Monday, June 24, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 25th

Another day, another dancer…
The incredible image above comes from photographer Angus Malcolm.

Although the above model is not a Warwick Rower, be sure check out below as Angus gives us a sneak peek of his work for the upcoming 2014 calendar and video!

Happy Birthday today June 25th

One of the kids from Fame is turning 49 today, find out who at the bottom of the page...
Check out more of today's birthday boys HERE: & HERE:

Exquisite Pain by Robert J Guttke

In every field and career, with every skill and form of artistry, there are some whose work stands out . In a field full of artists capturing the human form both digitally and on film, Robert J. Guttke is without question, a preeminent.  I have written about his work many times on FH and am honored he has shared both his imagery, and as important to me, so many of the stories behind them. Robert's work never ceases to take my breath away and the scope and breadth of his imagery has created some of the most powerful images I have had the pleasure of viewing. With Robert J. Guttke, if you see a model, 30 feet in the air, with a firm grip dangerously clinging atop a crane, there is actually a man, 30 feet in the air, firmly gripping that crane. That, is but one reason Robert's work stands out.

To be prominent in any field means striving for perfection. With Robert, that has meant it has taken awhile to find just the right way to showcase his work with the human body. The need for symmetry and order has meant Robert has been patient, called upon the HTML skills of friends and most of all taken his time in putting together, Exquisite Pain Photography, the new blog Robert has just opened to showcase his work. I know the words have many meanings for the artist, but the obvious pain required to create something, anything exquisite is where it begins. Please spend some time with Robert's new blog and look for frequent updates from his incredible body of work.

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They're Back!!! The Warwick Rowers by Angus Malcolm

'I've aimed to create a lot more "captured moments" No more static shots with strategically placed oars!! I've shot a lot content, and I'm convinced it's going to be our best calendar yet!'

Oh how many lovers of the Warwick Rowers have cursed those strategically place oars! I have been following and covering the the work of photographer Angus Malcolm since 2010. The past few years, myself, and thousands upon thousands of other fans of his imagery, have anxiously awaited news, and images from the latest collaboration between Angus and the guys from The Warwick Rowing team.

For the last four years, the senior men’s rowing team at Warwick University have been getting their kits off for calendars and films to raise funds for the sport and for charity. It has been interesting to watch the success of the calendars and videos. Some other groups and teams seem to have lost a bit of steam, changing photographers and themes. As they try to reach a new and diverse audience, they seem to have lost more viewers than they have gained.

With Warwick, the key has been without a doubt Angus. His work with the rowers, and the resulting images, have remained consistently fresh, sexy and on focus. Angus has not tried to change his subjects by trying to make them high fashion models or created elaborate themes or concepts to generate buzz. By shooting the rowers, in their own environment, in situations, (albeit naked...) that are familiar to them, the anticipation and audience has grown each year.

'We will fund our outreach programme entirely from our calendar and film sales, and we will do everything we can to make this work. If you can help us to cover our production costs, we can promise to more than return the favour with goodies and special offers just for you. This will include an opportunity to come and join us for a naked photo-shoot (you can keep you clothes on but we won't!) and an exclusive film of the shoot with more nudity than we have ever allowed before!'

The focus of their charity work has been a new sports-based campaign to combat bullying and raise awareness in schools about prejudice and particularly homophobia. Angus tells into the last three weeks on our crowdfunder project to cover production costs of the 2014 calendar and film. Last years endeavor was a HUGE success and just over a week ago, four of the boys went along with Angus to open a new sports training facility at the LGBT Centre in Birmingham, the UK's second biggest city. They will also be helping to open the Pride Games in Birmingham in August, and plan to do a lot more work with the gay community after the amazing response to their stance on homophobia last year.

Follow the journey on Twitter with @naked_rowers and @angus_malcolm

Blast From The Past for June 25th

OK, I have to fess up, it is not Billy Hufsey's birthday, that would be December 8th. But it is the birthday of his Fame co-star Erica Gimpel. I think Erica was one of the most talented in the cast, great actress, dancer and incredible singer. Although Erica has worked pretty steadily since the show went off the air, she truly deserved to be be a much bigger star!

Thinking of Erica for today's birthday post however had me thinking of Fame and Billy Hufsey. To be honest, I have not seen much of Billy on Fame. I was too young to watch the show when it aired, but certainly saw some repeats and have the first 2 seasons on DVD (awaiting more!). Billy is such an 80's hunk, very Chippendale like. Everything about him from his hair, body and his poses in many of these shots, scream the 80's.

Billy did, and continues to have, a sex appeal that transcends any decade. He is still a working actor looks great, especially when smiling, in recent images that I have seen. I hope more seasons of Fame come to DVD so I can see him in action, singing and dancing, on the show.