Friday, December 7, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for December 7th

Dylan Carden by David Wagner
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Happy Birthday today December 7th

Happy 46th to C. Thomas Howell, shown below in 1992's To Protect And Serve.

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Kudos (& a thumbs down) to Sally Field

I usually avoid the Own Network, not that I don't respect Ms Winfrey, but the network itself sort of reminds me of visiting a Disney store. Yeah, everything is shiny and clean and everyone welcomes you and are all smiles, but you can sort of feel their distaste with the fakery and you know it must oozes out of there mouths during all the smoke breaks.

Field with son Sam

I did however set my DVR for Oprah's recent special featuring the movie Lincoln. Although I love Steven Spielberg and Daniel Day Lewis, it was not Oprah's fawning over the two men that had me set the recording. I was most interested in seeing Sally Field. I knew from previews that Sally discussed her son Sam and being the parent of a gay son. Her words were inspiring and words I wish every parent, with a gay child or not, could hear. Her support of her son was both enthusiastic and unconditional and I loved Sam saying sometimes he wished she would actually be less supportive. His line paralleled one said by the character Kevin, the gay son of Field's Nora on Brothers & Sisters.

Hawn, Lange, Fonda, Field and Streisand

It is Brothers & Sisters however that caused a turn for me as I watched. I went from loving Field to being annoyed. First off, Field would not say the name of the show (something I have seen her do twice before). She simply said 'I was doing television'. It was Winfrey that spoke the name of the show. Field spoke of the industry still having prejudices against actors working on television. Although I am sure her point has some validity, it really just seemed the prejudice was more from Field herself than anyone around her. Spielberg hired her for Lincoln, even though she was on prime time and Lewis wanted her as his co-star, despite being on television...

Brothers & Sisters

I never saw Field in her Oscar winning Norma Rae. I did see the film that won her the second statue, Places In The Heart, and frankly was bored silly. I have loved Field in many roles in film, Forrest Gump and for personal reasons, Punchline was a personal favorite. Who was not brought to tears by the funeral scene in Steel Magnolias? Field has also had her fair share of stinkers (Rosemary Harris was a much better Aunt May and what about Beyond the Poseidon Adventure). My favorite Field roles were Nora Walker on B&S and her incredible turn as Abby's mom on ER. Sadly, Field seems to think of these roles as 'fillers' between gigs on the big screen. Very few actress's besides Meryl have been able to sustain their careers on the big screen. Jessica Lang, Holly Hunter, Signorney Weaver, Shirley MacLain, Glenn Close and Jane Fonda have all moved back and forth on television the last few years. Not sure how they feel about their tv gigs, but they seem to better understand that disrespecting a show that many have invested in is more than a turn-off.

Steel Magnolias

tMf #7 Bonus: Dylan Carden by David Wagner

tMf #7 came out this week and one of the features I was thrilled to work on was a profile of photographer David Wagner. I have loved, followed and featured David's work since first discovering his work over 2 years ago and was so happy to have his work with Dylan Carden in the issue. tMf has a few rules though, ones fans of the male form I am sure don't mind. Dylan's motto for the magazine is LESS WORDS-MORE PICTURES and LESS FASHION-MORE SKIN! That meant that some my words, and some of David's images of Dylan actually wearing clothing had to be left out. Some of those images however were too hot to be left out so here is Dylan with a bit of fashion. Of course if you want to see the rest of David's images, the ones that fit the magazine's motto you can simply head on over to the tMf site HERE:

Although he grew up in the Midwest, photographer David Wagner feels LA is a part of him. When I spend time with David’s images I am always transported to the world of old Hollywood, a time of old movies that when even in black and white cannot diminish the light and heat of the hot Southern California sun. Wagner’s uses the natural light from the California sun to light the many men he has photographed on balconies and on his rooftop. Sadly these balconies are several stories up and out of view from anyone except airplanes and Google Maps! Even when shooting with studio lighting, he tries to make it feel softer like natural light.

Although it may be the lighting that helps bring about this retro Hollywood feel, David believes it might just be the atmosphere and environment itself. In the musical Sunset Boulevard, Joe sings of a tempting boulevard, one with dreams with hidden dragons. Hollywood has always been a maker, and a breaker, of dreams. Young men and women put everything they have on the line for a chance for fame. David often encounters these men and with all of those hidden dragons, it can sometimes be difficult to find one who is open to trusting in someone to photograph them naked.

‘I don’t think there is a model out there that has not been taken advantage of by a photographer, or at least attempted to be taken advantage of. Another reason is that LA is filled with models, but many are only modeling as way to get into acting. And we’ve all seen actors who’ve been in the spotlight because nude photos of them surface years later and they feel it could hurt their careers. Lastly many models have gone into shoots with a plan to do very tasteful, creative, artistic nudes, and in the end for whatever reason, the images are not good and they lack that artistic/creative edge. And there’s nothing worse than a poorly done nude.’

In old Hollywood movies, nudity, let alone sex, was of course banned from ever actually making it onto the silver screen. Directors and actors had to rely on their skills to create, in the absence of showing actual fornication, extended foreplay. Scenes were filled with desire, anticipation and intense longing. This skill set also guides David’s work as a photographer. With his experience as a designer, David is able to take viewers of his images up to, but not over that climatic peak.

Is there a difference shooting nudes or implied nudes with experienced models vs a new model taking it off for the first time?

'I think if completely depends on the model. I’ve shot models who’ve never had a professional photo shoot, but they were so at ease with themselves that they make wonderful models. I’ve also worked with very experienced models who decided to do nudes, but for whatever reason, just were not comfortable and that always shows in the final piece.'

Dylan Carden is new to modeling did that effect shoot in any way?

No, I don’t think it had an effect at all. I work with many new models and many experienced, so I’m used to it all. Dylan was very friendly, very relaxed, and took direction extremely well, so any lack of experience did not make my job challenging and I don’t think it shows in the final images.

I was curious about the ‘James’ tattoo on his ass, do you embrace body art when your shooting skin, or is it something you find yourself wanting to cover?

Yes, I definitely embrace the body art. I don’t specifically look for models with it or avoid models with it. I just try to make the best of any aspect of the models appearance. I have received many comments from people that say that they think the tattoo is sweet.

Have you had any strange requests for a shoot concept through Model Mayhem?

Yes, I’ve had a few. I had one model who wanted me to shoot him on a horse on my balcony in my condo in West Hollywood, before I moved into my photography studio downtown. And he wanted me to provide the horse. For free.

Have you ever ended a shoot mid-way through because the model was just not working out?

Yes, once. The model made a comment that I found homophobic and I ended the shoot then.

Favorite Click Of The Day:

One of my favorite models, Erik Sage (Soul Model Management) headlines the November issue of Confessions of a Male Model. The issue features Erik shot by Photographers: Idris & Tony, Joseph Lally, Josh McNey, Julian Schratter and Torian Lewin.

I love Erik's look, amazing body, great face and a charasmatic personality that shines through in his work. You can buy Confessions of a Male Model in both an On-line and Print Edition at really great prices! I bought mine yesterday and have enjoyed every one of the 60+ pages!

Below: Erik by Idris + Tony

Erik by Josh McNey

Erik by Torian Lewin

Erik by Joseph Lally

Even more Erik