Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 9th

Amazing shot of model Josh Reidel by Scott Hoover Photography.

Favorite Birthday Boy for December 9th Mario Cantone

Sure Mario Cantone is cute as hell, but what could be more attractive than a guy who makes you laugh your ass off. Seeing Mario in interviews, it is clear he is more reserved when off stage, but none the less, when on stage and tv, there is no current comedian who makes me laugh as loudly and as often as Mario Cantone. Give the man a talk show!!! Mario turns 49 today.

Above: Denis O'Hare and Neil Patrick Harris with Mario when they all co-starred in Assassins.

2 Other Favorites Celebrating today December 9th

Also blowing out candles today:

Jesse Metcalfe turns 30 today.

Donny Osmond turns 51 today.

Also Celebrating today December 9th

Also celebrating today December 9th

French footballer Bixente Lizarazu turns 30 today.

Argentine tennis hottie Gaston Gaudio turns 30 today.

Actor Dino Morea turns 33 today.

Green Day's Tré Cool turns 36 today.

Singer David Kersh turns 38 today.

Actor Sebastian Spence turns 39 today.

Actor John Malkovich turns 55 today.

The Men of 'Sex And The City' The movie.

Mario Cantone's birthday made me think of the other men from the recent 'Sex and the City' movie I rewatched on DVD earlier this week. I wish Mario had been given more to do, but it was nice to see some other favorites return, no to mention Giles Marini.

I love Jason Lewis, and he was great in the flick, but considering he did more nudity on the tv show than many of the other actors, it was bit disappointing not to see more of Jason.

Gilles Marini is sex on a stick. His role in 'Sex and the City' certainly was a highlight. That being said, as much as I enjoyed the shower scene, I also equally loved the 'tease' scene of his in his wet suit.

Yes Giles shower scene was HOT, but...my favorite Sex and The City guy has always been David Eigenberg. I love David, and his character Steve. Watching his 'walk across the floor scene' was the nude scene I enjoyed the most. There is something so adorable about David, and Steve.