Thursday, December 15, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 16th

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Happy Birthday today December 16th

Actor and former model Jack Krizmanich is known to many of you for his roles on 'Passions' and 'Wicked Wicked Games' turns 38 today. Check out more of today's birthday boys HERE:

Below: Jack in 'Shadowboxer' (2005)

The Bottom Line

Just getting a bit of fresh air, chatting with a buddy on the court yard back deck.

Christmas Countdown: Lights in the Window by Richard Rothstein

'Who says you need a Christmas Tree?'

There is something I think many of us do every Christmas. Once the tree is up, we turn off the room light, turn on the tree lights, sit down and squint while looking at the Christmas tree lights. There is a magic in those lights, not matter whether just white lights, or a string of colors. The squint creates magic, a magic that only Christmas, and all that it was for us as children could inspire.

Lighting, and lights are of course central to every photo and photographer. Richard Rothstein is one of the best With Richard's images of model and personal trainer Tony Ferrari, every small Christmas tree light, accentuates every curve, muscle and body part of Tony's. Although I wouldn't normally suggest a viewer squint, while enjoying an artist's image.... if you enlarge any of the images of Richard's of Tony, and squint just a little....magic!

Devon by studio MG photography

'Devon somewhat nervously pealed off his clothes and walked across the room. There was a pipe hanging from the broken sprinklers that he took hold of, stretched, and struck a pose. Here was this beautiful youth I'd just met, with long lean lines, deep blue eyes and smooth honey colored skin. I started shooting.'

Earlier this week, I featured some of studio MG photography's Christmas shots from 2010. Today, I feature images of Devon, the focus of Mark's most recent project and book. When Mark recently shot me a few idea's for our next story, it was his shots of Devon that drew my eye, and my attention. The 6' 2" California blonde model has that exudes a bad boy edge, that is incredibly hot.

At the same time, over the course of the last few years, and their seven shoots together you can sense a beautiful sense of sexual freedom and maturity all magnificently captured by Mark. Although most of the images here display Devon's sensual, and serious side, Devon also has a devilishly sexy and flirtatious smile, especially in the shots which feature other models.

'To introduce Devon, I need to go back 5 years, to when he was just 19. Around that time the leading publisher of male art books put out a call for submissions. They were creating a new anthology photo book to be titled, 'Kissed: Sexuality in Gay Art'. I had an image or two from past shoots I thought they might be interested in, but I really needed more content if I was to have a real shot at having something selected for inclusion.'

'One of my photo muses, Jason, liked the idea of getting into the book himself, proposing a duo shoot with a cute kid he knew, (and had a little history with) Devon. He showed me a couple of images on his cell phone, I quickly agreed. I don't know how Jason pitched the shoot, but Devon was game for trying. With the submission deadline looming the three of us met to shoot almost immediately. Not only would this be Devon's first shoot with another guy, but also his first nude shoot. We started with solos of Devon so he could get used to being in front of the camera. Jason immediately took on the role of mentor, instigator, inspiration (and troublemaker).'

'Spanning 5 years, Devon lovingly illustrates the transformation of a sexy 19 year old into a striking male model. Devon is the rare model that I actually encouraged to bring clothes to a shoot. Devon always arrived with a car full of new clothes - more than we could possibly use, yet.... he always ended up naked at some point.'

'Encompassing 7 photo shoots, including three duo shoots, with two different co-stars, this book contains explicit content not for the faint of heart! Bring this blonde California model home to your bookshelves!'

Devon and Jason

'5 years after our first shoot Devon sporting a stockier physique and a more serious attitude, not to mention a wild new hairstyle. I invited him to a shoot I already had scheduled with Andrew. What started out as two parallel solo shoots gradually morphed into a duo shoot as the day progressed, not that he and Andrew seemed to mind in the least...'

Devon and Andrew