Saturday, September 16, 2017

Favorite Pic of the Day for September 17th

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Who Dat?

I have used 'Who Dat' as a post title before, usually when I stumble upon an images of a hot hunk, usually from the past, that I have not seen, or heard of before. I saved the image below awhile ago. The shot, a page from a teen magazine from the 70's featured Rex Smith, who I had heard of, Lance Kerwin, who I had seem images of, a third blonde beauty shirtless in his red shorts, talking on the phone.

That old inside phone, shot in an image taken outside, wasn't the only reason I used my photo viewer magnifier to find out who the blonde hottie was. The surfer looking dude was is actor Grant Wilson who the image credited to the film Foxes. A quick google search told me the 1980 film starred a young Jodie Foster and Scott Baio. I have seen most of Jodie's films, but knew next to nothing about Foxes.

Diff'rent Strokes (1980)

Despite an IMDB page, it was hard to find out much about Grant Wilson. Starting with a guest spot on Happy Days in 1979, and has a handful of credits through a turn on Hotel in 1987, Foxes being his only feature and his TV appearances (including; Chips, Facts of Life, The Jeffersons and Eight is Enough) were all guest shots. I will have to check out Foxes to see him 'at work' as his career was sadly very short.

There are a fare amount of shirtless shots listed on E-bay, but I didn't include them as they all had large watermarks on them. A few sites included a few recent shots that seem to indicate Wilson may have moved into singing and recording, but I couldn't find anything concrete. If anyone has any info, please send it on!

Foxes (1980)

Speedo Season

A scant of Red

Sundays With Hans: Dear John

'Dear John
Don't be hard on yourself
Give yourself a break
Life wasn't meant to be run
The race is over, you've won'
John Lennon

'John' has always been one of the most popular names for boys. A book of the Old Testament, the name simple, yet traditional and strong. Although common, John has also been the first name of some of the worlds most talented and successful men. John F. Kennedy, John Lennon, John Wayne and Stamos, Hamm, Stewart, Mellencamp, Cleese, Ritter, Mayer, McCain, Kerry, Waters and Legend, just to name a few.

Because of it's popularity, it has also become the 'go-to' name to include in most common male referenced sayings. A prostitutes client, John Q Public, John Doe, 'Put your John Henry here', and of course, as a slang word for toilet. It is also used as the name of the letter or note written to dump someone you no longer want to be with.

My goal with this particular Dear John letter is definitely more a hello than a good-bye. When I was looking for a subject for this weekend's Sunday With Hans, my first choice was the far from common John. This set of images encompasses so many of the reason I love the work of photographer Hans Fahrmeyer.

'This energy is palatable and through his use of vibrant colors, uniquely body poses and positions, as well a creative editing, Hans channels the energy into images drenched in both intensity and urgency.'

John has an incredible body, perfectly captured and celebrated in Hans' images. I love the creative, and sensual poses, especially the shot I used as Pic of the Day. I also love how Hans uses lighting, as well as the vibrant background colors highlight John's skin, especially the beautiful freckles on his back.

I chose John, and is incredible, not to mention completely naked, body for a reason for this Sunday's piece. I first noticed John while previewing Hans' new book, The Naked Truth. The Naked Truth is a huge new collection of images, featuring some Hans' hottest and most eye catching images. The print edition is going to be available later this week, the 146 page Kindle edition is available on Amazon now! Believe me, our dear John is a small taste of the feast of Hans unveils in The Naked Truth.

Favorite Import of the Day: Jacob Matschenz in Dreileben

I don't usually make much of penis size, length isn't all that important to me in life, or in images. Sometimes in photography, an especially large member can be distracting. I love the look of a beautiful penis, but for me, it has as much to do with who it belongs to, as opposed to something to enjoy independent of it's owner

That being said... when I recently came across a gif (below) of German actor Jacob Matschenz in the 2011 mini-series Dreileben, I was in impressed with his dangly bits, and how they moved and flowed in the scene.

Of course I had to find a copy of the mini-series to see the scene in it's entirety. Basically, Jacob's character Johannes takes a solitary afternoon skinny dip in a lake. After his swim, he lies on the grass, soaking in the sun. Johannes fall's asleep only to wake up at night, and the sound of a motorcycle gang partying on the shore, not far away.

 Johannes observes them for a bit, and decides it would not be wise to make a run for his clothes which are lying on the ground up where the group is hanging out. The eventually leave, and it is safe for Johannes to creep up and retrieve his clothes, dress and get the heck out of there.

Jacob's penis is quite a site, but it alone would not have had me putting together a post. His entire body and beautifully structured face had me googling for more of his work, on film, and in photographs. If you want to check out the full scene, I have uploaded it on SendSpace HERE: