Thursday, September 23, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 23rd

Peter Pagan by Michael Anthony Downs.

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Happy Birthday today September 23rd to:

Happy Birthday to Bruce Springsteen who turns 61 today!

Kudos to Modern Family

Kudos to Modern Family!
The return of ABC's Emmy-winning "Modern Family" set a ratings record, the show returned 19% higher than last fall and easily ranked as the evening's top-rated show. This is the hit comedy's biggest rating ever.
It was also a mighty fine episode, though flawed in parts,  that had me laughing out laugh though out the half hour. Special shout out to Ty Burrell whose portrayal of Phil is unique, intimate and sometimes difficult to watch due to how real Burrell plays it. Anyone else try salt in their chocolate milk yet?

Guilty By Association

George Bush was IMO a truly horrible president. I believe many of the current issues faced by Americans can be traced directly to his actions.

Yet...I always liked Laura Bush.

Although it was nice to hear her speak about her support of gay marriage. But even when her husband was in office it appeared, ever so subtly, that she disapproved of so much of what he was doing. She tried to hide it.... but there were little twitches in certain interviews that gave her up. Loved her for those twitches!

I really wanted Hillary Clinton to win. I like Obama but I always felt Clinton could more easily move her way through the crap and red tape and get things done quicker than Obama seems to be able to. Yet I never liked her husband... Bill did amazing work when in office. I so loved so many of the things he did as President. Yet... he always had a bit of the skeezy factor that despite his health issues and advanced age I can still see even today.

I hate that John McCain is working so hard to maintain Don't Ask Don't Tell... yet still like something about him. Love his family as a whole. I spent a lot of time researching the McCain's when Hillary was out of the running and although could not have supported them, grew to respect them.

Then there is Sarah Palin...
I dislike almost everything that comes out of that woman's mouth. Yet... I said before I bet she would be a hell of a friend. What is most scary about Palin is not so much her, but the loyal support she has. Palin should be an non entity in the world of politics yet she is not.

This brings me to the point of this post, Bristol Palin. It seems there are many people who cannot bring themselves to like Laura simply because of George, like Hillary because of Bill or Like The McCain's because of their party. I was a bit disappointed in all the hits Bristol has taken, not because of what she did or who she is, but because of who her mother is. Those of us with parents who are not famous are not defined by the people around us based on who are parents are.

I sat on my couch the other night working on a paper (I am back taking a class), and watching DWTS. (I add the 'working on a paper' comment as I cannot admit, even to myself, that I spent two hours watching DWTS...)Bristol seems like a nice girl. It is not her fault she is famous for having a baby, that rests with her mother. She does not deserve many of the jokes that came her way. The jokes are too easy and easy jokes are usually not that funny. Joy Behar makes the easy jokes which is why she annoys me so. The easy jokes don't require intellect and belong on variety shows from the seventies.
Bristol will not be on DWTS long, she is not really that great of a dancer. (although compared to Gosslin she is Nureyev). Margaret Cho was brilliant even if the judges did not see it. Glad the Hoff got the boot, he, like Bill, has that skeezy cloud around him and he too belongs back in the seventies too.... on a porn set.
Below: Mark Ballas

New From Dylan Rosser: Josh

Photographer Dylan Rosser just added a new model to his site! Josh is a 6'2", twenty two year old model from the UK. He started modelling just over a year ago and has recently branched out into the United States and he is also represented in New York. You can see more of Josh and his blue eyes at THE MALE FORM HERE:

Favorite Face Of The Day: Tom Reinert

20 year old Tom Reinert hails from Kaiserslautern Germany.  Tom and his iidentical twin Tanis, also an aspiring model as well, are trying to get into break into the business together.  Tom has a beautiful face, extremely photogenic and looks great in front of the camera with or without his brother!  Tom is also a photographer but decided  for now, to put his energy into modelling.

Tom Reinert:

Height: 5' 9"
Weight: 130 lbs 
Waist: 28" 
Shoe: 10.0
Hair color: Brown
Hair length: Short
Eye color: Blue
Skin color: White
Experience: Some Experience

Tom Reinert by Tony Gibble

Tony Gibble Official Site HERE:
Tony Gibble on FH HERE:

Tom and Tanis Reinert