Tuesday, May 14, 2019

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 15th

Mike by Unlimited Male
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Lucas Pugliessa

Lucas Pugliessa and brothers Neto e Andrews headline the January 2008 issue of G Magazine.
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Neto e Andrews

When I first began FH, I did regular features on the men from the sizzling Brazilian G Magazine.  The magazine, which began in 1997, featured some of the hottest men on the planet in bold and incredibly hot videos and photo spreads.  Sadly the magazine, and the site, came to a close in 2013, but I thought, like many of my favorite magazines, needed a FH revival.

Ready or Cott

I have 12 episodes of Riverdale un-watched on my DVR, and with this Wednesday's seasonal finale, the total will be a lucky 13.  I loved the first season of the show, and really disliked the second.  The third began ok, but between Archie in prison, cults and monsters in the woods, I gladly switched over to Survivor, leaving Riverdale episodes to quickly pile up.

Kevin & Fangs (Drew Ray Tanner)

I know I could delete them, I can always watch them on Netflix, but I sort of like having them on there to pull up when I'm bored.  I also oddly like the commercials, I get an odd kick out of watching Christmas commercials in the middle of June.

Kevin and Archie (KJ Apa)

I'll watch during the summer, catch up before it begins again in the fall.  In part, because of my loyalty to the the promise the show had in season 1, and because of my love of actor Casey Cott as Kevin.   Kevin was sidelined most of season 2, with little to do.  When he was seen, he acted to me, out of character, and the relationships he had with the main characters was ignored for focus on the 'fab 4' and the silly plot over character driven stories.

I was sort of looking forward to the show exploring Kevin and Moose (Cody Kearsley ) as a couple, but the pairing was short lived.  On the plus side, I've read they may be playing with a Kevin and Fangs (Drew Ray Tanner) pairing which I also think has possibilities.   I did notice that Casey Cott (firmly in shirts on the show) posted one of his first shirtless shot recently on social media.

I think Casey is hot, with a great body, but KJ Apa, Charles Melton, Eli Goree and the Adonis filled male cast on the show, regularly whipping off their shirts, I don't blame Casey for wanting to keep his on.  I'ts hard to compete the with perfection of Apa's torso, but I think Casey more than holds his own.

Float like a Butterfly.... Mike by Unlimited Male

'Stung by a Bee...'

While the famous quote by Muhammad Ali references boxing, it can really apply to almost anything, or anyone... that uses beauty as a way to disarm.  It can be a beautiful person or a stunning object, anything at all, including Ali's dance, that draws the eye.  Beautiful things have the power to distract and pull our attention both for, and from a moment. For Ali, the butterfly floating was his nimble footwork, his perfectly timed dance, before going in for the attack his opponent.

Ali's quote didn't just happen to come to mind when viewing Jay's (Unlimited Male) images of the beautiful beguiling Mike. The connection was a logical one after Jay shared that during the shoot, Mike was stung on the arm by a bee during a shoot in a local park. Despite's Mike's obvious allure, and charm, the bee was on a mission, and wasn't distracted enough to prevent it going in for the sting.  I know if I were buzzing around Mike, his beautiful eyes, sexy lips and mouth would have had my stinger at attention.

Beautiful bodies have been distracting us forever, and their distraction can have both intensely pleasurable, as well as harmful and dangerous results.  Jay's shots of Mike out on the basketball court certainly reinforced this for me.  May is the month that where I live,  many guys begin tearing off their shirts when they're outside to feel the air on their bodies and soak in the heat from the sun.

It's also the time of year, people like me have to be careful, especially when driving.  This is especially true, when one of these shirtless hotties is walking, running, or playing basketball, within view of those of us behind the wheel....   There is a basketball court at the end of my street, and every time I head out, I have to stop at a stop sign right beside the court.  This stop sign has proved to be both a help and a hindrance.  It helps, as I thankfully have to naturally stop, giving me a moment to soak in the sights.  This prevents me from having to slow down, be too obvious, and possibly getting into a car accident....

As helpful as that stop sign has been, it's also from time to time been a hindrance, especially to those who happen to be driving behind me.  More than a few times, my stop beside that basketball court went on a wee bit too long.  This stalled stop, has frequently led to the person behind me, honking their horn, shaking me from my trance with both the noise, and their glare of annoyance, which I can see in the rear view mirror.

'I had some issues getting the shoot pinned down, but it was well worth the effort. Mike was really fun to work with. I drove down to where he was living at the time. We started shooting at a local park with a basketball court. (which is where he was stung on the arm by the bee)  Fortunately, it wasn't a sign of things to come and didn't do anything to hamper the shoot.  Mike has an innocent, almost boyish like quality to him that I tried my best to capture.I hope that someday maybe our paths will cross, because I would love to work with him again.'
Jay, Unlimited Male