Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 25th

Mardi by Chris Teel
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Happy Christmas Birthday to Gary Sandy whose birthday post can be found HERE:


For the first few years I was online it seemed the same old naked Santa shots were yanked out (like those ornament) each and every year. Thankfully things have changed! Talented artists light up FH with incredible imagery all year round but I want to especially thank all those who have provided so many great holiday themed images to the blog over the years. I know some find them cheesy and some photographers don't go near them, but... when done right, when done creatively, they like the holidays themselves, can be wonderful and bring much joy.

Home For The Holidays

Although you are reading this on Christmas Day, (hopefully if my auto pre-posting worked…) I am writing it on Sunday afternoon. I am heading to family tomorrow for most of the week and am trying to get a few days worth of posts up before I leave.

Recently I was talking with someone about the blog and it became even clearer that although photography and great images are an important source of inspiration for me, the main reason I continue with FH is as a creative outlet for my writing. Although I know most people pop into FH for the naked men, I still strive to write something even remotely meaningful now and then, especially at Christmas.

I was struck by last nights Saturday Night Live, not only because it one of the most enjoyable in years, but because the music video’s (Do it on my Twin Bed )hilarity in part came out of how spot on truthful it was. As you read this, I will have just spent two nights sleeping, or trying to sleep in my old single bed. I am pretty thin, but I am over 6ft tall and attempting manoeuvre the bed, especially if a niece, nephew or pet jumps in, can be a struggle.

My ‘old room’ isn’t actually my childhood room; my parents sold the house I grew up in when I was 17. I joined them briefly in their new home, but then was in and out mostly during summer break from University for much of my early twenties. I came back to live after graduation, but only for about 10 months until I moved out for good. That doesn’t mean the room doesn’t hold memories, it was the room I first had sex with a woman in, and the room I last had sex with a woman in (the same woman…). It was also the room whose four walls witnessed my official transformation into who I am today.

The room holds the desk that used to hide my Playgirls, underneath the bottom drawer. The closet that I used to hide my (self)…. alcohol and weed in. The floor than handled all my pacing before many big events. The bed is, and always was a bit uncomfortable, I never quite fit in it correctly but never really understood why until I moved out and got a bed of my own. As I look forward to a few days in that room, and in that bed.... I am struck by how lucky I am to be going home to a place that isn’t all together that comfortable, and a room that doesn’t fit who I now have become in my thirties.

I am not sure I could truly appreciate the home I have created for myself, the friends I have acquired and the life I have built without occasionally going back home to be reminded about what was. Those experiences helped form who I am today, the good, the bad and the wonderful. Although some of the memories are painful and most I don’t want to relive on a regular basis, my Christmas trips home help remind me why some of the shit I deal with in May, July and September is really not all that bad.

I hope you all have a Merry Christmas and wish you all just a few uncomfortable moments revisiting your past. They really can help you appreciate your present and ensure that they are not repeated too too many times in the future.

Thanks to Frisky Frolic for the images!

The Ghosts Of Christmas Past:

One of the blessings of Christmas is not just the present (s) but the ability to look back on the past. Being able to maintain even a small element of magic about the day is usually connected to our ability to remember the holiday from our childhood. Those days of running home on the last day of school before Christmas break, that fresh plastic smell from new toys under the tree, a fresh snow on Christmas morning, not being able to sleep the night before the old man's chimney visit. Since beginning FH in 2007, I have attempted to tap into this magic each December and have now have close to 70 Christmas and winter themed posts. If you have a few minutes over the next few days, please enjoy a little look back at the Ghosts of FH Christmas pasts.

Old School Christmas: Mardi by Chris Teel

Although winter only officially began on Saturday, those of us on the East coast know the snow, wind and ice began weeks ago. Sunday many were pelted with rain, snow, sleet and freezing rain. On the plus side, with the power out for several hours I finally got around to finish packing and wrapping gifts. Given I will also be away for a few days, (if the highway clears) I also finalized my Christmas Day posts for the blog.

Chris Teel was also without power for part of Sunday, Toronto was particularly hard hit by ice and freezing rain. Despite that, Chris was able to dig back into his archives and find this holiday themed shoot with Mardi. Chris's style has changed considerably in the close to five years since this shoot but I still really loved the joy, and sexiness captured in the shoot.

The look and feel of ornaments and decorations has certainly changed over the years. Glass has mostly morphed into plastic, candles are now mini lights, and quality, well made decorations are now built cheaply, made to turf and replace each year. The themes thankfully remain the same. Santa's and candy canes, Angels and lights and of course lots and lots of glitter! Beneath all the glitter however, when the Santa Suit is peeled off and the wings are removed sexy thankfully remains beautifully consistent!