Thursday, February 4, 2010

Just Because: Kellan Lutz for Calvin Klein

Many of you have seen Kellan Lutz in his Calvin Klein ad, but here are a few behind the scene shots from the shoot.

Accidentally On Purpose on LIVE! From the Future

If you read this blog with any regularity you know I love 'Accidentally On Purpose' Monday on CBS (soon to be moving to Wednesday). Last weeks episode with Davis working in a gay bar was hilarious! Earlier this week series creator Claudia Lonow along with Jon Foster and Nic Wright were on the internet talk show, LIVE! From the Future...with Stuart Paap. Great show with some hilarious moments with Claudia talking about her early days as an actress and Jon and Nic competing in a hilarious trivia quiz. Accidentally On Purpose has yet to be picked up for a second season so show them them some love and support! Check them out on Live! From the Future HERE:

DW Chase by Ev Dylan

The Model: DW Chase

Curiosity killed the cat, but it also brought DW Chase to modeling. This 26 year old model from Houston has been modeling for the past 7 years. DW really enjoys working with the photographer to design and plan the concepts whether its location, ideas or his hairstyles.

Although DW loves to model, his passion is actually reviewing Films. (My dream job as well). Dustin's first film review would be written in 1997 (Boys Don't Cry). Only five years later he would be introduced to world famous film critic Roger Ebert. DW got his bachelors degree in Mass Communication. Writing controversial articles for the college paper The Blue Banner and reporting for the communication departments broadcast program, he landed an exclusive interview with Oscar nominee Jennifer Tilly at the Asheville Film Festival. Check out DW's film review site HERE:

Here DW is shot by the great Ev Dylan. DW is one of Ev's favorite models to work with and the two of collaborated on several occasions. Check out more at Ev's site HERE:

Pic Series Of The Day: Ryan Carnes by Jeff Slater

-Sunday Morning-

Stunning shoot with actor Ryan Carnes by Jeff Slater! Check out Jeff's blog HERE:

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 4th

One of my favorite guys, Brock Harris gets the Rick Day treatment!

Just Because: American Idol

Above: Ty Hemmerling

Just because I am so glad the auditions for American Idol are over. I know I have said it before but as much as love American Idol, I find the auditions to be one the cruelest spectacles on American television. The #1 show in America spends about 12 weeks showcasing young talent and about 4 weeks making fun of the poor, the mentally unstable, the deluded, the weak and the needy. I always question those who say the auditions are all they watch.

Got to give kudos to bikini boy (Ty Hemmerling) as given all the attention bikini girl got last year, it was a brilliant move to garner some screen time. Too bad American Idol loves to oogle and make sexist comments about the pretty girls, but...when there is a good looking guy the show they somehow make it seem perverted to focus on his attraction. Bikini girl got plenty of air time last year and a place on the finale, bikini boy had the 4 judges walking out in disgust. Funny, maybe (I admit I chuckled) but it reinforces the reputation that this show (dispute having had so many gay singers, Broadway themes and Simon and Ryan) is one of the most homophobic shows on television.

Maybe I take it all too seriously.... But give em hell Ellen!

Below: Casey James

New Digitals for Florian Bourdila

Love the new digitals from Major Models of one of my favorites Florian Bourdila. Check out my previous post on Florian HERE:

The First Time...Ever I saw your Face: Simon Le

I have posted many times about my love and respect for the work of Australia based photographer Simon Le. FH's is full of great shots of great looking me, but to me no matter great the body, it always comes down to the face. One of Simon's signiture shots that I love is his portrait.

Every emotion and depth of feeling can be shown on the human face. To capture that fleeting moment on film is a challenge fit for the most talented of photographers. Simon Le is certainly one of them! Check out more of Simon's work at his site HERE:

Johannes Raadsma


Kieran Lahey

Mathew Mason

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