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1+1: Leigh Carter's boy:gender Updates!

Above: Eric Rensburg

Last fall photographer Leigh Carter launched his new updated site boy;gender. Leigh has continued to add new material featuring some of his hottest shots. Leigh's newest update puts together two of boy:gender's most popular models. Marco Wilson and Eric Rensburg are coming back to the site in a dangerously hot new two part series debuting this Monday on boy:gender.

Below: Marco Wilson

Check out boy:gender this Monday February 28th for Part 1 and Part 2 to follow in March!
Check out more of Leigh Carter on FH HERE:

Bienvenue Jon Peterson

I was born with the name Peter Sellers. I was the runt of the litter. Tiny, sickly and pathetic. I had a passion for The Show Business since I could form a thought and there was no question of my doing anything else. My parents, always wanting to do what's right, sent me off, when I reached seven years old, to dance classes at The Paulette School of Dance in Greenford, Middlesex, where we then lived. I adored my teacher, Pauline Withers. Pauline would have a big reel-to-reel tape recorder with every type of music known to man, from which we would get our accompaniment. She taught the lot; ballet, tap, modern, national, pointework for the girls...

'In 1971, at the age of nine, I got into the Royal Ballet School as a Junior Associate, at their then studios in Talgarth Road, Barons Court, in London. They shared the building at that time with the Royal Ballet Company - and so then I entered a magical world. I will always remember the sounds of multiple pianos and castanets from distant studios, the smell of coffee, resin and good honest sweat that would greet you when you entered the building. After more grueling auditions lasting entire days, I won a place at the famous Royal Ballet School, White Lodge - the next stage of the training. An isolated 17th century hunting lodge in the middle of Richmond Park, outside London, White Lodge was the perfect setting to mould a passion for the arts into willing, impressionable minds and ready, hard-working young bodies...'

'I was barely eleven years old when I first went through those iron gates (and over the cattle-grid) to this historic George I/II mansion right in the middle of Richmond Park, in Surrey, a wealthy south London suburb. Immediately, I entered a Victorian world of discipline and competition, where true friendships were neither encouraged, nor sought out. The day consisted of regular schoolwork for half the day and dance for the second half. Competition was fierce for us budding dancers and by the age of twelve, kids may not have been the brightest, but all knew how to bitch and belittle each other in any given situation. What all this left me with was a sort of strength, I suppose. I stopped relying on peoples' friendship, I dealt with things by myself without turning to anyone for help'.

'I was always exhausted, always living on my nerves, looked so young for my age and was very small. I found out four years ago why this was. I was born with a hole in the heart - three, actually (I'm so competitive!) All of those symptoms, fatigue, small for one’s age, irritability, were all classic hole-in-the-heart symptoms. When I found out in 2002, the cardiologist said that he was amazed that I'd done all that I had for so long without - well, you know... I had open-heart surgery to fix it in 2003 and though it was a long and very painful recovery, I'm back on my feet and am able to dance again and stronger than before.'

'Now, it was up to me. My passion had always been for musicals so musicals are what I did. My immediate problem was to get my Equity card. Without it, I couldn't get into a West End musical. If I joined a ballet company it would get me that provisional Equity card and leave my path open, so I took the train to Manchester and auditioned for Northern Ballet Theatre. They took me on, and I hurriedly packed my bags and joined the company. Three weeks into my contract, I called in sick and took the train back down to London to audition for THE SOUND OF MUSIC revival with Petula Clarke. On the train who should I bump into but Robert de Warren, the director of Northern Ballet Theatre. "What are you doing here, my dear?" - I was caught with my pants down! Luckily I got the job as understudy to Rolf in the show.'

I love the natural light from the apartment window in the next two shots from Jon Whitney. Special thanks to Jon who connected me with Jon P for this profile.

Jon's first musical role was in The Sound Of Music in 1981. Many experiences and many productions later Jon got his first role in an American production in 1999.

'I had managed to get an agent in New York, who had gotten me an audition for a late addition to the upcoming US National Tour of Sam Mendes and Rob Marshall's CABARET, which was then on Broadway. I got the job, as the stand-by to the Emcee, being played by Norbert Leo Butz. Now THAT is beginner's luck! Our first Sally Bowles on the National Tour was Teri Hatcher. At this time, she was post-Batman and Robin, or whatever it was she was in on TV, ( I don’t bloody know!) but pre-Desperate Housewives. In 2000 Norbert Butz left the show and I took over as the Emcee. What a fun way to see the country. During the next sixteen months we played around 60 cities across the USA. I was near to dropping for a lot of it, but I kept going like an old curmudgeon and didn't miss any performances.'

Next three shots from Digital Fine Photos

If you check out FH on a regular basis you know that I am not a fan of posting pictures without a story. When Jon Whitney shot Jon Peterson and first suggested I check out Jon Peterson's Model Mayhem page, I knew right away there was a story. First off, many of you know I Love to profile dancers. Although it takes hard work and determination to excel in any art form, there is different type of strength, both physical and emotional required to endure the gruelling schedule and training it takes to dance. You can act without passion, you can even sing without passion but it is nearly impossible to dance without it.

