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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 23rd

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Happy Birthday today February 23rd

Happy 39th Rugby star Mirco Bergamasco!

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Mirco and brother Mauro


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Tip of the Iceberg: Sterlingjock by Briancan Photography

'I love seeing guys face light up when I unzip my pants or drop my towel'

For this shoot, it was a parka being unzipped, and a winter scarf being dropped, but the impact, was equally impressive.   Initially, I was going to focus only on the recent studio shoot between Hunter (Sterlingjock) and Brian. (Briancan Photography).  Hunter however, sent on a few shots from their day in the snow, and I knew the piece needed a part 2.  Brian graciously dug into his archives and sent on more favorites from the shoot.

How/who got you started with modeling?
I went to OCAD University for photography and design. Often in our projects we as students used ourselves or other classmates to try out our ideas. I never loved myself in front of the camera but did it when I needed to put to film what was in my head. I was then pressured by a photographer friend who shoots male nudes to pose for him, I didn’t see myself as model material but agreed. I instantly loved what we shot and seeing myself through someone else’s lens gave me so much self -confidence. 

Was modeling nude part of the plan from the beginning? 
I had hesitated a few times when asked, but when I did commit, I couldn’t get enough and wanted to shoot more. 

Was it a hard decision to make? 
There’s always a stigma of nudes and erotic photography as being “smut”, so at first I was more reluctant because of worrying how society might view me. But once I started thinking for myself and liked showing off what I was gifted with, I was unbothered. Now I even embrace the ‘dirty’ imagery as well as the artistic. 

Were family, friends reactions ever an issue? 
A lot of my friends are very supportive and impressed with the work I’ve made modelling. I remember some family had seen some portraits I had done just in underwear posing with fruit and the reaction was pretty much, “I don’t want to see that”. So I simply don’t share the work I create with family or any friends that I might feel would be embarrassed seeing me in such a way. 

What was your first nude shoot like? 
It was outdoors in the woods, very au natural in nature. There were a few times we almost got caught by passer-bys, but turned out I love being watched so that also excited me.  I enjoy most of the shoots outdoors because I’m able to interact and pose with my environment. It adds to the exhibitionism when captured out in public

Does it ever bother you when a photographer os solely focused on your penis? 
Absolutely not. Sure I’m an attractive guy, but its a beautiful penis so it deserves the spotlight as well hahaha. 

What are the best, and worst things about being so well hung? 
I got lucky in the dick department so I’m happy to share and show off for others to enjoy. I love seeing guys face light up when I unzip my pants or drop my towel. I appreciate the compliments I get and love knowing my big dick is turning guys on. I guess the negatives would be that sometimes it’s all guys want to talk about and it’s not always the right time/right place for it. In terms of sex, not all guys that say they can take a big dick actually can. So many disappointing blow jobs. 

Were the erection shots from the studio shoot planned, or just a natural part of the moment? 
I’m an exhibitionist so I often get a little excited when stripping naked. My cock enjoys the attention of the camera. Some photographers love it and we go with that direction. But sometimes we work on more natural relaxed nudes. Brian has worked with me many times so depending on what we are going for he knows when to tell me to reign it in and when to let the monster loose. 

Do you have a dream scenario for a shoot that you'd love to do? 
I’m really interested in exploring group shots. Love more shoots exploring that line between art & porn. I’d like to do a CMNM (Clothed Male/ Nude Male) shoot with a bunch of guys in suits. 

What is the best thing about working with Brian? 
He’s really easy going and comfortable to work with. He’s good at communicating ideas for the shots and also happy to try something new and see if it works.  We’ve done so many together since that first one I’ve lost count. We had one of our shoots published at Eroticco Mag which was a hi-light. 

What is your favorite part about being a nude male model? 
I don’t have to worry about whether wardrobe will fit for a shoot haha. Although I do also have fun with outfits that “don’t fit” I’m quite an exhibitionist and love having my dick stared at so it’s great being able to work on creating shots for that intention and enjoying that whole experience at the same time.

FaVorites: Chris Jammer

Chris Jammer:

Model, business owner, music festival organizer

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Chris by Pantelis

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In 2019, Chris participated on the UK reality show Shipwrecked.