Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 16th

Jean Chris by lebordelais
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Kudos to The Golden Globes

Kudos to The Golden Globes for bringing on Amy Poehler and Tina Fey to host this years event. Although still a few months away, I am already looking forward to it! Fey and Poehler (the Julia Louis-Dreyfus bit at this years Emmy's aside) are usually the highlight of most award shows and I hope they are given many opportunities to shine!

Well.. it is FH after all so had to add the should have been winner from last years Globes. Clooney was deserving but Fassbender's turn in Shame was powerfully haunting.

Surprise Nudity of the Day: Chris Messina In 28 Hotel Rooms

It has been a great week for surprise nudity from some of my favorite actors. First, yesterday we had Bobby Cannavale in Boardwalk Empire and today, scenes of Chris Messina from the film 28 Hotel Rooms.

I just profiled Chris this past July after enjoying his role on last seasons Damages. Chris showed a bit of skin on that series as well as a memorable scene in Six Feet Under, but 28 Hotel Rooms certainly is icing on the cake.

Incontinence Never Looked So Good...

There really not really anything sexy about incontinence unless of course the man hawking the product is a hunky former NHL superstar!

Former Boston Bruins superstar P.J Stock, known for his many scrappy ice fights is one of several athletes Depends has brought in push their new real fit product. Once only the domain for washed up film stars, Depends has wisely brought in a little eye candy to ensure their commercials are not quite as easy to fast forward through...

'I was a little not sure at first," the retired Boston Bruins forward said in an interview this week. I wouldn't have associated myself with the brand — 36 years old, athletic. I didn't really know what to think when they first approached me.'

Well, I am sure a healthy pay check did not hurt. Stock has also moved more into the entertainment side of the business with on air broadcasting and a season on the reality show Battle Of The Blades (above). I am sure a television commercial was just part of the career change. Although I am sure the athlete has gotten his share of ribbing I usually ignore related commercials and know I NEVER thought I would ever be doing a post about an adult diaper so obviously Depends has hit on something...

Above: P.J. Stock & figure skater Isabelle Brasseur for Real Fit

You can check out (and I know some of you will...) the ad on Youtube HERE:

Treble Clef: Boyspirt by lebordelais

The word clef comes from the French word meaning key. The treble clef puts the G above middle C and acts as a guide, a beginning on each staff to take the musician through the notes which are to be played or sung.

In the case of 21 year old Jean Chris, the treble clef also acts as a key, a beginning and beautiful focal point to many of the images shot by French photographer lebordelais. I love this series of Jean Chris and like much of the artists work is shot outdoors and is done as naturally as possible using only the model and his surroundings.

Jean Chris' tattoo makes the perfect center point of focus, beautifully apparent, yet subtle and not distracting as tattoo's can sometimes be within photography. I really like how lebordelais blends his models with their environment and with the Bordeaux county side in France as a location what need is there for a studio!

Favorite Pic of the Day for October 15th

Gary Fletcher by Andrew Bowman
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October on The Male Form!

I know, October is half over, but it is still not too late to head on over to Dylan Rosser's THE MALE FORM to check out all October's updates!

One of the highlights include an exclusive from photographer Ethan James. Ethan got together with YouTube star Chris Crocker and his boyfriend Justin for a sexy and erotic shoot. These guys are just about to venture into porn and so it was good to get them before they start appearing all over the web. Ethan also sent Dylan a set of another model called Brock, also showcased this month!

Also new for October; Dylan showcases model (and stripper), Romeo, and a Full Frontal Exclusive of Gabe in his first nude shoot from photographer Murray! Head on over to THE MALE FORM now to check out all of October's updates!

Surprise Nudity of the Day: Bobby Cannavale in Boardwalk Empire

Bobby Cannavale is one of my favorite actors. His dedication to his craft, and skill as an actor, both in comedy and drama, on television, film and on the stage, make him an actor worthy of respect. He is also incredibly hot! Bobby has appeared naked before, but I believe just rear. Although I don't watch Boardwalk Empire (although it is on my list), it was a surprise to see Bobby full frontal (and bloody) on this weeks episode.

Classic Clip now in HD: Backdraft

As a kid, those few seconds of William Baldwin and Jason Gedrick in the shower in 1991's Backdraft were the most memorable part of the movie. Seeing any male nudity when going to the theatre in the 80's and 90's was usually rare for me, so any sighting, no matter how brief, usually helped even the weakest movies seem like masterpieces.

As you can see from the caps above of an older VHS copy of the film, the HD version,(capped below) has the some of the bottom sadly slightly edited. The clarity however, mostly makes up for the cut. At the time, I remember being more interested in Baldwin, as years went by however it was Gedrick's talent in movie and television appearances that usually caught my eye.