Friday, January 1, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 1st

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The Bottom Line:

This photo is everything. I could write a short story, a novel or a mini-series all stemming from these two guys. The pose, the hair and of course, that amazing 80's fashion.


Do you measure up? I don't mean your weight or muscles mass index, I mean do you measure up? With all the violence the last 12 months, along with floods, hurricanes and so many senseless deaths you would think caring about others would be at an all time high. Instead, especially during this election year, the only things up are hate, fear mongering and blatant bigotry that has taken America into a time machine, flying back 50 or 60+ decades. New Year's resolutions are in many ways quite self indulgent, all out improving 'ourselves' as if those 10 pounds or that slightly flatter stomach would actually do anything to improve the world around us. My goal this year is to measure up. I don't know exactly what that means just yet, I have a few ideas, and when I get it all figured out, I will be sure to share.

Images Above from Frisky Frolic

Antony J on the Couch by Nick S82

I was originally going to title this piece, Couch potato, but there are not really many similarities between Antony J and a lumpy potato. Now... there are other vegetables that would have fit, but I decided Couch Zucchini, although on point, wasn't really a suitable title for a post.

Then again, who's really concerned about post titles when you're enjoying Nick's images of the magnificent Antony J. Given that both Nick S82 and Antony made their FH debuts this past December, they seemed like the perfect combo to start the new month, and the new year with. I featured Nick's images with Connor In The Corner, and Antony and his outstanding set of images with Danny Barson. (Christmas Comes Early)

Nick describes Antony as incredibly easy to work with and was very pleased with the results. Antony had an equally great experience calling Nick a great photographer with some really brilliant ideas. Sometimes the best ideas are simplest ones, focusing on the male form in a situation we can all relate to. In the hundreds of images of Antony that I saw, I was particularly drawn to Nick's series of Antony just chilling on the couch.

I usually don't get home from work most nights until 8 or 9pm and one of my favorite times of the day, is arriving home, doing what I need to do, then taking off as many pieces of clothing as possible, and jumping on the couch to relax before bed. It is during that hour before bed that I have time to work on the blog, catch up on my DVR'd Fargo episodes (finally finished last night) and leave the last 12 hours of work behind. Now, if Antony was on that couch, relaxation might not be possible, but enjoying Nick's images of Nick on the couch are certainly a great way to end, or begin anyone's day. See more of Antony by Nick on In Frontal The French Doors on The OVER-FLOW HERE:

Stephan Tobias: Open A Tiny Window. 2015

Over the last year, model and artist Stephen Tobias has been apart of some of FH's biggest celebrations. Stephen's images were some of the most popular shots from my Last Gasp of Summer Series, and his 2014 advent calendar helped celebrate Christmas on the site last year. Although Christmas day is over, January 1st seems a great day to look back at the German model and artist's 2015 edition.

'Avent Calendars don't seem to be popular in the US, but in Germany they are. When I was a child I had one which showed Santa Claus with a reindeer sledge riding through a small town, visiting people and doing errands, until arriving in the beautiful Gothic church for Christmas eve on December 24, which is when Germans celebrate Christmas. I loved this calendar and its colorful setting, which was put up on December 1 and disappeared on New Year. It has been lost after I moved away from my parents house, but I still see those little pictures before my inner eye.'

'Nothing we remember is lost entirely. We have the capacity of recreating or reviving almost anything, sometimes better than ever before. But it was more like an ironic comment to a commercially driven advent calendar craze, with plastic calendars filled with little chocolates and the like, that 4 years ago I playfully did a first advent calendar, with nothing but nude pictures of myself taken throughout the year. Any countdown is a progression. Any progression contains a narration. I am not good at storytelling with words, but I can do it with pictures. Seen in a context those series of 24 pictures can tell a story of ideas born, efforts made, battles fought, things achieved and lost, and thoughts deepened. I worked a bit more on this aspect this year, and if I continue maybe this is the direction things will take. Self portrait of the artist as a nude man, narrated in in 24 pictures! Salvation or Nirvana always comes at the end. Who would have thought...'