Saturday, December 15, 2018

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 16th

Terry Davis by Mark Leighton
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Seasonal Sightings

I Touch My Elf

One the hottest signs that the holiday's are upon us is the return is when Broadway's Nick Adams joins the The Skivvies (Lauren Molina and Nick Cearley) for a series of holiday concerts.  This year, a highlight was Adams' medley about a lonely Christmas Elf.

It's hard to imagine Adams little Elf could be lonely, especially with how busy he's been recently.  After finishing up his dates with The Skivvies, Adams heads out as one of the leads in the National tour of The Falsetto's.

FaVorite FiVe: Tristan Lake Leabu

Some shows excel at writing teen characters, while others never seem to know what to do with them.  The Young and the Restless seems to fall into the latter category and wrote out  Reed, and the actor who portrays him, 19 year old actor and musician Tristan Lake Leabuearlier this  year.

Well Reed is home for Christmas, giving the actor a reason to celebrate and post a series of hot new images on his Instagram Page.  Hopefully he'll stick around for awhile so Leabu won't have to return for the sequel to his Humira commercial.  Leabut is great in the ad, it just seems to play on cable on an endless loop.

12 Days: Stephen Huszar in Return to Christmas Creek

'As Christmas approaches, Amelia returns to her small hometown of Christmas Creek to rediscover the meaning of Christmas. There, she reunites with her childhood best friend Mike and her estranged uncle Harry. As she engages in local holiday festivities — and begins falling for Mike — Amelia finds herself feeling the Christmas spirit'

I certainly find the Christmas spirit when thinking of actor Stephen Huszar.  I actually featured an image of Stephen back in 2009 when posting about the TV movie The 12 Days of Christmas.  Unfortunately, I was fixated on Mr. August (Jefferson Brown) at the time, and didn't pay nearly enough attention to the adorable Mr. July.

12 Men of Christmas (2009)

Although I still love me some Stephen Weber, when it came to watching Return to Christmas Creek, Mr July, or Mr Huszar, demanded my full attention.  Some of you might recognize the handsome Canadian actor from his roles on Smallville, The Flash, Paradise Falls, The Fridge and his recurring role in Crave TV's Letterkenny.  In addition to his Hallmark movies, Huszar also stars in next years remake of the David Cronenberg film Rabid.

Rabid (2019)

With Chad Allen in Shock to the System (2006)

Paradise Falls (2008)

Letterkenny (2016/2017)

Who wouldn't enjoy the Scissor Hold ala Huszar!

A Spirit Free by Mark Leighton

Powerful and Intimate Images of model Terry Davis

23 year old model Terry Davis could ignite a powerful and intimate response with just a quick glance from those incredibly beautiful brown eyes of his. As magnificent as photographer Mark Leighton's many shots of Terry's sizzling hot body are, it was those seductive eyes that initially grabbed hold, and held on, to my attention.

I recently headed back to Mark's port to look for a new shot to include in my 'stocking stuffers' post.  I have posted pieces focused on the models spotlighted  Mark's book's over the past couple of years and was looking to find a new image for the Christmas piece that I hadn't used before. (And was successful with a hot shot of Ash!)  When checking out Mark's new work I immediately noticed Mark's breathtaking new shots of Terry and  quickly got in touch about featuring their work together.

Terry has as really strong presence in front of the camera and Mark made the most of it, taking a great variety of shots of Terry is surroundings as stunning as the model himself.  When I asked Mark about Terry he was in the process of just about finishing up readying his new compilation of work focused on the UK based model.

 Mark decided this time to use the magazine format, putting together an 80 page edition available (HERE:) in both print, and Ebook downloadable versions.  Mark reports that Terry didn't hold anything back and that most of the images were shot on location and include many full nudes.

'Terry Davis flew from the UK to Portugal to shoot with me twice in 2018, each time for about a week. Although I knew he looked great, I had some misgivings that he might find my style of photography too open and sensual. Before we started shooting, as he told me a little about his life and his background, those doubts grew.  Remarkably, those experiences have not led him to dim his natural joy at living, his curiosity or his ambitions.'

'Once we started shooting, I realised that regardless of whether the image was “in character” for him or quiet alien to him, he would find a way to interpret and augment it – an instinct to “act” in his modeling and I was delighted to be proved wrong for having those misgivings. Terry was fun to work with. A lively, open minded and cheerful character who kept up a continual patter and did not take himself too seriously. However, when the camera was lifted up he would snap into his role. In my opinion Terry is extremely photogenic, I hope his images are well received and that we can work together again in the future.'