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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 24th

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Thespian Torsos: Ace Young

If you'd like to join actor and singer Ace Young in the shower, Pooh (as in Winnie) might just give you a peak...   See for yourself on PAGE 2 HERE:

If the Sash Fits...

Check out more of Mister Chile, with, and without his sash,  

Just Jack!

I haven't really invested in Big Brother the last few seasons, but every year, there's one guy who has me thinking I should.  This year it's 28 year old Jack Matthews, who as you can see, has more than a subtle Jason Momoa vibe going for him. Given Momoa had so many of us lusting after Khal Drogo, a violent Warlord, his TV look-a-like may (will) have me DVRing this week's Big Brother premiere.

Matthews is what else, a fitness trainer, Big Brother seems to find a least one per season.  They need at least one guy to confidently rip off their shirt and make use of the weights they leave laying around the back yard.  In addition to lifting, Matthews also loves CrossFit, as well as photography and hanging with his dog Layla.  His lie's motto is Keep It Simple, which is fine by me. Daenerys Targaryen didn't need late night philosophical chats with Drogo, nor would you with the juicy Jack.

Fun Facts:
I can Snatch 275 Lbs. (Olympic Weightlifting jargon).
I can wiggle my ears.
I have pretty large hands for my height.
I like to sing. I think I’m good at it when I’m by myself.
I can walk on my hands for quite some time.

Confounding Paradoxes: Casey by Noplacia

' Jesus was great but he didn’t; have the internet…'

I've always felt the nexus between faith, with nudity and sexual expression has always been a warped one. We live in a world where a flash of Janet Jackson's nipple is more controversial than people, (usually women) being raped, beaten, murdered and tortured nightly on TV. Humans are so many things, our sexuality, being one of the most powerful. My faith has always been apart of how I express myself, but it's more about how I treat others, and the world around me. I've never felt faith in any ways as limiting healthy sexual expression. Is there really anything more natural, not to mention spiritual, than tearing off all of your clothes, and skinny dipping on a beautiful day. If there are limits, they're usually self imposed and probably about things other than faith.

One of my goals goals or missions with FH is to play a small part in helping to normalize the naked male form. It is one of the reason I strive to feature so many diverse men focusing on both their beautiful bodies, and their stories. Even today, there are remain stereotypes, and notions about people who choose to pose, or live any part of their public life, without clothes. One of the ways to destigmatize the male body is to understand what motivated the them to strip down and step in front of the camera.

When Gary Larson (Noplacia Photography) first sent me on his work with model Casey Shimata I loved the selection of images he sent on. Casey and Gary did their first shoot back in 2012 and have tried to get together each year since to shoot. You can see from the progression of the shots, the changes in Casey's body, face and look. I think it's especially fascinating, and incredibly beautiful, to all see the impact of Casey's life experiences over the years, expressed through his eyes. Our eyes hide nothing, and hold the memories of everything they've witnessed in the past.

'I love following up with models and doing shoots over a span of years, especially with a model like Casey. You get to see different stages of age in the person; meanwhile, the personality and way they move remains the same. Casey has such a lively personality it is amazing that he will sit still for a shoot. He is one of the few models I have worked with that have all four of the characteristics I look for in models. He's patient with the process, he's capable of doing highly athletic poses, is fun to be around, and is super attractive.'

If you read the quote I used from Casey at the top of the piece, and my introduction, you'll know there is more to the story than Gary and Casey's yearly shoots and Casey's changing looks. The story actually begins just before he first connected with Gary. It was also before he first posed nude. The way in which Casey has harmonised his faith, along with his passion for modeling, isn't just about himself, Casey became a man on a mission, a mission to change some of the unhealthy thoughts and judgements, ingrained in so many about sexuality and the naked male form. I enjoyed reading Casey's story, and learning about his journey, I think many of you will as well.

'In 2012 I finished serving a religious mission for the Mormon church. I was attending college for a psychology degree and working as a mentor for kids with disabilities. I love helping people and understanding them hence I was a missionary and Graduated in psychology. However, I always felt that influencing the world to be a more loving and productive place was a short sold pursuit as a single therapist. It is like teaching one man to fish at a time.. Jesus was great but he didn’t; have the internet…'

I became a media artist because I saw how much media can influence a global culture to quickly evolve into something else. Typically it influences damaging mentalities but occasionally you get someone noble in a position of such power and frankly responsibility. I wanted and want to show people that talent and aesthetic should be coupled with egalitarian love and a work ethic to turn around and lift the world up with you.'

'I am so grateful to Gary for being my first photographer back when I had no idea how to pose and work with the angles and lighting to accent the body shadowing and keep the chin at the right level. From shooting with Gary I began to get offers all over Southern California which allowed me to make the move to where I needed to be. Eventually I broke into film and stunt work as well and have had a few minor roles there.'

