Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Favorite Pic of the Day for August 25th

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Happy Birthday today August 25th

Happy 40th to actor Alexander SkarsgÄrd!

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Trying on those new 'back to school' pants.

The Manson Brothers

'This wasn't our time but we will both be back in Tokyo.'

Although Rio is in the rear view mirror, there was one other athlete I wanted to showcase. Openly gay New Zealand Rower Robbie Manson didn't make the finals, but he vows to return with a vengeance in Tokyo! Robbie, shown here with his equally hot younger brother, and fellow rower Karl , came out to Outsports publicly back in 2014. Both Karl and Robbie prove that rowers really do produce some of the hottest bodies in the entire wide world sports. No matter how many 'leg day's I do, I am not sure I could come close to Robbie's incredible pair!

'Warwick Rowers, Eat You're Heart Out!'

The Joy of SeXy: Kev by Brett Kiellerop

'Kev doesn't have bedroom eyes, he has "I'll fuck you wherever you like. Beach. Couch. On top of the dishwasher. Anywhere!" eyes.'

Brett certainly has a flare for words and I'm not sure there is a hotter description for a model than his having eyes that say,  'I'll fuck you anywhere!'    I have been loving featuring Brett's work the last couple of years and one of the reasons is the joy he brings to everything he does.

Brett's joy comes through in his communication about his work and the respect and enthusiasm for the models he shoots.  It also comes loudly and beautifully through within his images.  Brett's images display not only incredibly sexy men, they also capture an energy and a hell of a lot of fun.

Sexy comprises a multitude of elements, but two of the most important are joy and fun.  I understand many shoots are themed towards certain themes and emotions, but it strikes me how often some artists seem to leave joy at the door during their shoot. Brett Kiellerop always gladly welcomes it in.

Kev's joy would have been hard to suppress even Brett wanted to.  Kev, and his buddy Franky, (who'll we meet soon...) both chefs, were backpacking their way across Australia. In order to pay for their travels, they took odd jobs along the way, including answering an add for nude models that Brett had placed.

'Kev did not have that toned, leaned, muscular look I was searching for, but he oozes sex... When he looks at you, you feel as though his eyes are appreciating every single piece of you, inside and out. He doesn't have bedroom eyes, he has "I'll fuck you wherever you like. Beach. Couch. On top of the dishwasher. Anywhere!" eyes. I had to capture that look from those eyes, and I believe I did.. at least a little. Kev's photos simply do not do his sex appeal justice.'

I think Brett certainly did Kev justice.  In fact, Kev my love of Brett's images of Kev, and lust for Kev himself, increased the more time I spent with their work together.  Some models jump off the page, only to be quickly forgotten.  Other models, like Kev, earn your attraction and stay wiht you.

Kev's beautiful smile, beautiful body, not to mention those 'let's do it' eyes,' shine in front of Brett's lens.  I love the story of Kev backpacking his ways across Australia, answering an ad to make a few bucks and spending a day running naked along the beach.  His care free attitude also makes up the joy Brett captured.  I would be curious to find out what other ads Kev answered along the way...

'Franky and Kev were fascinating guys. They are good mates, both from France and travelling together. They were wild! Mischievous, fun, and wildly inappropriate... they certainly kept me on my toes.  These guys are carefree, easygoing, and a load of fun. I'm so happy they responded to my ad :)'

Kev Jogging from David and Brett on Vimeo.

Brett has been incredibly generous sharing his images of Kev, and many other models that he shot for his book Aussie Gods, a visual exploration of the male physique. You can check out much more of Kev, and many more models within the book.