Thursday, February 25, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 25th

Renato F with Major.

Favorite Birthday Boys for February 25th

Favorite Birthday Boys for Today February 25th

English actor Oliver Milburn turns 37 today.

Oliver in 'Loaded' (1994).

'Loaded' caps via Casperfan.

Sean Astin turns 39 today.

Below: Sean in 'Toy Soldiers' (1991).

Scott Herman Update:

Think Scott Herman would make a great Captain America???
Scott does and if you agree, check out his facebook page to show some love and support!

Scott has been busier than ever these days keeping his fans updated with video's and information. Be sure to head to DNA to show some support to Scott, he is in a heated battle with James Ellis to see who is hotter.

Also: Love this new song Roller Coaster by Prospect Hill.
Check out Scott in the Video.

The Colorful World of Dallas J. Logan

Below: Ese-osa

I am always on the hunt for 'the great photo'. Although many may check out FH each day for the Men in the shot, it is that shot itself which really fascinates me. Whenever I come across a great shot I try to research the photographer. That is the case with the immensely talented Dallas J. Logan. I came upon Dallas's work when profiling model Zenith Harvey and when checking out more of Logan's work I fell in love with shot after shot after shot. It is only when this happens that I want to profile the photographer.

Dallas was an interesting man to get to know. Dallas is known for many things including his use of lighting and his ability to bring out the personalities of those in front of his lens. In an interview Erik Ford, Dallas says:

'And, in my opinion, the difference between a good photo and a great photo is one thing. Love. There are times when I will view a photographer’s works and you go “nice picture.” Then there are times I will view a photographer’s work and you go “Great picture!” Each picture stood on it’s own merit, but what is the difference between the two? In a good picture there is no love between the model and the photographer. They simply got the job done. In a great picture, there was a lot of love.'

Dallas goes on to expand on the subject but I encourage you to read the interview in its entirely at Erik's blog HERE:

Below: LA Bajan

Check out Dallas J. Logans Site HERE:
Check out his amazing blog HERE:

Below: ZaQuan Champ

Dallas has a great blog where he talks about the thought processes behind some of his shoots. My favorite of all of Logan's work has been his work with fabric. As Dallas will tell you, it was not an original idea, what idea in 2010 is really. It was however orginial to Dallas, and that truly is what counts isn't it. If I invent a new chicken dish in North America that no one has eaten here before, does it really matter that someone in India made the same dish years earlier... No, what matters is the quality, and Logan's work with fabric is of the highest quality.

Below: Brandon Espy

Below: Milan Christopher

Below: Paulo Pascoal

Below: Rumando Kelley