Sunday, January 19, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 20th

Patrik by Bodytorium
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Happy Birthday today January 20th

Happy 62nd to actor Lorenzo Lamas!

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The Offspring

Boy, Myth, Legend

Jack Perry began his professional wrestling career in 2015, meaning his dad Luke got to see him in action, and witness his success before he sadly died early last year.  Jack’s in-the-ring persona is that of a Tarzan-esque character, complete with his long mane of blonde curls.  He also sometimes used to wear a loin cloth in the ting, and the occasional leopard print tights.

Drag Because
The measure of a man...  For his little sisters Sophie's birthday last year, Jack helped create a book, Why Drag with photographer Magmus Hastings.  In addition to showcasing many drag performers, Jack had all the men in Sophie's life, he and dad Luke included in the project.  Jack chose the subject matter due to his sister passion for the subject.  I'm not sure the book was actually made available to a wide audience, but there were some scans posted on Instagrm.

Below: Jack and Luke in Drag Because

The Essentials: James Earl Jones

'Luke, I Am Your Daddy...'

So... I never thought I'd be doing a FH piece featuring a nude scene from Darth Vader, but here we are.  I reference Darth Vader, as until recently, I really only knew actor James Earl Jones from his voice work as Darth Vader and on CNN.  I really wasn't aware of his impressive film career pre-Star Wars, his rich career on stage, nor that he once was indeed a crush worthy hunk.

When actress Diahann Carroll died last year, I was struck yet again, with how little I'd seen of her work.  I was fascinated by her impact and history, and wanted to see more of her work.  When TCM recently aired the 1974 film Claudine in there The Essentials series, I was looking forward to checking it out.

The Great White Hope (1970)

I knew Carroll was nominated for an Oscar for the role, and knew James Earl Jones was in the cast, but when the hot garbage man appeared at the beginning of the film, it took a few seconds to connect the actor I was watching was actually James.  I'm not sure I loved the film's story as much as I enjoyed watching two such accomplished actors on screen together.

Claudine (1974)

Diahann Carroll and James Earl Jones star in this unique love story about a single mother who finds unlikely love with a garbage man as they both struggle to get ahead in a system that’s gamed against them. 

My respect for the actor only increased when listening to Ben Mankiewicz discuss the film with director Ava DuVernay. It was interesting hearing that Earl Jones had lost his interest in film, not feeling as challenged as he did on stage, and it took some convincing to get him to take the role.

Ball of Fire: Patrik by Bodytorium

'When I first saw Patrik he had the appearance of a bit of a class clown, a showoff, a bad boy, a ball of fire.'

I love Phil's use of the expression 'ball of fire', I can't think of a more perfect descriptor for the young,  dynamic and full of life 20 year old model.  Like a ball of a fire however, Phil shares that Patrik is either burning hot, going and full speed, running and bouncing around or he's napping, exhausted and extinguished when his energy's run out.  Exuding all of that energy, means Patrik needs a lot of time to recharge.

Phil met Patrik about three years ago when Patrik and a friend were visiting Bratislava, Phil was instantly captivated by not only Patrik's looks but his personality and energy.  Phil says that Patrik was one of the most entertaining, boisterous and charming person that he'd met.  Patrik loved being the center of attention and entertaining the crowd.

Patrik, along with 5 other gorgeous guys, stayed on a mattress on the floor, in the new condo Phil had just moved into, which provided a great opportunity for he and Phil to get to know one another.  Patrik returned to visit on numerous occasions, and Phil also visited him in his home town in Eastern Slovakia. Patrik was one of the first models to pose for Bodytorium during the summer of 2018 and returned for a second shoot this past December.

'Although Patrik's very sociable and loves entertaining people, he can also sit patiently and have a very mature conversation. I'm 20 years older and I don't feel an age gap in terms of conversation. We can have a deep conversation about anything.  He's absolutely comfortable with nudity. I sort of dragged him to a nudist beach in the first year we met and he had no hesitation getting naked, running around and enjoying the freedom.'

'Patrik is overall an amazing, beautiful and extraordinary guy. I could make a whole photography and poetry book just about him. He's got talent (music, acting, photography), he's a fast learner and he's really good at just about anything he lays his hands on. I'm hoping that in the near future we'll work together on expanding Bodytorium other media-related projects.'

Although Phil describes their last photoshoot as 'rushed', they still managed to create a huge selection of great shots.  Phil had planned a two day shoot, but it ended up being about a half day.  Patrik arrived in Bratislava in the early afternoon, but they ended up going to Vienna to meet up with friends at a Christmas market.  This took up most of the rest of the day and evening.

Unfortunately, Patrik also had an early train back home the next afternoon, so that left only the next morning to shoot.  They got up early that morning and although time was tight, managed to shoot several different themes and capture over 500 images, all of which Phil has added to Patrik's page on Bodytorium!