtoPHOTO***Julian Vankim***Kevin McDermott***Kraizie Kat***Krunnch Photo***Leigh Carter***Lucas Ferrier***Manuscript Photography***Mark Bower***Mark Grantham***Marlen Boro***Michael A. Downs***Michael Angelo***Michael Puff***Michael Stokes***Mikel Marton***Mike Ross***Mike Tossy***msbimages***MStyles***Musclehead Graphics***MvR Photo***Nicolas Smith***Nicky Reyes***Night Kast Images***Norcal Bodz***Pascal d'Ameyal***Patrick Mulcahy***Patrick R***Peachtree Muscle***Peek Physique***Photos By Biron***Pierre-Yves Monnerville***p w gomez***Raymond Meza***Richard Rothstein***rickspix***Robert Colgan***rSEANd Photography***Russ Osterweil***Scott Barnes***Scott Marrs***Shannon Boh***Shaun Simpson***Shawa Pablo-chester***Shayne Fergusson***Steve Mack***T-W-D photos***Thomas Bourry***Tom66***TR Pics***Walter Tabayoyong***Von Melzer***Walter Kurtz***Wander Aguiar***WM Images***Xavier_Paris***YogaBear Studio***Zedneram Imagery