Friday, October 26, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 26th


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Halloween Countdown: He's Back....

Someone's being working out...

2011 Model Search winner Matt Eldracher recently stepped back in front of lens of photographer Chris Teel! Here are just a couple of teasers for an upcoming feature on FH!

Keep an eye out in November for details of the upcoming Model Search 2013!!!

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Favorite Quote Of The Day:

What was it like having Jessica Lange whip your bare bottom?

Evan Peters:

'That was literally the first day of shooting. It’s embarrassing that I’m telling you this, but why not? I had to wear a cock sock, right? And since I was wearing a hospital gown, I thought, Well, my front’s not going to be showing. It’s not a big deal. And when they bent me over [laughs], they could see my balls hanging down from the other side. The first day of shooting, and I flash Jessica Lange and Sarah Paulson my balls. Welcome to American Horror Story. It was ridiculous. I have to put on a cock sock and sheath my balls.'

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Have Gun, Can't Travel...

We already knew from his baby blue brief ads that actor Jack Scalia was packing, we just didn't know his pistol was unloaded...

The former Dallas hunk should have taken Rock Hudson's advice, and stuck to only wearing his Battle Of The Network Stars (cira 1980's) little black speedos. If he had, he might not have gotten in trouble yesterday at the LA Airport.

Bluster Burnout

I don't think anyone would argue the US political system really needs to shorten the amount of time allowed for campaigns. Like pretty much everyone, my choice of leader was set long before the election even began and the money, time and energy spent, have me now, pretty much disliking all of them. It is ironic how, although I believe it is essential EVERYONE exercise their vote, peoples motivation to do so, lessons with each of the endless parade of negative television ads that are shoved down our throats.

Why do we live in a world where a blow hard like Donald Trump is given time and attention?  Romney cannot be thrilled to have this tool working on his behalf?  Trumps goal is so disgustingly clear. The only thing this pompous ass is trying to expose the countries sadly still present fear and existing racism.

The only political figure whose commercials still give me the slightest pleasure are those of Joseph Kennedy III. Yes, I know, it is very shallow and weak of me, but Joe is just so darned adorable! That killer smile and sexy red hair aside, if Joe were trying push the rights of women and gays back several decades his sex appeal in my eyes would quickly disappear.

In researching the former DA and grandson of Robert F. Kennedy, that winning smile was only the tip of ice burg of things to love. Seeing him marching in Boston's gay pride parade did not hurt either.

I respect every one's right to chose and have zero support for those who bring hate into politics. I know the economy is #1 in the mind of many, but isn't the economy also sort of a political wash? Both candidates agree the economy is shit, both want to fix it, and to me, neither one of their plans are really that clear nor seem to guarantee anyone will get back to work quickly. It took years to create this mess, and no matter who gets in, it is going to take years to fix. Since both want to fix it, I really don't understand how anyone would place a vote on the issue. I do however remain confused as to how women, minorities and gays could support the Romney ticket. It is not because of what they have said, it is because of what they have not said. The Obama ticket has been one hundred percent clear on their feelings about the rights of women and gay issues especially.

The Romney ticket has yet to say anything concrete about their support of the rights of either group. This to me is frightening and enough to clearly know that anyone who does not see me and my rights as equal to theirs, can never fully have my support, job plan..or not. 

Sorry to those who see it differently and truly hope it does not effect your enjoyment of the blog!