Monday, March 22, 2010

Also Celebrating today March 23rd

Happy Birthday also today March 23rd to:

Beautiful and talented Steven Strait turns 24 today.

Brazilian model Caco Ricci turns 32 today.

Supermodel Jason Fedele turns 38 today.

Above: Jason with Tom Ford and model Ryan Locke

Seriously American Idol Seriously????

Really American Idol. How bad do you want things to get. Randy is pretty much useless, Ellen is a bit of a disappointment, Simon is leaving and Kara is turning crazier than even Paula (but not in Paula's fun way). Add to that a group of singers this year, although talented, that has failed to spark the excitement of the viewers.

And if my respect for the show could not get any lower, you have Miley Cyrus as a mentor. Really, of all the stupid moves, this is the dumbest. Yeah I know she has a fan base. Yeah I know she has a movie to promote (Fox related maybe...). but a mentor. Crystal Bowersox must have let out a big groan. (I could not bare to have searched or posted Miley pics on the blog, so you will have to suffer through a couple of Tim Urban.)

I know I am not alone in this, and the wonderful Annie Barrett from Entertainment Weekly summoned up what I am sure most of us are thinking.

'During a routine scrape, American Idol producers found Miley Cyrus at the bottom of a barrel next to some Hannah Montana doll hair and decided to make her a guest mentor on tomorrow night’s show. Cyrus will bestow unto the Top 11 contestants bits of wisdom such as “Wear boots” and “Sound like a chain smoker,” and then she’ll perform her hit “When I Look At You” on Wednesday’s results show, according to a press release from Fox.'

I thank God again for the invention of the DVR. This two hour extravaganza should take me about 11 minutes to watch.

Surprise Nudity of the Day: Rich Sommer

If it could not be Jon Hamm, I am pretty happy the nudity from the male cast member from Mad Men is Rich Sommer (Harry Crane). Rich is a cutie who surprised the audience showing the full monty at A Night of 140 Tweets - A Celebrity Tweetathon for Haiti.

100 by Dylan Rosser

Newest Dylan Rosser Photo Book Gives “100” Reasons
to Gaze at the Male Form

Rosser’s third book set to hit bookshelves on April 1, 2010

LONDON – March 16, 2010 – Acclaimed British photographer Dylan Rosser will return next month with “100,” his new book celebrating his centesimal model added to his Web site, The Male Form (, which he launched last year in an effort to centralize and provide easier access to his work.

Rosser’s first two published books, “X-Posed” and “RED,” which both featured a collection of sexy and tasteful nude photographs of fashionable male models, each became one of publisher Bruno Gmunder’s top-selling books of 2008 and 2009. This success allowed the photographer to come back bolder than ever with his new photo book dedicated to all 100 models that have graced his Web site. The book will also include some never-before-seen images.

"What started as a small showcase for my work has grown considerably," says Rosser. "And that's because of the wonderful support of the site's members, and of course, all of the models. I'm expecting the core customer of ‘100’ to be members of my Web site, The Male Form, so that makes the book more of a niche project. I didn’t feel it was something your typical book publisher would be interested in, so I decided to self-publish this project.”

The 120-page book will feature color and black-and-white images, and is available exclusively through Blurb. The retail price for paperback is £29.95, and £39.95 for hardcover.

For more information on Dylan Rosser and his new book, please visit

The amazing Ville Kinos who I posted about on Saturday is slated to be showcased on The Male Form in the near future. I shall keep you posted!

Collaboration Of The Day: Timothy Clark by Gregory Prescott

'Looking forward to creating some magic.'
Timothy Clark

'The human form is a work of art. GOD is the true creator; I am just the channel.'
Gregory Prescott

Photographer Gregory Prescott certainly used his lens to channel the beauty of model Timothy Clark. It could easily be all about the hair, but there Timothy is much more. His strength is evident in every inch of his work with Gregory. 21 year old Timothy lives in Los Angeles pursing modeling and acting, his life long passions. You can check out more of Gregory's work at his site HERE: and see more of Timothy's portfolio HERE:

Timothy Clark

Height: 5' 11"
Weight: 158 lbs
Shoe size: 10.5
Hair color: Black
Hair length: Long
Eye color: Brown
Skin color: Brown

Favorite Pic of the Day for March 22nd

How about model and actor David Wesley to begin the week!
Photo by Martin Ryter.

Favorite Birthday Boys for today March 22nd

Happy Birthday today March 22nd to:

The oh so hot Benjamin Godfre turns 22 today. (all shots of Benjamin by Tom Cullis).

Brazilian actor and model Daniel Erthal turns 28 today.

Actor Cole Hauser turns 35 today.