Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Favorite Pic of the Day for January 27th

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Passenger Seat

Red-Light District: Angelspins by The Male Image

I actually had just had it custom made by William Ramseur for my 30th birthday. The photoshoot with Joe is the first time I wore it. I absolutely love it and plus my favorite color is red.

When photographer Joe Mazza first sent on images of Angel, there were no leather chaps to be seen.  After Angel mentioned a custom made cowboy outfit however,,  I had to see the duds he was referring to.  Joe sent on an array of shots that I knew I had to include.  The red cowboy ensemble is certainly striking and I'm sure was noticed through those huge windows.

As striking as it is, it's not exactly something you'd wear to pick up a few things at the grocery store.  Although... with the pandemic, adding the right facemask, maybe a red bandana, certainly would brighten up the day of most shoppers.  Although I don't think he's worn it shopping, Angel has made use of his new purchase, donning it several times, including for his birthday bash, and at the Folsom Street fair. 


When it comes to HBO's Euphoria, I'm having a major case of FOMO. Normally, I'm not too worried about missing out on the latest television show, even those with male nudity.  With Euphoria however, the new season's male nude scenes have been causing quite a stir on-line.

Ansel Pierce

'Yes that was me in the bathroom, not a prosthetic.'

Last season, I watched each episode when it aired on Sunday night.  Then  the show went on hiatus, longer than usual  due to the pandemic.  I did watch the two Christmas episodes, but to be honest, I didn't really love them.  The show to me is an ensemble piece, and as well done as they were, they just didn't grab my attention the way the season's regular episodes did.

I guess that's why I wasn't chomping at the bit for season 2 to begin.  I plugged the show into my DVR recording schedule, but didn't watch right away.  I watched the first episode last week and was instantly drawn back into the drama.  I finally caught the few seconds of nude newcomer Ansel Pierce showing it all while sitting on the can.  

This past Sunday, the euphoria over Euphoria was off the charts.  With good reason given the scenes featuring newbies Henry Eikenberry and Elias Kacavas.  I caught a few clips, but still haven't had time to watch the entire show.  With another snow storm coming this weekend, I hope to get caught up before episode 4 drops on Sunday night.  My FOMO however, didn't allow me post again without including at least a mention of the season thus far.

It will be interesting to watch what happens with these three actors, especially Eikenberry and Kacavas who actually were given material to show off their acting chops along with their beautiful bodies.  The general accepted rule is that showing a lot of skin early in your career can be limiting.  I suspect that may not be the case with these two actors.   Unfortunately, sexism still leads to many actresses being written off after early nude scenes, but it seems to be changing for men, at least it seems so.  Time will tell...  It will be interesting to watch and see.

Elias Kacavas

If nothing else, all three got a boost of thousands of new Instagram followers...  Not that Instagram is a good indicator of success, except sadly, for some it is. 

Henry Eikenberry

Kevin Spirtas: Actors & SKIN

'If you look back on my resume you’ll see I did a couple of “Skinomax,” I mean, Cinemax films. And that was all simulation. It’s all choreographed. She’s wearing a patch and I’m wearing a jock-sock. You’re naked but you’re not, you’re simulating sex. It’s this pseudo porn movie where there’s no penetration. It’s all very scripted. The bottom line is, it wasn’t a problem for me when they asked.'

Striking Resemblance (1997)

In this soft-core, erotic mystery, an incredibly handsome photographer and his beautiful supermodel are on the roof of the photographer's building having sex, where an intruder murders them. The police assign Detective, Jessica Brody, to the case, but when she becomes sexually involved with the prime suspect, the photographer's identical twin brother, she risks becoming another victim in a series of murders

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Who Killed Buddy Blue (1995)

Detectives Munro and Sanders are assigned to investigate the murder of an adult film star named Buddy Blue. The hunk was actually killed during the shooting of an orgy scene.

Kevin Spirtas on Instagram

Embrace the Darkness (1999)

Vampires descend upon Los Angeles in search of victims to join their cult.

Green Plaid Shirt (1996)

The relationship of two gay men and their friends (from the pre-AIDS 1977 to the epidemic late 1980s) with the common theme of a green plaid shirt, which they found at their first meeting at a yard sale