Thursday, August 20, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 21st

Another favorite pic of my of Ryan Colford profiled below. This time Canadian model Rondo Dace.

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Photographer of the Day: Ryan Colford

"All photography simply involves evoking an emotional response. Whether that response is desire for a product or appreciation of beauty comes from the ability to tell a story with one simple image." ~Ryan Colford

I have been enjoying the work of Ryan Colford on some of my favorite sites and blogs for some time. Ryan's work has been featured on Beautiful, Oh La La, DNA and many others. Although I have posted some of work's here before, I thought it was time to feature more about Ryan here on Favorite Hunks.

From Ryan's official site:

'He has been published in fashion and lifestyle magazines in America, England and Australia with a variety of features on international and local websites. Ryan Colford has also done advertising campaigns for women's clothing, actors, musicians, corporate and small businesses as well as personalized individual shoots from weddings to specialty concepts.

His artwork has been used to promote art fairs, charity events and has been exhibited in New York galleries.

He has worked with J. Walter Thompson, MTV, Viacom, BET, and other multimedia companies. He is currently based out of Staten Island and the New York Tri-State area and available for travel.

Below: Ryan's shoot with one of my favorite new models, David M. Thomas.

Ryan has worked some of my favorite models from the biggest agencies in NY. Unlike many photographers I enjoy, Ryan's work is sometimes harder to spot because he shoots in a variety styles and with various techniques. As you can see from some of the photo's I have included here Ryan has skill in classic black and white, color as well as some of the creative series he is known. Candy and Candy Shoppes, themes Ryan has used on a couple of occasions are two of my favorites, and this combination has created some of his most vivid images.

Ryan has created some of my favorite images of male beauty as well some of the most creative. It is difficult to define Ryan's work in one word as no word fits it all.

I would say that for much of Ryan's work 'alive' and 'movement' do fit. Yes, Ryan has created some quiet, still images. In many of his shots however, I feel like I am witnessing a brief second, not just of a photo shoot, but of a moment in the model or subjects day. A moment that began before the picture and continued after. This brief snapshot of a moment makes Ryan's work stand out to me.

Above: Bri Molloy.

To see more of Ryan's work, check out:
Ryan's official site HERE:
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Above: Candyland.

Above: One of my favorite pics from Ryan of model Justin Araujo.

Above: Robert Haglage

Above: 'Two bits and a shave..?'

Jon Kortajarena for Tom Ford

Love the look of model Jon Kortajarena I profiled back in January (check out that post HERE:) Jon is back for Tom Ford's eyewear looking better than ever. Check out Jon's official site HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 20th

Love this shot of model Jamison Hill by Photography Paul Mariano.

Model Of The Day: Parker Hurley

I know I say this often, but tattoos are not usually my thing, but Parker Hurley's truly are a work of art, so hot! Parker, recently signed with Red Model Management. Besides modelling, Parker is also a personal trainer. First and foremost however, Parker is an artist.

About his tattoo's, Parker says;

'I have turquoise bands on my ankles and wrists. 5 small birds going up my left side. a very busy half-sleeve on my right arm. and turquoise circles running along the length of my spine. they are pretty though, i did them myself and they are all extremely important to me. i think tattoos and piercings can be great assets to a model, if they are done properly.'

Definitely and asset on Parker!

Height: 6' 0"
Weight: 174 lbs
Shoe size: 11.5
Hair color: Blonde
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Hazel
Skin color: Tanned
Experience: Some Experience

Next four great shots by Liem Pham.

Love the last four shots by Alex Da Corte.