'My decision to to artistic nude modeling was not difficult for me. I would really like the entire world to have a more logical perspective about nudity, sexuality, etc to actually fix the sickness we have around all of it that hurts us and contributes to emotional and interpersonal hardships. My bishop however disagreed and told me that it was considered pornographic to do nude modeling and that I would lose my temple card. I felt that it was not an issue and having studied the religion and many other religions to try to prove it all correct I had already amassed a great deal of reasons why it was all incorrect, full of fail safes and confounding paradoxes.'

'Over the years Gary and I have worked out this goal to do an annual shoot together where we can see the progress over the years. When I started I was quite baby faced and some of my poses seem to be a bit stiff. As the years have gone by I have loosened up a bit, acquired a tattoo inspired by Hedwig’s origin of love story, I’ve gained a bit and lost a bit of muscle mass, changed up the jewelry, and have a seemingly permanent beard :p. Working with Gary over the years has always been so much fun. We went rock climbing where I repelled myself down a cliff to get some cool shots. We shot out on an island in the salt lake, out by a river on some mossy slimy patches, and he even did my wedding photo shoot!! The elements are never a big deal for me. I love the outdoors and have spent time doing semi-survivalist camping. It is also pretty funny shooting nude and having people walk by and gawk as I act all nonchalant hahaha.'

'Currently, I am a full stack web developer doing mobile app development. I recently returned from a year in Thailand where I trained in martial arts for 5 hours per day, practiced my parkour and tricking, and took guitar and voice lessons. I hope to keep working in the media world preferably something with stunts and to keep on developing and seeking funding to build a mobile app to help bring the world more self love, personal development, and admiration for one another.'

Favorite Pic of the Day for June 23rd


Happy Birthday today June 23rd

Happy 39th to Steve Sandvoss!

The above image remains a classic! Steve, who now goes by Max Sandvoss, left acting in 2013 and now manages a farm along side his brother.

Check out more of Steve on FH HERE:
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Into The Wild

Very sad to report for those who were not aware that Austin Wild recently went into the wild, the wild hereafter. I first spotted those beautiful eyes of his on Model Mayhem (in the image above) back  in 2013, and got in touch about a feature. I wasn't the only one to notice the magic. Austin was soon in front of Gordon Nebeker's lens for a series of shoots over the next few years,, many of which I had the privilege to feature on FH. (HERE:) Austin lived a far too short life, but he did live a large one.  A life full of everything we all crave and desirel;  love, lust, risk, travel and adventure,  R.I.P Mr. Wild.

Ace Young: Back Stage

Although there are some American Idol alums who have arguably reached higher levels of fame, Season five runner up Ace Young has been definitely one of the busiest.  In addition to marrying Season 3 runner up Diana DeGarmo, and releasing an album of his own and acting as the celebrity Ambassador for the Muscular Dystrophy Association,  Ace has spent most of his time on stage performing in some of Broadway's most popular musicals. 


Young made his Broadway debut as Kenickie in the revival of Grease on September 9, 2008. and then succeeded the wonderful Will SSwenson in the role of Berger in the Broadway revival of Hair.   Ace went on to appear in the National tour of Joseph and The Technicolor Dreamcoat and just finished up a run in Elton John & Tim Rice’s AIDA.  Next up, Ace and wife Diana DeGramo are set to lead the first national tour of the musical First Date.

I don't know about First Date, but I do know that many of Ace's stage roles have been ones that took advantage of his beautifully sculpted, and beautifully hairy torso.  The Situation (below) may be tight, but I'll for me, it's Aces's all the way!

Recently, Ace flashed a wee bit more than just his delicious chest in an Instagram story.  Although Pooh is annoyingly in the way,  the fuzzy bear does ensure we at least get a little peek!


Joseph And The Technicolor Dreamcoat

Cristobal Alvarez Leiva: Mister Chile

A few years ago, I dove into the world of International Male Beauty contests for a piece I wanted to write on FH. I found some interesting forums, but eventually put it on hold. A few weeks ago, while purging the bookmarks on my laptop, (as one must from time to time...) I came upon an image of Chilean model Cristobal Alvarez Leiva that I had saved, and didn't want to pass up featuring some of my favorite images.

Back in 2014, the commercial engineering student entered and won the title of Mister Chile. Cristobal was due to enter the Mister International contest, but dropped out due to the contests successive date changes. In March 2015 Cristobal, along with 20 other representatives, did participate in the second edition of Mister Global , held in Bangkok where he was among the thirteen finalists.  .

Cristobal did go on to earn his sash, winning the Mister Real Universe contest in Guayaquil, Ecuador, which took place the following October 2015. The then 25 year old, became the first Chilean to win the title. As you can easily see why by checking out some of these shots, some of my favorites from his port.

Cristobal by René De La Cruz

Cristobal by Miguel Leone