Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 12th

See more of Bodo below!

Favorite Birthday Boys for today October 12th

Happy Birthday today October 12th to:

I just love the look of Gabriel Canella, a Brazilian model and actor. Gabriel turns 28 today. You can see Gabriel's profile at Elite Model Brasil found HERE:

Yeah, the pics are not new, but who cares. Hugh Jackman is one of my favorite performers for so many reasons. Happy 43rd Hugh!

Below: Hugh in 'Wolverine'

Happy Birthday Also Today October 12th to:

Happy Birthday also today to:

Model Nicholas Cobb turns 26 today.

Rugby's Yannick Larguet turns 30 today.

Kirk Cameron turns 40 today.

OMG Nicholas is 42!!!! Happy Birthday Adam Rich.

Beautiful Cuban actor Francisco Gattorno turns 46 today.

Bodo for ManHunt International

Motivated and determined, Bodo (Bo) is currently getting ready to compete in the 2010edition of Manhunt International which will take place from 10th to 22nd November in Taichung, Taiwan. The World Finals will be held on the 20th November 2010 where Moumen El Maghraoury, the 2008 winner, also from Mount Productions will be handing over the title.

Bo has recently completed a degree in Sports Science and he is currently focused on his modeling career. He has worked with a selection of photographers in Gibraltar, the United Kingdom, Spain and Portugal and he is about to begin working on a series of editorial shoots in Europe and America.

Last year he was also Gibraltar’s representative at Best Model of the World which was held in Bulgaria and as a result of his experiences there now feels very well prepared to take on the challenge of competing for a top world title.

Bodo speaks English, Romanian and Spanish and his charm, professionalism and easy going nature make him a pleasure to work with.

You can vote for Bodo on HERE: if you want to make sure he makes it to the top 15 candidates!

Images courtesy of Mount Photography and Raw Image.

Just Because: Mark Ballas

Every time Tom Bergeron or Brooke Burke (beautiful woman, horrible host) say 'Teen Activist' to introduce Bristol Palin I laugh. I also know however that means I am going to get my weekly Mark Ballas fix. Ballas did not disappoint last night.

I am now officially out of the Dancing With The Stars closet. Honestly I looked down on DWTS watchers in the past, seemed like a colossal waste of time. But then, last season the accident that is Kate Gossilin had me tune in. Watching her dance was about on par with the Elaine dancing episode of Seinfeld. I usually try to do some work related task when I watch (last night I painted kitchen cupboards...takes away the guilt), but I don't regret at all catching the oh so adorable Ballas!

Thanks to IronMan for the caps!

The Guilty Pleasure that is ORCA

I hate most of today's movies. Action movies in particular for the most part bore me to tears. Put a gun in someones hand and add some car chases and usually that is enough of a reason for me to skip your flick. I do however love action movies if the action involves animals. One of my all time favorite movies to watch is Jaws. I love Jurassic Park, Cujo, The Birds even Grizzly. I even loved the HORRIBLE 1998 version of Godzilla with Matthew Broderick. Although I love King Kong I was disappointed in Peter Jackson's version. The Jessica Lange version though bad in some ways was much more enjoyable and had a far deeper emotional punch. Jackson's version was heavy on effect missing out on the movie's key theme.

All of this leads me to Orca. The 1977 flick holds a bit of an emotional connection to me. I remember back in the mid eighties (back when they still had late night movies on network tv), staying up late with a cute baby sitter who allowed me to stay up and watch Orca with her. My parents arrived home before the movie ended but I got to watch long enough to be deeply effected by the beasts pain and tale of revenge.

Last weekend I saw an old VHS copy at one of the local used book/video stores near my home. I had not seen or thought of the movie in years but thought it was time I finished what I started long ago as a kid. The movie was pretty bad, took so many liberties with Orca behavior and some lines were cringe worthy. It was also freakin FANTASTIC! Newfoundland makes a wonderful background. Richard Harris is immensely talented so watchable and Peter Hooten reminds me of James Tupper (currently on Grey's Anatomy). Charlotte Rampling is such a 'movie star' and Bo Derek, in her first role actually keeps her clothes on the entire flick! Can I say I loved Orca, no. Can I say it was great cinema, nah. But it was one of the most enjoyable movies I have seen in awhile. It was nice to finish a memory which started 25 years ago.