Saturday, December 3, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 3rd

Mihai Marinescu by Dave Ouano
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Have You.....

Gotten Naked Yet?

NAKED by Dylan Rosser from Dylan Rosser on Vimeo.

Dressed in Snow

I can't really imagine living anywhere that did not have four seasons. I know that when you have both bitter cold and scorching heat within a 5 or 6 month period that complaining about the weather becomes habitual. There is an energy to each season that I both look forward to arriving and can't wait for to leave.

Winter officially begins for most of us on the 21st but for me, it hit big and hit hard last week. Snow is really the best clothing a planet can wear. It makes crappy houses look warm, uncared for lawns and gardens look as incredible as those that have had every weed plucked and every chemical to green applied on them. It covers lost keys, dog shit and every other flaw of the land. It creates almost a more level playing field for the rich and the poor, the fat and the skinny that summer cannot.

Now I have had my hell moments in the snow as well. Driving in a blizzard can be frightening but most who have problems with the snow do so because they try to ignore it, pretend it does not stop everything and plow through like it is still spring. The trick to snow is to understand it's power and when it comes, drop everything your doing, stay where you are and let it have it's way with you until it's done.

The 12 Days Of Voting!

There are just 12 days left to get your entry in for Model Search 2012!

If you haven't already, Marlen Boro has been posting selected entries at Male Boudoir Photography on Facebook! You can check out the entries and also 'like' the model you want to win the Wild Card prize (direct entry into the final round of voting).

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Marco Alexandros by Dave Ouano

20 year Marco Alexandros is certainly more than his appearance, Marco describes himself as very versatile, energetic, fun, alive, and smiley. His passions include the creative, modeling and acting, as well as a passion for traveling. Marco has Argentina, Brazil and Japan on his destination list to visit in the next couple of years.

Another of Marco's passions, and one photographer Dave Ouano incorporated within their recent shoot, is sports. Marco says he is always pushing his limits in all aspects of his life whether it be athletics or modeling. Marco says he has been a athlete all his life and it is clear he would not have the body he has without hard work and discipline.

In my previous profile of Dave's work, (Eric Anderson by Dave Ouano) I wrote about Dave's focus on movement. While many photographers focus on a moment, one of the thing I love so much about Dave's work is his skill at capturing moments of motion. This creates an energy in Dave's work that is not only seen but felt.

Check out more of Dave's work on ModelMayhem and his official site HERE:

Also look out for Dave's fashion photography in the December issue of Akira Magazine and the January issue of Fashion Chicago Magazine!

'My inspiration for most of the movement/jumping captures is the classic "fallen angel" image, or the beauty of the human form separating from Earth, even for just a brief moment.'