Though I knew there was a story, the depth of the story was not immediately evident until Jon directed me to his site. Most people who have their own web page have an 'about me' section. Usually it is a few sentences, maybe a paragraph or two with a brief bio and a readers digest account of their road to their current profession. Jon's bio was one of the most extensive, and the most fascinating I have read. Jon's story is told in a way that takes you emotionally through each step of his journey. In sitting down to put his profile together, it seemed silly to rewrite what is already so beautifully written. The quotes above are just a small part of Jon's story. There are large gaps missing which I encourage you to fill in by checking out Jon's website HERE:

Below: Jon by FH Favorite haringmanPlus

You can do more than read at Jon's site, you can also watch and listen. Jon's has included videos and there are a few samples of his music to listen to. My favorite is the first song on Jon's MP3 page, 'I Could Have Told You'.

Below: Jon by Jef Huereque

With his immense talent, not to mention his resemblance to Joel Grey, it seems the Emcee was meant to be Jon's signature role. Jon originated the role in 1999 and now 12 years later is back on stage reprising the role in Sam Mendes' version of the classic musical Cabaret. Written by Kander and Ebb, Jon is performing in Cabaret at the John Engeman Theatre in Northport New York through March 27th. If your in the area, be sure to check out the show!

'Peterson, Fahrner and expert cast make 'Cabaret' a must-see at John W. Engeman'
Pat Ryder, The Long Island Examinier.

'Crucial to the action is the M.C., played with reptilian charm by Jon Peterson, who has been acting in the role off and on since 1999, first during the national tour of the Broadway production that ran from 1998 to 2004, later as an understudy on Broadway and then at the Westchester Broadway Theater and Ogunquit Playhouse in Maine. He is still fresh, lively and entertaining.'
Aileen Jacobson
The New York Times

Below: Jon byMatson Jones

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 25th

Quinn Danger
(See more below)

Happy Birthday Today February 25th to:

Happy Birthday today February 25th to:

Actor Justin Berfield turns 25 today.

Swedish Idol finalist Danny Saucedo turns 25 today.

Actor David Hoflin turns 32 today.

English actor Oliver Milburn turns 38 today. (See more of Oliver at last years birthday post HERE:)

Sean Astin turns 40 today. (More of Sean at last years birthday post HERE:)

Alexis Denisof turns 45 today.

Quinn Danger For Masculine

It has been both a pleasure and an honor this year to showcase the work of photographer Marlen Boro. Last month FH profiled 21 year old model Quinn Dangerin The Gentlemen of Marlen Boro series. (All shots in this post also from Marlen!) Minnesota native Quinn is currently studying physical therapy and nutrition in Winona and looking to explore opportunities in the modeling world.

I have featured the work of Michael A Downs many times in the history of FH as well as his site Masculine. Quinn has been selected as one of the finalists in Masculine's new model search and could use your help with a vote! Head on over to Masculine HERE: and shoot a vote for Quinn Danger!

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Silly Love Songs

Above: Darren Criss & the cast of Glee

It is always interesting to discover the origin of favorite song. When I heard 'Silly Love Songs' on Glee's Valentine Show I had a bit of a déjà vu but could not quite figure out why. Now the song is very famous and has been around for decades so it is not surprising the song is familiar. It was more than that however, there was a specific memory of that song that I could not put my finger on until I did a little research on Youtube.

Elephant Love Medley from Moulin Rouge

It was both fascinating and hilarious to see the many versions of the song. Many artists from Shirley Bassey through the Replicants have recorded it, but I never heard any of their versions. (love Shirley but not a fan of her version). It was also a part of The Elephant Love Medley in Moulin Rouge but I am ashamed to say that is one musical I have never seen. (some say it is brilliant but although I LOVED The Hours, I tend to skip most projects involving Kidman...).

Shirley Bassey

I loved seeing Donny & Marie sing it on The Sonny & Cher hour but I was barely a year old when it aired so I doubt my déjà vu was connected.

Donny & Marie on Sonny & Cher

It was of course the original version, Paul McCartney's version with Wings that I remembered. When I was a kid my older brother was a huge Wings fan. I think I was introduced to the music of Wings even before I heard anything by the Beatles. In the early 80's there were still records and my déjà vu was cranking Wings on my beige plastic square record player while dancing around my room. I think the reason the déjà vu was so vivid was because I had completely forgotten how I could only do this when my brother was not home. He never let me borrow his records and often he would come home mid-dance and slam into my room to retrieve his music screaming at me for taking his shit.

Silly Loves Songs is just that, a silly love song. But for many, a good silly love song often has a rich history with a connection to our past that surges forward even when we hear it decades later.

Paul McCartney & Wings: