Monday, November 2, 2009

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 3rd

Love this shot of model Jayden Michaels. Photographer Athen Grey Imaging captures a great moment with the use of light and shadow from the window. Beautiful.

Easy to Assemble: The Series - Created By: Illeana Douglas

A couple of months ago I wrote a review of 'Totally Confused' a movie I very much related to and enjoyed written and directed by Greg Pritikin. In keeping up with Greg's projects I came across Easy To Assemble' the web series he directs which is created and written by the wonderful Illeana Douglas. I have been a fan (one of the two...) of Illeanna's since seeing her early work in 'Cape Fear', 'Jungle Fever' and her superb turn in 'To Die For'. Illeanna and Greg had previous worked together on 'Dummy' (2002) and I was excited to give 'Easy To Assemble' a go.

'Easy To Assemble' is hard to to describe to the non viewer. It reminds me somewhat of a reality show (think The Comeback), as well as a documentary. It also somehow reminds me of some of my favorite British comedies.

Above: Illeana Douglas

Illeana Douglas is tired of show business. 'It was fun to be famous when no one was famous....Now everyone is famous'. Illeana tries to leave the business and takes a job at Ikea. Seems there is a market in finding work for actors tired of the business. In one of best installments in the first season, a group gets together in a support group for actors who have left the business and who are working in places like Ikea and supermarkets.

Actors have many more choices today than in the past. When a tv star in the 70's could not get a show they had 'The Love Boat' and 'Battle of The Network Stars' to fall back on. Today they have reality shows and the Internet. Illeana blends many truths about celebrity within her stories. There are so many interesting points in 'Easy'. So many great ones that 'Easy' could easily fill up much more time.

Above: Justine Bateman.

I really am enjoying 'Easy To Assemble' and I recommend you giving it a shot! I would only watch one or two installments a day though as I found I was missing many good things by watching too many at once. Now that I am caught up I can watch them as they air each week. Although many are close to 10 minutes long, some were quite short around the 2 minute mark. Some, like Illeana's wonderful dream dance in Ikea could have used a bit more time.

The show boasts the best of the best of character actors. Jane Lynch, so hot now in 'Glee' pops up for a few episodes along with Justine Bateman, Robert Mailhouse, Cheri Oteri, Greg Proops, Tom Arnold, Ricki Lake and Jeff Goldblum to name just a few.

It is somewhat surprising to me how the Ikea company has supported the show. Maybe they have not quite gotten the metaphor of Ikea within the story and in Illeana's writing. Maybe that is just as well. Ikea is to furniture what 'Big Brother' is to prime time drama. Unoriginal, cheap and easy to produce.

'Easy To Assemble' has many ways to watch it's episodes. I am linking HERE to the main site but I found the easiest was viewing via Youtube. You can also check out the great 'Easy' Facebook site HERE: The show has a ton of sites and blogs to accompany your viewing including Justine Bateman's 40 & Bitter Blog.

'The level of celebrity can be measured by how active your stalker is.'

Male Model Of The Day: Anthony Baldwin

Anthony Baldwin with Nous Model Mangament has been modeling for awhile now, but the past few months have he has blasted to the top with some stand out work with Cyprien Leym, Tony Duran, Doug Inglish and of course Bruce Weber.


Height: 6'0"
Suit: 40"
Sleeve: 32"
Waist: 30"
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde
Shoes: 12

Next two shots by Bruce Weber.

Next three shots by Doug Inglish.

Below: Anthony by Jeff Slater.

Below Anthony by Tony Duran.

Last shot by the amazing Cyprien Leym.

Favorite Pic of the Day for November 2nd

Another shot of Radoslav Vanko from DNA.

Happy Birthday today November 2nd to:

Happy Birthday today November 2nd to:

Daniel Cipriani turns 22 today.

Randy Harrison turns 32 today.

Actor Sean Kanan turns 43 today.