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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 31st

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Happy Birthday today March 31st

Happy 50th to actor William McNamara!

William was a part of many movies that I loved growing up. Three of my favorites were Stealing Home, Doing Time on Maple Drive and the underrated psychological thriller CopyCat. William is still a busy actor with close to a half dozen movies due for release over the next year. Check out more of William on FH HERE: & HERE:

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McNamara with Jodie Foster in Stealing Home, 1988

Not my favorite movie of William's, but with his nude scene, 1994's Chasers has become one of his most memorable.

Careers To Consider

Although I love little Max (Wild Things) on big Max's (Emerson) hip, covering it over with make-up wouldn't be the most gruelling of tasks...

A Johannesburg Jaunt: Kyros by AANE Photography

'I needed to maintain my status on Delta, so I booked the longest flight possible to keep my Diamond status. That took me to Johannesburg, South Africa.'
Mike (AANE Photography)

Since first joining Mike ( AANE Photography) on a trip to St. Louis this past February, (A Meeting In St. Louis) I have been hoping to tag along on another adventure. Mike's passion for photographing the the male form has led him to many different destinations in both the US and abroad., with Mike's hotel room often doubling as a studio's for his work while on the road.

When I went back to Mike's port to look for another shoot to feature, I was captivated by his images of 21 year old Kyros. Kyros has an incredible face, great lips and nose and hypnotizing blue eyes the pull in the viewer. Kyros looks especially strong when photographed in silhouette. Mike made sure to take full advantage of this by capturing many strong body and portrait profile shots.

It was rather serendipitous that Mike would end up shooting Kyros as tall. Mike travels for business, which provides him many opportunities to work with models from various locations. Mike needed to maintain his status with Delta, so I teased in the opening quote, he ended up booking the longest flight possible in order keep his Diamond status. This is why Mike ended up in Johannesburg, South Africa. Once there, Mike put out his usual casting call and the one and only model to answer his ad was Kyros. This was not only Mike's first international shoot, it was also the first time shooting a model wearing little more than the underwear he brought with him.

Most of Mike's communication about the shoot was not directly with Kyros but with through photographer and agent Coded Grafix Media Haus who accompanied Kyros to the shoot. Coded Grafix Media Haus has shot Kyros himself, (and has a great shot of Kyros on his MM page) and is assisting him with his career. Although Mike says he would describe Kyros as shy, the shoot went smoothly and Mike was thrilled with the results and describes Kyros as one of the sexiest models he has had the opportunity to shoot.

The shyness Mike's describes might one of the reasons I love Kyros images so much. There is a quiet beauty that shines through those beautiful blue eyes. There is little ego or attitude, just a focus and concentration on the images and the work. Kyros has a distinctive look that photographs beautiful and exudes a elegant and entrancing vibe that is especially appealing. I love Kyros' enticing gaze, whether his blue eyes are looking straight at the camera, or off to the side.

Big Brother: North Of The Border

For those blog readers in Canada, and those in the US who are able to find a way to watch, it's Big Brother Canada time again. During the last couple of years, the Canadian edition of the show has been far more enjoyable than it's US counterpart. Although the host is no Julie Chen, the producers north of the border know how to keep things moving at a much fast pace, not letting the host guests just lay around and relax.

Big Brother Canada has also had it's share of hot male house guests from season 1's delicious farm boy Emmett (I also love Peter) to Jon and Kenny from last years second season. This years guys are a mixed bag and although I have not watched enough yet to give a final opinion, here are some of my initial thoughts.


Bobby didn't do it for me at first, but when he became the first house guest this year to take it off on camera, his incredible body cannot be ignored!


Johnny is openly gay and although came out the of the gate swinging, he has calmed down and proving to be far more interesting than I would have thought after forming my initial impression.


Now Kevin is one to watch. Smart, cunning and incredibly hot. Although he and Johnny are not nearly as 'loud' of last years Zankie on the US version, his welcoming of Johnny's crush has been interesting to observe.

Kevin opening up to/for Johnny (and the camera)


Ok, call me shallow but tall, lean and adorable Zach Oleynik is my favorite so far. He is destined to disappoint in the coming weeks but for now I will enjoy the eye candy. Interesting that since BBCanada is filmed in the winter and early spring, it is still too cold to be outside shirtless. The show solved this with an indoor outdoor area and encourage (force) the hot men in the house to leave their shirts at the door. Zach has already complained about freezing his nips off being forced to be shirtless for many takes by the producers.

Zach kissing Sindy and I think Kevin in a BB game of Truth or Dare

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Favorite Pic of the Day for March 29th

Thoughts Of Summer by Mike Tossy
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Happy Birthday today March 29th

Happy 58th to actor Christopher Lambert!

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Below: Lambert with Andie MacDowell in Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes (1984)

Derek Theler in Shark Killer

Last month, while profiling Baby Daddy actor Derek Theler, (Favorite Television Hunk) I posted a couple of caps from the trailer for Derek's new movie Shark Killer. The flick hit cable this week so thought I would make a few caps from the film. Sadly, Derek shows just a crack more than he did in the trailer, but thought some might enjoy the clip.