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Favorite Pic of the Day for October 13th

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Seasonal Sightings

Just Because: Tyler Cameron

Who Dat?

Count me in the group who wasn't thrilled to hear Kim Kardashian was hosting Saturday Night Live.  I am not a fan of her, her shows or her brand.  I also have to be counted in with the group who thought the show pulled it off.  I was a good episode, for me, not really because of her, but in spite of her.

Kim was pretty wooden in most of her sketches, but I have to give her credit for allowing the writers to go for it when it came to making fun of her and her family.  It's clear that many SNL hosts, don't give the writers the same leeway.  This led to Kim's monologue, as well as several sketches, focused on mocking her public image.  

One of my favorite sketches of the night was the Bachelorette sketch.  An all star line-up appeared as suitors including Chris Rock, Jesse Williams, John Cena and even Amy Schumer.  There was one guy who stood out to me, someone I hadn't seen or recognized before.  As soon as Kim said Tyler C, I had to google him.

Having never watched the Bachelor or Bachelorette, I hadn't seen reality contestant and model Tyler Cameron on the show.  I have to say, as hot as he looks in images, he was even more attractive in the sketch.  Or course I had to assemble some of my favorite shots of Tyler to share on the site.

Cameron by Rick Day

Cameron by Taylor Miller

Horror Hunks: Terry O'Quinn in The Stepfather

'After murdering his entire family, a man marries a widow with a teenage daughter in another town and prepares to do it all over again.'

Like so many of you I'm sure, during the 1990's and 2000's, I often went to Blockbuster on Friday evenings.  Along with the latest new release, I would also walk up and down the isles, looking for something different to rent along with hit.  I distinctly remember seeing the cover art for 1987's thriller The Stepfather many times.

I usually walked right on by.  I really didn't recognize anyone in the cast except for Shelley Hack.  The former model and Charlie's Angel  wasn't exactly known for her riveting acting performances, so it seemed a safe bet to skip wasting my cash on a rental.  I was wrong.  I finally watched the film a few months back. Hack wasn't bad, but the movie and performance from actor Terry O'Quinn made it an entertaining watch.

I watched Lost mostly due to my crushes of Ian Someralder and Josh Holloway.  Although I initially loved the show, by the end of season one, I found my interested and greatly diminished.  The twists and turns were getting more and more silly and I didn't like how so many of the cast members that I liked were made into glorified extras.


Although I can't say that I considered O'Quinn a hunk, I do remember some very powerful performances. O'Quinn brings his considerable skills as an actor to The Stepfather, elevating the film far beyond it's formulaic script. 

The Stepfather

I was surprised to see a butt scene from O'Quinn in the films opening few minutes.  I didn't realize until reading about the scene after I'd seen the movie that there was also a frontal.  It's subtle, and easy to miss, but there is indeed a frontal if you check out O'Quinn's reflection in the bathroom mirror.

High Note: Andrew by Unlimited Male

'I like the contrast of having him fully dressed up in the formal suit for some of the images and then completely nude for others. These actually turned out to be some of my favorite shots from our shoot.'

I'm fairly positive that most FH readers recognize Andrew.  I think most followers of the male form on-line have seen images of Andrew on various sites and blogs. I've been fortunate to have featured the models work with several photographers including Gordon Nebeker (HERE:) and Greg Lindeblom. (HERE:)  My first piece with Andrew was back in 2017 and featured his work with Jay from Unlimited Male. (The Cusp of Cool)

Some of my favorite images from each of the three shoots that I featured include Andrew playing his sax.  His passion for his instrument is clearly a big part of his life, so much so, that he shared his love with playing with many of the artists who shot.  I really loved loved Jay's shots of Andrew with his sax.  I loved the curve of his back and butt when sitting on the stool, and I loved the visual Jay created by creating a blanket of sheet music for Andrew to lie and pose on.

I recently reached out to Jay asking if he had more images of Andrew with his sax, and specifically the series with sheet the music.  Not only did I love the series, I also was wanted to feature more than we did in the first piece.  When I posted Jay's work with Andrew in 2017, Andrew was fairly new to the modeling scene.  

Although he'd worked a lot, and with a variety of talented photographers, Andrew was carefully planning the trajectory of his career.  Since he was just beginning, he was careful with what he put out there, at least until he became more established.  As you can see, Jay had more from the series which he graciously shared by sending them along.  He also shared his experience with working with Andrew and how the shoot and final images all came together.

How did you first connect with Andrew? 
I connected with Andrew back when I was on the Model Mayhem site. I saw his work with a couple of other photographers on there. 

Did you approach him? What was his reaction? 
I did reach out to him. He seemed very interested in shooting with me. At that point, i think that he was really trying to build up his portfolio and looking to work with a lot of different photographers. 

What initially stood out to you visually about Andrew's look? 
I was really impressed with his abs, to be honest. Also, he was the first Asian model that I had the opportunity to work with.  

Did you have to bring up nude work, or was it already a given? 
There were no full nudes in his portfolio at the time, just a couple that I’d seen in portfolios of the other photographers he had worked with. When we began discussions about a shoot, he told me that he had been modeling for a while and actually had done nude work for several other photographers..  So... I did bring up full nude work. He was totally on board.

What was Andrew like to work with?  
Andrew was very incredible to work with. I picked him up from the airport that afternoon and we went to dinner then to the hotel where he would be staying. Even though he had spent several hours on a flight, he was ready to go and we actually wound up shooting at the hotel for several hours that night. He had no issues at all with nude work. 

How did the saxophone series come about?  
Prior to our photo shoot, Andrew mentioned that he played the sax. I told him to bring it and that we would incorporate it into the photo shoot. I was trying to come up with a theme for the sax and the idea of the sheet music just came to me. I downloaded some sheet music off the internet and printed 10 copies each of three different pages of sheet music on legal size paper. I brought the sheets to the studio and just sort of tossed them around on the floor and had him lay down on them for that part of the photo shoot. 

Andrew also mentioned the tux, so I asked him to bring it and we would try to incorporate it into the shoot. I’m glad that he brought it because the shits with the tux and sax turned out to be some of my favorite shots that we got. 

Andrew on Twitter | OnlyFans