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Favorite Pic of the Day for May 16th

Stephane by Alexandre CK
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Happy Birthday today May 16th

One of these Y & R hunks is hitting 46 today, check out who in my birthday post for May 16th HERE:


With the hiring of Demi Lovato and Britney Spears to next seasons The X Factor, it becomes perfectly clear, the show is desperate. Now Paul Abdul was certainly no Barbra Streisand in the vocal department, but Lovato and especially Spears, regardless of both having worked since being kids, are in no position to be offering advice to young talent. Spears in fact could be put up as a poster child of what no to do. I don't dislike either woman, but it is clear the hot mess of a reality show is going for the quick attention hiring these two can garner.

I fully expect a large viewership increase when the show returns in the fall. I also except it will be short lived. The shows problems last season were not restricted to the judges. As annoying as Nicole was, the problem was clearly mainly in production. The over produced and manipulative clips, the over use of lip syncing and the producers attempt to edit and push the show with the life and death feel of The Hunger Games, intead of a singing competition.

One last thing, don't add singers over 30 or 40 if your still going to push your tweens as the only talent in the world. Many viewers were turned off by the show shoving Rachel Crow and Astro down our throats when some of the over 40's, with equal or greater talent, were dismissed. This would be ok, except on a show whose international legacy comes in the form of Susan Boyle.

What Lies Beneath:

'Talk about the hunk with the junk in his trunks!
Len Goodman

'I've never looked at a man's bum for so long in my life.'
Len Goodman

You know when straight judge Len Goodman over a dancers butt it must be spectacular! The show did a great time last night ensuring William's bum was on fine display with lots of jiggling and placed tightly within his white pants. Every week when I fast forward my DVR through the blabbity blab blab from Tom Bergeron, the pre-taped clips and commercials to get to William's wiggling, gyrating and thrusting I find myself taken with this mans intense sexuality and usually end up needing a release of some sort when the music ends. Thankfully with William's time as a model, what's beneath those white pants has been forever documented. If you want to see whats beneath the front, head on over David Asset's Naturalcityman to see the rest!

Messengers by Alexandre CK

Whether you believe in God, or have a base of religious in your life, I think believing in Angels can still fit into a belief system. Humans are made up of of energy and since many believe that since energy can never really die, we remain, if only floating in air, for eternity. This energy, whether magical or actual, plays a role in how many of us get through our day, make our decisions and choose to view the world that surrounds us.


Parisian Photographer Alexandre CK is passionate about the beauty of the male body, and creating bold, memorable images of masculine glamour. I first saw a shot from Alexandre last year featuring his depiction of gluttony from the 7 Deadly sins. I loved the image, it's creativity and vibrant colors, and spent some time researching the photographer. When it came time to choose images for this post however I had to go with his signature series of Angels in Denim. Alexandre's angels are spreading the artists message about male glamour and beauty.


I have always loved the idea of humans with wings. The feathers are a strange appendage however as along with the freedom to take flight comes the need for some to want to suppress this freedom by clipping or caging. How truly barbaric are we as a race to place an animal meant to sore through the sky's into a box with bars. As a fan of author James Patterson, I would gladly give up the next Alex Cross or Women's Murder Club novel for another story involving Max and Matthew his winged characters from my favorite of his novels, When The Wind Blows, although not officially Angels, they share many similar characteristics.


I love that most of Alexandre's Angel's are donning denim. Denim is such a symbol of youth, sex and even rebellion a few decades ago. and there is a beautiful symbolism in the Angel's, long gone from walking the earth, still holding a vitality and energy of who they were at their prime.


I think the Angels all began with a bet with one of my models. He is very "Kinky", and one day I told him "I'm gonna shoot you with angel wings". He answered : "Ok, find the wings, and I'm your guy". that's the beginning :) We shot one night in my apartment in Paris, and both really enjoyed it. After that, all my models wanted to pose with angel wings! I didn't want the pictures to be too "angelic". I wanted my angels to have a little "dark side". The story behind the pictures could be "An angel tries to reach back to the sky after a night of perversion in the shallows"

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