Thursday, October 6, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 7th

Edward by Roy Mayh
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Seasonal Sightings:

Horror Hunks: Scott Bakula in Lord of Illusions

'Trust Nothing Except Your Fear'

I'm a little late this year starting my Horror Hunks series, but I've a gathered a great collection of hot hunks fighting for their lives against ghosts, demons and a variety of crazy killers.  First off, an actor I know many of you know and love, Scott Bakula.

I was first introduced to Scott not through a television show or movie, but through his performance on the 1988 Tony Awards. (HERE:)  The show was Romance/Romance and Scott was nominated for a Tony for his role in the show.  As soon as Scott changed into his polo shirt and jeans I was in lust and wanted to know more about the man and the actor and singer on stage.

Although Scott is known for his television roles he's also appeared in several successful films including his turn as the occult-specializing private detective Harry D'Amour in 1995's Lord of Illusions.  In the film, written and directed by Clive Barker, Harry gets more than he bargains for when he encounters Philip Swan, a performer whose amazing illusions captivate the world.  The illusions however, are not really what everyone thinks they are...

Murphy Brown

As far as I could tell from my research, Bakula has sadly never done an official nude scene.  Although he's been shirtless many times, on film and on television in shows like Murphy Brown, and of course his long running role in  Quantum Leap, nothing I could really find below the waste.  His nude scene in Lord of Illusions is the closest we have to the Bakula butt with a tempting side view near the end of the love scene. 

Lord of Illusions (1995)

Carson Boatman: Bubble Butt's and Boxer Briefs

If you heard a collective scream last week, sounding a bit like 'it's about time' , it was probably from fans of Days Of Our Lives.   I haven't had much time to watch soaps lately, but I certainly saw the rumblings on Twitter that the Peacock soap had finally gotten Johnny in his boxer briefs.

The show has not shied away from shirtless and towel scenes, but for most fans of Johnny's fans,it's alla bout Carson's caboose. We've certainly had a few good glances at actor Boatman's beautiful behind in tight pants and spandex running pants, but most fans of the daytime drama have been awaiting a view of Boatman in his boxer briefs.

I love everything about Carson Boatman, a great actor, a great screen presence and an incredibly hot body.  I can't get enough of that bubble butt, those legs, that chest and his beckoning belly button.  Could we dare hope now that the soap has left network television that we might get an actual flash of flesh in the form of a naked male butt????  Time will tell

Thanks to Davidid from Dreamcap for the video!

We're all Craig...

The Wrestler: Edward by Roy Mayh

Wrestling is ballet with violence.
 Jesse Ventura 

Over the last few months, I've been enjoying spotlighting the work of photographer Roy Mayh.  Usually, the models Roy submits have some experience in front of the camera.  Even if they haven't  done much modeling, most have done adult videos, and are used to expressing themselves sexually in front of a video camera. 

This shoot with Edward was part of a project Roy was working on, developing portfolios for new and inexperienced models.  Edward was a wrestler, and had never been photographed nude before. Edward was intrigued however, after seeing an ad that Roy had posted looking for models for the project.    

Roy describes Edward as initially both hesitant and curious at the same time.  Although reserved, Edward had a quiet, but keen interest in exploring his sensual side, something he didn't really get to explore when in the wresting ring.  Sure, many of us both see and enjoy the eroticism in wrestling.  Unless however, you're shooting a video for CockyBoys studios, expressing your sensual side, while pinning your opponent to the ground, may not be the wisest choice to make...

What first struck you about Edward's appearance? 
He is very grounded and quietly confident, like a wrestler should be. He speaks softly but means what he says and that calm attitude is clearly seen in the images. 

What was his level of experience with posing nude? 
This was his second project, he posed for a painter nude before which was a very different experience than photography. 

What was Edward like to work with? 
He really progressed through the session and developed more confidence and became more expressive while still staying true to his calm peaceful and strong self. 

Do you discuss erections or how aroused a model should be, or do you leave that up to them? 
I mentioned that I wanted to photograph the man in all the aspects of masculinity some erotic and some maybe even sexual and Edward said he was confident. He has been to the nude beach and nude hiking trails previously and he was very comfortable in his own skin. 

Edward and I talked a little bit, mostly about his wrestling career/hobby/passion and his relationship with his girlfriend. He is not much of a talker but his answers were very clear and meaningful as he is a thoughtful and reflective type of guy. 

What was your favorite moment that you remember from the shoot? 
Seeing excitement in Edwards eyes was the favorite part, shortly into the shoot her really got the hang of it and was in the zone and the mutual energy /vibe became very positive. 

What did Edward want out of the shoot? Was it achieved? 
He wanted to explore and also to show a different non-standard body, not the perfectly chiselled gym type, but a strong normal masculine body of an athlete/wrestler and to create and help others appreciate that beauty

I love the lines and curves on Edward's incredible body, and he has a delicate beauty one wouldn't normally associate with a wrester.  It comes through his handsome face and his angelic and alluring eyes.  Roy shares that because this was Edward's first shoot, he wanted to capture all aspects of his beauty.  For Roy, every model has so many beautiful sides, and he describes it as an 'infinite' experience to photograph someone, especially someone like Edward, modeling for the first time, in such intimate way.