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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 24th

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Happy Birthday today October 24th

Happy 31st to actor Tim Pocock!

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The Bottom Line

Ten: FaVorites, Andrew Bowman

Since first featuring his work with Lee Mayson back in 2012, Oxford's Andrew Bowman has been one of my favorite photographers to feature. Andrew beautifully captures both the personalities, while highlighting the physical features in the model's he shoots. Whether they're holding a bouquet of flowers, a snowball, chain, piece of sports equipment, or their own equipment...  Andrew Bowman never flinches when focusing his lens on the sexual appeal of the male form.


I love the color, props and fashion Andrew weaves within his work. Each model he shoots benefits from Andrew's creative touch to generate unique images for the portfolios. Andrew's FH pieces have been incredibly popular, especially Strapping. Andrew's images of Josh are on the most clicked on piece on the site.


Andrew Bowman on FH:



Ten: Gordon Nebeker, Hat-Trick

The image above of model Ajuna Montano was the image that first had me reaching out to photographer Gordon Nebeker. The shot in so many ways, visually says everything about why I love Gordon's work. I initially struggled to get in contact with Gordon. I didn't have a Model Mayhem account and couldn't find an e-mail address. I tried my usual methods of communication, but hit a brick wall. Fortunately, a few months later while I was working on another piece, the model involved sent on some images from Gordon. I grabbed the opportunity, and had the model connect me directly with Gordon.

Since that first contact back in 2011, Gordon's work has appeared on FH close to 75 times including features, and POTD's. In addition to Ajuna, and the dozens of other models that Gordon has shared, his yearly group trips to Utah have been a highlight for readers, and something I really look forward to seeing and featuring each year.

Although I have many favorite images and models from Gordon, there are three models in particular, I wanted to revisit. Will, Austin and Mr. Herzog have each made multiple appearances on FH, and I hope to continue to share their stories, and their work in the future.  Thanks to Gordon, who dug into his archives, the images below are shots not previously featured on the site.


The Utah shoots are always some of my favorites to piece together, but they can also be the most challenging. With three different photographers, (and one year four) it takes time to gather images, stories and comments from the shoot. I always worry that if I simply just posted 20 or 30 images from the shoot, the individual brilliance from each photographer, the talent and beauty of each model, and the incredible scenery and locations would be lost.

But... I am at times, an impatient person. Usually I get some teasers from Gordon, Mark and Mike from the shoot. This usually stimulates me thinking about how to put together the feature. Last year in particular, I loved the three models that were brought together, and was anxious to get started. During the process of putting together the Utah shoot, Gordon, feeling my pain, shared some earlier work he had done with Will, one of the three models from the Utah shoot. Will's features last fall were a delicious appetizer to the what was coming the following month.

Will on FH:


I first featured in Austin Wild in a piece back in 2014. (Wild About Austin) Austin had such a great look, tall, sexy, not to mention his sultry gaze and beautiful brown eyes. Austin has an sexy, elegant look that looks stunning both in and out of clothing. Gordon had the same reaction, and seeing that Austin was in Miami, got in touch with him about a shoot. Thanks to Gordon and Austin's generosity, I, and readers of FH, have been able to share in, and enjoy the results, each time Austin and Gordon have worked together.

Austin on FH:

-Mr Herzog-

I loved Gordon's images of Mr. Herzog right away. I loved them even more after interviewing Mr. Herzog, and hearing his story. After leaving the military and returning the States, Mr. Herzog was modeling as part of his journey to transition back to civilian life and be there for his new family. If that wasn't enough, Mr. Herzog climbing naked up a step ladder to top a tree for a Christmas themed FH piece.... sealed the deal!

Mr. Herzog on FH: