Saturday, February 10, 2024

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 11th

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Frisky Frolic: Play Maker

Happy Super Bowl Sunday, snack day, Usher half-time show, tight end watching, or whichever incarnation of the day you celebrate.   One tight and delicious end that I never get tired of seeing belongs to Cody.  I've featured his images before, including his work with Frisky Frolic. Thank JayBee for finding a new extra shots to feature today.

Happy Alladays!

'Let them eat King cake!'

I know, most people think of Autumn and early Winter as the holiday season.  It is a busy time with Halloween, then Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Christmas and finally New Years.  But... February is also a busy month, with this week having a quadruplicate of celebratory events.

Starting with Lunar New Year on February 10th, followed by Superbowl Sunday on the 11th.  Then, one day of rest before Mardi Gras kicks off on the 13th, with the next day being Valentines.  Since I try to visually celebrate as many holidays as I can, today is Alladay, celebrating all four.   Beads anyone???

TR Pics: Dragon Quest 🐉

Dragons are a clever bunch, 
They're difficult to catch. 
You'll have to set the ultimate trap- 
But have you met your match?

When it comes to catching dragons, it's all about timing and luck.  For this particular sexy beast, all the credit goes to photographer Tom from TR Pics.   I love Tom's work, especially his holiday imagery, but when I asked him about Lunar New Year, he was on the other side globe. closer to Asia, the center of the celebration, than to America.

Tom did have some shoots planned, when arrived back home this week, one with Phanny, the ultra hot model you see here.  Unfortunately, it wasn't until last night, so I knew there wouldn't be enough time to include them in my Lunar New Year celebrations.  Well... this little dragon wanted to be captured and exposed, and shortly after posting last night, Tom edited these shots and sent them on.  As any good hunter knows, whenever you've caught such beautiful creature, you never turn your back, and you never let them get away. 

BeglamourRED: Desi by John Mar

'I love Valentine’s Day because I’m a theme guy. You can’t spell THEME without ME.' 💕

With February 14th just a few days away, I thought it was time to start getting wrapped in red.  Red is the primary color associated with so many holidays, Christmas, Lunar New Year and of course Valentine's Day.  Regardless of whether you're single, in a couple or a throuple, everyone deserves a little luxury and beauty over the holidays.

I don't think I've seen any model looked more elegant and beglamouRED than Desi does in this series by photographer John Mar.   Unlike many men who grew up wanting to model, or were encouraged by a photographer or friend, Desi began his journey in front of the lens thanks to another influence, alcohol.  Most of us have experienced our inhibitions lowering the more we sip, and it was a little liquid courage that first motivated Desi to start shooting.

'I also want to normalize every body type while also trying to maintain a degree of professionalism. I’ve been shooting with John Mar for years and I trust him with everything John always is respectful to anything i don’t want to do while also coming up with some of the best ideas.'

'Desi has modeled for me a few times over the years. He is adventurous and always ready to have fun in the studio. He has great ideas and bring outfits to fit a mood or a theme. For our Valentines Day shoot, he arrived with the perfect red items to add that traditional look but we added a little beefcake to the boudoir.'

Desi on Instagram