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Favorite Pic of the Day for July 8th

Jake by Studio1x
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The Bottom Line

Stern with a View

Deep Down the Rabbit Hole:

'All jocks ever think about is sports, all we ever think about is sex.'
Lewis, Revenge of the Nerds

I often go down the Internet rabbit hole when researching for a post, and often, this leads to another story idea.  This one, has to be one of my strangest voyages down that hole.  The post began, with all the news coverage of the Titan submersible, and the tragic death of the five on board.  Like so many, I'd been following the story on the news, fearing it would end as it did.  So... how did the submersible's implosion lead to Lewis from Revenge of the Nerds, well.. come along with me would you.

After seeing the wall to wall news coverage, many who followed the story may have wanted to watch, or re-watch Titanic.   I never really loved Titanic the way others seemed to.  I liked it, but the love story between Rose and Jack always seemed off to me.  Forced and a little over the top give the short time-line of their time together.  I especially disliked the scenes of Cal, (Billy Zane) chasing after Rose with a gun as the ship was going down. They were all going to die any way!  It just seemed more silly than dramatic.

I was more in seeing a movie about Newfoundland.  Newfoundland was all over the news during the week the Titan disappeared.   Most major outlets, sent reporters, including CNN's Anderson Cooper, to the rock for their coverage.  I visited Newfoundland for a funeral when I was a child and was struck by it's rustic beauty, the rocks, the ice bergs, the landscapes.

Orca (1977)

Yes, parts of Titanic were filmed in both Newfoundland and Nova Scotia, but it still wasn't the movie I wanted to see.  There are actually several movies that came to mind that were shot there, but I landed on 1977's Orca.   I have a bit of an emotional connection to Orca.  I remember seeing parts of it on television when I was just a  kid.  A babysitter let my siblings and I stay up and watch part of it when it aired late one Saturday night in the eighties.

I saw it again, in it's entirety, on VHS when I was older, but thought this time, I will watch a HD version.  The movie was as good, and as bad, as I remembered.  The visuals are as majestic as ever.  Richard Harris and Charlotte Rampling surpass the material they're given. Still, there remains something about the movie that always draws me in.  Maybe it's the emotion, both the love and the revenge they give the film's lead, the killer whale. 

During this viewing, I paid a bit more attention to some of the supporting players, and decided one needed a spotlight.  I didn't connect during my previous viewing, that Ken was played by actor Robert Carradine.  Ken plays an important part in the films opening scene as it's the Killer Whale saves Ken from being eaten from a great white shark that is seconds from attacking him.

Revenge of the Nerds

Although Carradine has worked steadily since starting his acting career, the 70's and 80's contained many peak films and performances from his impressive career.  During these two decades, Carradine was part of several famous films including; Mean Streets, (1973) Coming Home, (1978) The Big Red One, (1980)  

The actor also appeared in a number of teen horror and comedy films that I've previously featured on the site.  I addition to play Lewis in the Nerds series of films, Carradine appeared in 1976's Revenge of the Cheerleaders (featuring a David Hasselhoff frontal HERE:) and 1976's Massacre at Central High, which I previously featured HERE:

The Pom Pom Girls (1976)

1976 also marked Carradine's role as Johnnie in the teen comedy The Pom Pom Girls.  It also features a shower scene that I believe is Carradine's only nude scene.  Carradine is much hotter when not hiding  behind Lewis's nerd wear and glasses.  Check out his nude scene on the NEXT PAGE HERE:


'In the Heat of the Day'

When I was going through my stats the other day, I noticed a large number of viewers arrived at FH this week by a Google search for 'Don Diamont in speedo'.  I assumed, maybe Diamont had a speedo scene with his current role on The Bold & The Beautiful.  I'm not a The Bold & The Beautiful viewer, so headed on quick search but found nothing recent, at least not with Diamont. 

What I did see however, was a post on Twitter that talked about a classic 4th of July episode of The Young And The Restless that aired on the July 4th Holiday.  I quickly found a scene to make a few caps.   I remember sitting at home as a kid during summer vacations watching Diamont strut around the Abbott pool in a speedo, so was curious to see the scene.  

Unfortunately the director didn't give us a close-up view, mostly Diamont and his red speedo in the background of a few scenes.  What was interesting, and to me, rather hot, was that it was a crowed party scene and Diamont was the only one in a little red speedo.  Most of the rest of the cast were fully dressed. The few other actors in swimwear were wearing board shorts. I kept wondering if Diamont was cool with this or embarrassed.  I think I would rather be naked in a group of clothed people, than in a speedo.

The Bold & The Beautiful

Last month, I did a post on General Hospital busting out the pool set for their summer scenes. (HERE:)  Nicholas Alexander Chavez looked especially delicious by the pool.  Although I don't watch GH, nor do I watch The Bold & The Beautiful, but when searching for Don Diamont in his speedo, I noticed the CBS soap was also rolling out their summer sets and shirtless scenes.

Although I don't watch Bold, I am a fan of Tanner Novlan and his Liberty commercials and have featured him several times on FH. (HERE:)  In these summer promo shots, Tanner is joined by Scott Clifton and newcomer Joshua Hoffman.  Being a newbie on the show, Hoffman seems to be getting the soaps usual 'new guy takes his shirt off all the time' treatment.  Thanks to DC's Davidid for the B & B clip. 

Overture, Certain Sights: Jake by Studio1x

Overture, certain sights, 
This is it, the night of nights 
No more rehearsing and nursing a part 
We know every part by heart 

I try my best with FH, was to never present an overture without then raising the curtain on the entire show.  I know many sites, present a tease, then link to a 'paid' site after the jump.  I have worked with photographers who like to save certain sights for just paid subscribers, but I've never that found that especially effective. 

I love a tease, but a tease without a payoff can be frustrating.  I know for myself, I more likely to pay for a site or OnlyFans when I've visually sampled what's on the menu and had my appetite pleasurably whetted.  When I'm teased with a menu item, only to be sent somewhere to buy something, I'm usually more annoyed that tempted, and close the window quickly.

That's not to say photographers and models shouldn't save the 'good stuff' for their paid sites, it's only that every tease needs a payoff of some kind, not just a pay here.  Most photographers I spotlight understand this, and give a little sampling of what you can nibble on if you join their page.  I mean aren't more likely to buy a product in the grocery store if you really enjoyed the mini-sample they let you eat?

One photographer who never hides the visual payoff is Jim from Studio1x.  Although I always thought Jim should start an OnlyFans, he's always provided his shoots in their entirety for me to share. Jim's shoots, including this one featuring Jake, often conclude with a climatic ending, so climatic, I usually don't included the final series of shots, or post a few on The OVER-FLOW site.

The beginning of Jake's shoot starts off relatively PG.  I've written before how much I love the slow, teasing, strips Jim captures in studio shoots. Jakes slow reveal, sliding down his jeans to expose both is beautiful body, skin and ring thong were covered in about 1000, about a third of the images Jim sent on.

Now I said I don't like a tease without a payoff, so I'm going to spotlight the remainder of the shots, just not today.  Although I try to always present the payoff, I never said it had to be instant.  You can check out more of Jake's reveal on the NEXT PAGE HERE, and read Jim's thought on his work with Jake.  As for the the final part of the shoot, I promise to post those very soon!