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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 29th


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Classic Playgirl: Oh Canada! November 1992

'An anything but frozen treat from the Great White North!'

Playgirl: November 1992 
Danny Dallas
Pictorial:  “Oh, Canada!
Photography by Suze Randall
Adult Film Work:
Up & Cummers 4 (1994), Double Cross (1995), 
Blonde Heaven (1995)

'My role model is fellow body-builder turned actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.  He's done it all, he came from obscurity and through hard work, perseverance and just the sheer force of his personality, has made all his dreams come true. '

Think massive.  Think Magnificent.  Think monumental.  One look at Canadian-born Danny Dallas might lead you to think his near-perfect form was carved from stone. Don't take him for granite though, this hunk is built from fresh, blood and pure muscle!

Although he professes to enjoy life in the fast lane, this striking Viking is a real romantic at heart.  His secret desire?  To meet a woman like Marilyn Monroe, vibrant, sexy, beautiful and just a little bit vulnerable. 

Taking Stock:

When the pandemic first hit, and we were all stuck at home, I did what many did.  I baked for the first time, chocolate chip cookies and one really flat loaf of bread.  I also binged my share of comfort television, Shchitt's Creek, Superstore, Below Deck and The Great British Bake-off.

I also did a trial membership to Stock Bar, the site for one of Canada's hottest male strip clubs.  The Montreal club was shut down for quite awhile, but they continued to keep their hottest strippers working by taking their shows on-line.  Although it was odd at first seeing the dancers giving it their all in an empty club, it didn't take away from how hot so many of the dancers, and the dances were.

That membership was well worth the money, and I plan on joining again.  The site not only broadcast full live shows,  there is an archive of videos featuring hundreds of videos of live performances going back to 2006.  I especially enjoyed checking out some of their holiday shows from the past.  They celebrated Christmas, Halloween and Canada Day well in the Montreal based club.

One of my favorite dancers in the archive was Chris (s).  It looks like Chris appeared in the club around 2018 or 2019.  Not only does he have an incredible body, he has a handsome face which reminded me a bit of Clark Kent.  This Clark certainly knew how to work the pole, and although there were a lot of hot men to enjoy, there was something extra hot about seeing this clean-cut Clark Kent looking guy working the pole.  Chris (s) identifies as straight, but that didn't have him shy away from some great duo dances, (and showers) with other male strippers from the club. 

I couldn't find out much about Chris (s) on-line, but that' ok.  Since he no longer works at Stock.  I did find the video above at  site called FeetareSweet. (HERE:) which gives you a good idea of what you'll see in his dances.  You can also check out a short performance I uploaded on SendSpace HERE:

Below: Getting Syruped on his Birthday!

If you want to see more of Chris (s) and the hundreds of other performances, you can check out the Stock Bar site via their Instagram HERE:  One note, like so many sites, when you join, there's an offer for a free 3 day membership to another site. UNCHECK that box.  Those little free offers are hard to unsubscribe for, and it's easier just to not click the box and enjoy the main site you came to enjoy1 

Actors & SKIN: Shawn Roberts in Going The Distance

'The Came, they saw, they came.'

'In order to prevent a recent high school graduate from getting engaged, two friends intervene by taking him on a cross-country road trip.'

National Lampoon's 2004's Going the Distance, featured Roberts first, and most boundary pushing nude scenes.  Surfers Tyler, (Roberts) and Dime decide to take their buddy Nick on a road trip of his life.  With only three days to make it to Toronto, and the MuchMusic Video awards, they head on their way. Nick was played by actor Christopher Jacot who like Roberts, appeared on Degrassi: The Next Generation.

Two sexy hitchhikers, Sasha and Jill, complicate matters and a series of accidents, orchestrated by a malevolent stranger, sabotage the trip turning Nick's future plans upside down.  One night, when out at a local bar, Tyler meets to female strangers who have plans on how they'd like to pleasure Tyler.  This includes tying him to a bed and introducing him to anal penetration with a large dildo.  Although initially shocked, Tyler seems to eventually ease into the new experience, and the new feeling.

Whatever you're doing back there, just... be careful because I bruise easy. 

What do you think, Claire? Should we use the baby carrot or the Excalibur? 

Oh, baby carrot. Baby carrot.

The scene is mixed in with other scenes within the film, but I included the main parts in the clip above.  Sadly, I could not for the live of me get the sound to work, but you'll get the idea.  Although you don't see much, it's a very hot scene.

The Morning After...

Shawn Roberts: Actors & SKIN

With his hot, buffed body, actor Shawn Roberts is required to take his shirt off for many of the roles and movies he's in.   Sadly, the times his pants come off have been far less.  But... given how beautifully beefy his butt is, it's always a reason to celebrate.  Roberts didn't have a nude scene in the 2006 gay dram A Shock to the System.  His chest however, was in the foreground when actor Joshua Dave Tynchuh, credited simply as Naked Jock 1, came out of the shower.

A Shock to the System (2006)

A gay detective tries to solve the murder of a college student.

Shock to the System caps via DC's Men of the Moment

A Frosty Affair (2015)

A rom-com about the adventures of a small town teacher, Kate Carter, going back to the city for her wedding. After a blizzard strikes, she is forced to travel with a stranger named Redford who leaves her questioning her future plans.

I don't know if it's the long hair, the snow, or the situation, but I find Shawn's frozen strip in A Frosty Affair one of his hottest scenes.   His character Redford seems to enjoy getting naked, even in the freezing cold, especially if it bothers and embarrasses the uptight Kate.

Dark Skies (2009)

A reclusive scientific prodigy and three college friends find themselves in the middle of a toxic storm, when an unscrupulous business deal rains terror down on an entire county.

Given Robert's character Kevin is living like a hermit in the woods, his sexuality wasn't really that much of an issue.  That was until three strangers show up when he's completely naked.  We soon learn that one of them, Andrew (PJ Prinsloo) is gay, and he and Kevin share a kiss before saving the day.  It was a nice surprise to see a gay romance rather quietly weaved into this action thriller.