Sunday, May 12, 2013

Favorite Pic of the Day for May 12th

Above: Klimi by Rudyard Yap
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Happy Mothers Day!

Above: Paddy by Andrew Bowman

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Oh Josiah

I have have not really been watching much of The Voice this season. From what I have seen so far though I think my favorite might be singer Amber Carrington. I especially loved her performance of Pink's Try. That being said, it was nice to see singer and model Josiah Hawley make it past this week into the next round.

Great looking yes, but beyond that, Joisah is pure magic on stage. A great voice, a killer smile and a reason to remember to set the DVR.

In The Details: Klimi by Rudyard Yap

It would not exactly be a stretch to assume that most people who click onto FH each day have seen their fair share of naked men on the Internet. The net is full of naked images on blogs and sites and of course one of the banes of my existence, tumblr. I now many people like tumblr due to how easy it is to use. That ease, is precisely why I dislike it. Tumblrs are like the fast food version of art. No matter how great the shot might be, it still looks like a badly printed cheap department store knockoff. The easier it is to use, te easier and faster it is to post the work of others without thought or credit.

Art without credit is sort of like a book missing the cover and often last page. You might get most of the story, but something is always missing. It is why I try to not just post just a photo, or part of a story.. I like to capture the details so that the story is complete. In this series of images from Rudyard Yap, detail is key. The first image which led me to contact the New Zealand artist was the final image at the bottom of this piece. The model clearly gorgeous, the photographer clearly talented, but there was more. The focus on detail, especially the addition of the eye patch, adds an interesting cultural element turning a great photo into something special, not to mention incredibly hot!

When searching for images for FH, my goal is always to find something I have have not seen before. Sometimes this is a difficult task, and sometimes, what makes an images so outstanding, is something small or subtle, a mere detail. Rudyard's eye for detail stems from both experience and hard work. Originally from the Philippines, Rudyard's educational background comes from his years studying at the International Center for Photography in New York. Upon completion, Rudyard headed to New Zealand and blended shooting models, with his visual passion for the location and landscape of the area.

Rudyard's eye for detail also comes from his work as a stylist. The original image of Kilimi that drew me to his work, was found not on his MM photography page, but his second page, rudyardstylist. During his time in New York, Rudayard also studied sewing at Parsons and worked as a stylist on various other shoots and projects. For his own photography, finding just the right look, or a particular piece of fashion, often it meant creating it himself. You can't always easily find that perfect waistcoat, tartan jockstrap, sexy kilt or fur hat with matching eye patch at the local Target or Walmart. Being handy with a needle and thread, can therefore come in very handy for a creative photographer.

Although initially Klimi's fur hat had me thinking Moscow, the 31 year model was actually shot over a thousand miles away in Prague. Klimi hails from Brno, Czech Republic and Rudyard reports he was incredibly nice and and a accommodating man to work with. Klimi's job as a construction worker certainly helps keep his body in camera ready form!

The Philippines, New York, New Zealand and Prague, Rudyard and his camera travel the globe in search of finding just the right detail of erotic beauty to capture. In fact, when I initially contacted him about a the blog, Rudyard was visiting a kibbutz in Israel so the piece had to wait until he returned home to New Zealand. I look forward to what, who and where Rudyard shoots next!

Repeat Offender: Shawn Roberts

Canadian Back Bacon refers to a cut a meat from the back, usually a more juicy, lean and meaty cut. Actor Shawn Roberts is one of my favorite piece of Canadian meat. Besides having one of the best back ends of all time, Shawn also has the most beautiful eyes. An accomplished and talent actor, many of you know Shawn from X-Men, Supernaturaland Resident Evil.

I first profiled Shawn back in 2008 and featured images from the movie Going The Distance (see more HERE:) After seeing Shawn in a recent photo shoot for DAMan magazine, I again went on the search for some of his more recent roles. After discovering Shawn showed his glorious behind again in 2009's Black Rain, a follow-up post was certainly in order!

Going The Distance (2004)

Shawn for DAMan

Shock To The System (2006)

Black Rain (2009)