Thursday, April 30, 2020

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 1st

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Happy Birthday today May 1st

Happy 38th to model and actor Jamie Dornan!

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Jayk: Entry Point

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Down Under, circa 1998

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Suede Blue Eyes: Anthony by Stephen Kahrs

'You're always dancing down the street
With your suede blue eye-eyes
And every new boy that you meet
Doesn't know the real surprise.'

Whenever I'm featuring the work of photographer Stephen Kahrs, I'm always struck by the timeless quality of his imagery.  I'm confident it's more than just the model's look, but how Stephen views, and photographs them.  No matter who in front of his lens, nor what their appearance, Stephen's lens acts as a time travelling portal, pulling vintage elements and classic depictions of the male form into the present.

In the case of Anthony, the depiction is that of a classic American crooner from the 30's or 40's, pulled off the stage, right in the middle of his jazz song.  In addition to his skill and creative techniques, one of the ways Stephen's images achieve their look and feel is his focus.  No matter who he's shooting, no matter how much, or how little their wearing, Stephen's focus remains firm on his model's eyes.  Stephen captures not just their beauty, but on the past events they've both witnessed and seen.

'Suede Blue Eyes' is a term, well it’s actually a part of a lyric from a song by The Cars, that come to mind when I look into Anthony’s eyes.I remember first time seeing an image of Anthony on a fellow photographers Instagram and knew that I needed to shoot with Anthony, He has the cliché boy next door looks topped off with those gorgeous baby blue eyes which were begging to be photographed.

'These images are from our second shoot together which happened last fall. We tried a few different looks and pulled off a nice vintage crooner/singer look which we were both pleased with but by far my favorites were the shirtless images where he’s only wearing jeans. He was a perfect candidate for my style of what someone recently called an “Old Master’s Style”, inferring that my lighting style of my male portraiture has a distinctive look and feel to that of the old oil painting masters. Anthony and I have plans to shoot again this fall provided that Covid 19 is past us.'