Monday, February 11, 2008


Should I purchase the DVD's for Queer as Folk?

I watched a few episodes early on, and for some reason could not get into it. I know the main reason was that Randy Harrison bugged the shit out of me for some reason. Not sure if it was the actor or the character, but his scenes were difficult to watch. Does his character or the actor get better? I want to watch this show, but wondering if anyone who saw the whole run thinks it is worth it and does Randy and the show improve? I did love Sharon Gless!

Favorite Unconventional Hunk for Feb 11th Derek RIchardson

I have only seen bits and pieces of Men In Tree's, but was drawn to cutie Derek Richardson. I want to watch the show more, but I will wait for the DVD sets, as although it looks like a great show, ABC seems intent on ruining it with numerous time changes and months of no episodes. Even with the writers strike, this show has more new episodes banked than most, yet still ABC seems not to want to push it. Odd.

Next 2 pics from Hostel.

Also From Men In Tree's Scott Elrod

New addition to the show Scott Elrod. Since James Tupper seems to shy away from taking his shirt off, nice to have Scott around!

Favorite Pic of the Day for February 11th

Favorite Birthday Boys for February 11th

Actor Matthew Lawrence turns 28 today.

Tennis hottie Arnaud Di Pasquale turns 29 today.

Also Celebrating today: February 11th

Happy Birthday Also to:

Decathlete Bob Altena turns 22 today.

Actor and Model Sean Knight turns 33 today.
Pics from Sean's offical site found HERE:

Kelly Slater turns 36 today.

Rachel Green, Jennifer Aniston turns 39 today.

Tina Lousie, Ginger Grant turns 74 today.

Help with identification

I asked before, but maybe someone can help me identify this hottie