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Favorite Pic of the Day for February 2nd

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Happy Birthday today February 2nd

Happy 29th to Spanish Footballer Gerard Piqué!

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Those Magic Changes

Aaron Tveit's thighs, in addition to stimulating some magic changes, deserved all the positive attention they got last night, but I am not sure though, that Grease Live deserved all the accolades it received. The staging, directing, choreography and production values were top notch and the closing number outstanding for sure. I was a little disappointed though by some of the casting choices and I am not sure that the actors singing was seen as important as their ability to dance. Aaron Tveit was great, even if the role of Danny didn't really highlight his all he has to offer. Except for Tveit I am not sure many of the cast members could pull of their roles on an actual Broadway stage, which to me... is as important when casting a musical, even one staged for television. Julianne Hough was good, but I am not convinced her songs were actually sung completely 'live'. Frenchie's new song was a little painful, as IMO so was the performance of Boyz II Men. That being said, it was a fun 3 hours, and the character actors, especially Ana Gasteyer were great, and I look forward to more musicals in the future on FOX.

Instagrams that Inspire

I have been following and enjoying the work of Foto One-Nineteen for awhile now. The artist's images of actor and model Zion are really exceptional and had me searching for more. Here are three of my favorites.

Things Of The Past: Brandon Quigley by Carl Proctor

'I truly admire the greats in Hollywood, James Dean, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn, Marlon Brando Etc. When shooting yes I want to bring a modern day sex appeal to the project. However, I want to keep a touch of that old Hollywood glamour to my look. A hair style, the furs, and my clothing styles. I'm very moved by things of the past. I believe it's what helps me be set apart.'

I use sexy a lot on FH, maybe too much sometimes. There are many sexy people in the world, but sexy isn't always memorable. Model Brandon Quigleyis memorable. Brandon is sexy as hell for sure, but his desire to be set apart comes through loud and clear in this series of images from Atlanta's Carl Proctor, one of my favorite artists to feature on the site. When I first saw Brandon's images, I didn't initially know it was Carl behind the lens, but I could could see Carl's skillful, dramatic and erotic touch.

One of the things Carl does so masterfully, is to capture the beautifully distinct qualities of the man in front of his lens. Carl's talent mixes perfectly with Brandon's goal to bring old style Hollywood glamour into his look, and into his images. I can see hints of James Dean, Montgomery Clift and many of Hollywood's most memorable stars in his look and presentation. Brandon also resembles Jude Law from certain angles, as well as a young Con O'Neill. Many of you might not know the English actor's work, but when I was a teenager, I saw Con in Blood Brothers when the actor was in his twenties, and was reminded of the memorable moment when looking at some of Brandon's shots, especially the first one at the top of this piece. (A couple of shots of Con on The Over-Flow HERE:)

In order to capture glimpse into Brandon's essence, and not just his heavenly form, Brandon shares that he and Carl tossed around idea's weeks before the shoot. For their shoots, Brandon usually brings his own wardrobe, pieces from his own closet that he feels will fit the theme. When coming up with a concept, Carl lets Brandon know what he's looking for, then Brandon searches through his favorite models and designers to come up with just the right look.

'I then send over some samples... And Boom! We are game day ready! Then we bring that look and energy to set. Carl always has a way of making the look all his own in the photographs. Carl is an extremely talented photographer and always gives me some artistic freedom. I love collaborating with him. I love his eye for beauty in the male body. His work is powerful, bold, sexy, and always turns out like a piece of art.'

Brandon says that he's always been a performer, likes fashion and has always loved art. He hadn't really planned on modeling, but after catching the eye of a few well known photographers in his town, and giving it a shot, he was hooked. Regardless of whether it becomes a career, Brandon wants to continue shooting and pushing to see where it may lead. FH readers know, that I am always looking for those behind the scenes details about shooting, and of course, shooting with nothing to cover you but little fur... Brandon graciously welcomed my questions, and my curiosity about his modeling work, as well as where he hope it may take him in the future.

Favorite Experiences Thus Far

'Some of my favorite experiences so far have been shooting with Carl, Cooper Penn, and Carissa Davis. A.) I enjoy a full set experience hair, makeup, stylist it just makes the shoot really fun! Just a bonus. B.) however, my favorite type of photographers are the verbal ones. Give you feed back tell you what they want, what they like, and the vision they had in mind. Give you some direction. Which each one of these photographers have done. Allowed me to express myself, and taught me how to get the best shot possible.'

And A Not So Favorite Experience...

'The worst was when I did a shoot on a dried out lake for an art show. Well, the lake was apparently not so dried up! When we were working on these shots. I started sinking into the ground... At first it was cool, and edgy. we got some really sexy mud shots. But I lost my sexy vibe when I realized I was surrounded by dead animals in the mud patch. Still love the shots, and still shutter at the thought of the dead animals.'

Taking It All Off:

'The implied nudes don't bother me. I actually enjoy them! I'm comfortable in my skin. I thank nudes are beautiful. A well kept naked body is the ultimate natural beauty male or female. I'd love to shoot on the beach or some summer pool shoot. Similar styles done by photographers such as Michael Dar, Wong Sim, and Scott Teitler. Love their Work. I would totally consider full frontal for the right photographers and campaigns. I prefer the mystery and desire of hiding the man goods. Makes the viewer want more.'

Why You Model:

'I love modeling because it's an extension of art. Fashion is also an extension of art. It's just another way to express yourself.'

Future Plans...

'Acting is a huge passion of mine. I started performing as a child. Kept at it through grade school and performed in college. After college I moved to Atlanta. To pursue my dream. I've been in Devious Maids, The Duff, Finding Carter, Selma, Originals, and season 6 of The Vampire Diaries. I'd love to continue. Performing is my addiction. I'm not giving it up any time soon.'

Other Models Who Inspire:

'I'm extremely inspired by models such as Lucky Blue Smith, Garrett Neff, Chad White, Igor Augusto, and Pietro Boselli'

Advice You Would Give New Models:

'I'd tell them to go for it. Don't over think it, feel it! And always trust your gut. Do your research. Models get in sticky situations because they get ahead of themselves. Overall it can be such a rewarding experience when you work with awesome photographers.'

Best Advice You Were Given:

'The best feed back I've ever got, was when Garrett Neff complimented my modeling style. Told me I had a great look. One of the best compliments I've ever got. He is a huge inspiration to me. Needless to say, it meant a lot!'

ModelMayhem Thoughts:

'MM is cool. I found Carl on there! That's a bonus! Lol! Haven't generated much actual business off there.'

Dream Future Photographers to collaborate with:

'I'd love to work with Hayden Su, Michael Stokes, Wong Sim, Michael Dar, Scott Teitler, and Brain Jamie. Just a few ;) their work is absolutely stunning. Very artistic with a fun/sexy/editorial vibe.'

Dream Shoot:

'It's on my bucket list to land a campaign with Balmain or Gucci. To even shoot for them would be an honor.'

Strangest Thought that floated through your head while shooting naked:

'What am I going to eat for dinner? I'm comfortable naked. So I guess I just go on as normal in my head, nude or clothed. Ha'