Sunday, September 25, 2011

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 25th

Beautiful shot of french model kenbie82

Happy Birthday today September 25th

Above: Chris Austad by Greg Vaughan

Check out more of Chris HERE: and fellow birthday boys Will Smith, Matt Battaglia, Hal Sparks and Mark Hamill & even more birthdays HERE:

Angus Malcolm presents Blue September

Some of the most exquisite images I have had the pleasure of sharing on FH have come from photographer Angus Malcolm. (Angus Malcolm on FH) Angus spent much of last year working and showing in Australia, but is now back in the UK working on his third calendar for University of Warwick Boat Club. Angus also tells me this years calendar is coming with a much anticipated video.

One of Angus' latest projects has been shooting for Blue September. The Blue September campaign is to educate men to become more aware of what they need to know about cancer. Angus used members of the Warwick rowing team in the campaign and featured model Chris was an inspiration due to his own battle with cancer.

'Chris is living proof that you can come out the other side looking and feeling great'

Premiere Week

I was away from Tuesday to Friday and missed out on watching pretty much anything on television's biggest week. But... thanks to a rainy Saturday and my DVR I made up for it and caught up with most of what I recorded.


Tuesday's season premiere was promising, the writing was crisp (best line of the week; I can't work with Her!) and the hour more character driven as the writers promised. Except for Darren Criss (whose red pants and Tom Jones moves almost had me forget Chord for a moment) the musical numbers were rather lack luster. I HATE Kurt and Rachel duets but for some reason the show seems determined to make these two besties. Ryan Murphy promised Mike, Artie, Tina and Mercedes would be given more attention this season and although I think this is going to happen, it was not evident in the episode.

Modern Family
The X Factor

I did record, but have yet to watch this weeks Modern Family. The show is on a high after it's well deserved sweep at last Sunday's EMMY'S. All of the attention seems to have gone to co-creator Steve Levitan's head as he took to twitter on Thursday to celebrate the shows rating win over The X Factor by saying; "It's extremely gratifying that a scripted comedy finally beat an over-hyped karaoke contest."

Although I understand his feelings, I think he might regret this at some point. Although the premiere episodes of The X Factor were nothing spectacular it would be a mistake to count the show out just yet. Idol continues to dominate the ratings and although there are far to many singing comps on tv I have a feeling The X Factor's slow start does not mean it won't be dominating the ratings once the audition phase is over. Besides the attributes of host Steve Jones, the formula has dragged in millions everywhere else it has aired. Like pretty much everyone else who has written about the show I agree it's desperation to have that 'Susan Boyle' moment is far to obvious and so clearly manipulative. Also, get Cheryl Cole back! If I do turn off this show it will most likely be because Nicole Scherzinger is about as appealing as moldy cheese.

Grey's Anatomy

When the season finale of Grey's Anatomy aired last spring I was pretty much worn out from what was my favorite television drama. The cast became so huge (do we really need any of those new interns...) that the core characters I loved (Meredith, Christina and Alex) seemed lost in the sea of new faces. The show seemed stale and the writing repetitive and tired. I DVR'd the season premiere, thinking I would watch the two hours in about twenty minutes, but surprise surprise the show hooked me back in. The show promises to focus on the core characters this season which I hope they do. I would still quickly give Teddy, Mark, Jackson and April the boot. Whatever purpose they once served is over.

A Gifted Man

I love almost anything Patrick Wilson does (Little Children being my favorite PW film) but had very little hope for A Gifted Man. In reading about the show the theme seemed tired and the Friday night time slot seemed to indicate doom. But... the cast is so winning (including a standout performance by recent Emmy winner Margo Martindale)and the execution so flawless A Gifted Man ended up being my favorite hour of television of the week.

The Big Bangs Theory: Kyle MacLachlan in Showgirls

For those of you who have somehow missed out on the Showgirls experience, wait no longer. After a long, draining week I plunked in my DVD (which I ordered from Amazon but had yet to take out of the plastic) late last night.

The 1995 Paul Verhoeven film features a mostly naked Elizabeth Berkley, a mostly topless Gina Gershon and a briefly naked Kyle MacLachlan. The film has the distinction of being one of those films considered so bad it is actually quite great. You know a film is great when the thrusting of an ex Saved By The Bell actress can turn the gay men who hold Showgirl viewing parties. I had not seen the film in about 10 years and it was just as good/bad as I remember. The film also has DWTS Carrie Ann Inaba as a back up dancer, actor Alan Rachins and his ice cubes and MacLachlan's oddly terrifying big bangs.

Doesn't everyone pour champagne on their nipples when swimming late at night...