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Favorite Pic of the Day for June 8th

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The Mountains and the Valley

Dateline: Sutton Place

'Nonetheless, the allegation that Jimmy and Larry were clandestine lovers would haunt the investigation and trial...'

'So much so, that the prosecutors would unsubtly paint the pair as a contemporary rendition of the sociopathic Brandon and Phillip from Alfred Hitchcock's Rope, so psychotically enamored with each other that they were driven to to kill for sport.'


Normally, I avoid spotlighting criminality, even when it's a smooth criminal, but the story of Jimmy Boudoin  II (aka James Rackover) was too juicy to ignore.  I spent an hour last weekend in the sun, devouring the Vanity Fair story about Jimmy,  and his relationship (surrogate son? alleged lover?with famous New York Jeweler Jeffrey Rackover.

Jeffrey and Jimmy

The story however turns tragic when the would be model, who shot with Rick Day, is involved in the violent murder of 26 year old Joey Comunale.    I won't give away the details, but if you haven't heard about the case before, the entire Vanity Fair story, with all the lured details, is available and can be read on their website.

James (Jimmy) by Rick Day

Pipe Cleaner

'I can't defend everything I did back in junior high, I mean who can? But let's face it, when you show up at school wearing a tweed blazer with elbow patches and carrying a valise, I mean, I think the guilt here is fifty- fifty.'
Danny Kriezel

Those who checked out my profile of actor Justin Gorence last week know that I'm currently making my way through viewing Frasier.  I never really watched the Kelsey Grammer sit-com when it first aired, but have enjoyed catching up on series the last few weeks.  I recently watched the 1994 season two episode Seat of Power and was drawn to the hot plumber Frasier hired to fix his bathroom.

The hot ginger plumber ended up being the bully who terrorized Niles in Jr. High.  I recognized the actor, but it didn't immediately click who it was, well, until he smiled.  Although I of course know of actor John C. McGinley, I'm not really sure I've seen him much before.  I know he was on Scrubs, and I mostly know him from promoting the series, more than actually watching it.


Although I haven't really much of his work, I've seen enough of McGinley in guest shots and interviews to have gained an appreciation for his comedic skills, and to pick up on his obvious and distinct sex appeal.  Although the actor's had a few implied nude scenes, his most visible baring was in Wild Hogs.  Check out caps from John's skinny dip from the 2007 film  on PAGE 2 HERE:

Flypaper (1999)

The Boy Next (to the) Door: Elvis by Male Beauty by bengie

'There's something romantic about French doors, especially when they act as the visual gateway to a quiet farm in the English countryside. Although the setting is static, each model changes slightly how the doors are presented. Their bodies and poses, personalities and fashion, (if any) and the angles Bengie uses make each image distinctive.'

It's always fascinating for me, to both know and appreciate, why I'm drawn back to the work of a particular photographer.  For some, it's about the model in focus, but in most cases, it's something more.  Even when I love a particular model, I'm not always in love with how an artist chooses to shoot them.  When I'm drawn to a model, it's about how I view them.  When I'm drawn to an image, it's about how their viewed by the artist.

In the case of Male Beauty by bengie, the view is always spectacular. There's no equivocation in bengie's focus, with a limited amount of tease, with little to no need for fashion.  Bengie' imagery spotlights the sensual and erotic side of his subjects in all their naked glory.  With minimal fashion, and without many props, bengie's images have an organic feel, enhanced by the locations that uses in his shoots.

The studio bengie uses is his home in Cheshire England, and he utilizes both the inside, and the barns and fields which surround it.  One of my favorite places that bengie often uses is his back patio, with models posing in front of the French doors.  One of my favorite profiles of bengie's work was from 2015 and focused on various models posing in front of the French door. (HERE:)

At the time of the piece, bengie hadn't shot with Elvis yet, so when I saw images of Elvis on the patio, I knew they needed a feature of their own.  Many FH readers might remember from my featured with Elvis from last year. (HERE:)  Elvis creates such beautiful lines and poses and there's an energy in his work that's both captivating and erotically engaging.  Check out a few more shots of Elvis on the patio on PAGE 2 HERE:

Male Beauty by bengie on FH